Tonight CMLL tried to duplicate a very successful Block A of Torneo a Parejas Increibles from last week. They failed MASSIVELY! Save for getting the result right at the end of the day (and you could argue that) the tournament was a dead, filled with forgettable to terrible matches and an only semi-respectable final. The rest of the show wasn’t that much better, with everything feeling rushed to get to the tournament or, in the case of Kawato San, things being rushed because he wasn’t any good. The point is, CMLL was not good tonight and this review will not be as fun as it usually is. So let’s get it over with so we can get back to fun, shall we?!



El Coyote & Grako defeated Arkalis & Halcón Suriano Jr. two falls to one


This was a match that wanted to be good, tried so hard to be good and just didn’t quite end up being good. It was close though, and it was close because Halcón Suriano Jr. is AMAZING! He’s had some good performances since moving out of the minis division but this was his best; he was breaking out Dragonrana’s, Audaz style arm drag variations, even the old triple jump moonsault spot from his Stukita days. He was on point. The other guys were, unfortunately, not quite there. They weren’t bad, with Grako doing very well basing for Suriano and both Coyote and Arkalis having moments. There were just a few too many moments from those three that didn’t go right and none of them had the excitement or explosiveness Suriano possessed. It was enough, even with a top notch performance, to keep this match at a level just below good. I guess that still makes it a better than usual opener though!


Kaho Kobayashi, Princesa Sugehit, Tae Honma defeated Amapola, Dalys, Reyna Isis two falls to one


We have gotten a look at Tae Honma sports fans. And the verdict is…


Image result for inconclusive gif


Why inconclusive you ask? That’s because she hardly featured in the match! I think she may have gotten three minutes of this near fifteen minute bout and some of that time was getting owned by Dalys. She did at least look as good as Kaho Kobayashi when she had an opportunity to do stuff so that’s a plus; even still another match would be nice to see what she can truly do. Besides her this was the usual luchadoras match. Kaho Kobayashi looked good, Dalys had some great moments in between taking up way too much of this match and both Princesa Sugehit and Reyna Isis were just kind of there. The ending seemed to set up either Dalys/Kobayashi, Amapola/Kobayashi or even Amapola/Dalys (they accidentally hit each other a lot) but nothing was definite coming out so who the hell knows? All I can tell you is the match was the usual and I want to see some more Tae Honma going forward.


Lightning Match

Rey Cometa defeated Kawato San

WOW! That’s all I can say here. WOW! I was expecting either a surprisingly strong match or a disaster that went nearly eight minutes (either way); instead we got a barely four minute contest that pretty much summed up all of Kawato’s problems during his CMLL stay. So yeah; not a good wow!



This started out fine with Rey Cometa hitting a great suicide dive and Kawato following it up with a tope. And then it snow balled; Kawato appeared to forget a sequence, Cometa reacted to this mistake like Kawato had just stolen his copy of Marvel’s Spider-Man and just like that it was Powerbomb; Wasteland; 450; pinfall; the end.  It’s possible it was all planned that way but Cometa’s reaction to all this makes me think it wasn’t. And man, what does that say about Kawato? Cometa is easily one of the best workers in CMLL (no matter how unappreciated he is) and is capable of having a good match with almost anyway. For Kawato to screw up this bad…not good. He has shown flashes during his CMLL stay and he’s young enough that I do think he can get better (especially in Japan where he fits the style better) but WOW; he has been lacking in CMLL and this just furthered that point on. I don’t know what else to say. Well besides this; the match was lame, Kawato is not very good and I feel really bad for Cometa and even Kawato, who I expected to be really good when he came to CMLL last year. Shows what I know.


Ángel de Oro, Atlantis Jr., Carístico defeated Hijo del Villano III, Rey Bucanero, Sansón two falls to one


Of all the matches I’ve encountered in my travels, this was the most…average. Yeah not a whole lot to this one sports fans. Atlantis Jr. held his own without his dad around and looked better than Kawato (who hasn’t?), everyone else was solid and that was that. It was a perfectly professional match that featured nothing close to excitement and will be forgotten by the time this show has ended. Such is life for a match stuck between Kawato’s Fire and Block B of a tournament.


Torneo a Parejas Increibles Block B


Cuatrero & Mistico defeated Hechicero & Stuka Jr.


On paper this looks like the right result. Having watched the match I’m not so certain about that! Not only have Hechicero and Stuka been feuding with each other for the past little while but they also worked the best of the two teams here. Cuatrero and Mistico were fine but they were less a team and more two individuals working together; Stuka and Hechicero meanwhile looked like a team and showed strong chemistry. I personally would’ve gone with that, but Cuatrero and Mistico are higher up the food chain so thus we got this. Solid match while it lasted at least.


Atlantis & Negro Casas defeated Audaz & Templario


It was here we should’ve known that this week was maybe not going to be as good as last week. This was another result that looks good on paper and otherwise looks like a gigantic mistake to those watching. You could say it was…



That’s no knock against Atlantis and Negro Casas sports fans; Atlantis is one of my favorite luchadores ever and Negro Casas is still amazing (he wasn’t really allowed be tonight unfortunately). But Atlantis is also not at his best any more while Audaz and Templario are really, REALLY good. They should’ve gotten a chance to strut their stuff here and instead went down without really getting to do much. CLASSIC CMLL! Not much more to say about this one sports fans. Just wish the result had been different.


Último Guerrero & Volador Jr. defeated Niebla Roja & Terrible


Exactly what you’d expect from this match; some good wrestling for two minutes, Niebla Roja having the match won before Terrible betrayed him and Volador and the UG taking advantage of that betrayal to steal the win for themselves. Anyone who didn’t have that is pretty much lying to themselves. Or are Niebla Roja and Terrible. Either way not enough of a match to be good or bad.


Rush & Vangellys defeated Gran Guerrero & Valiente


The only nice thing I can say about this match is that it didn’t take wrong. And I guess Rush looked okay. Otherwise the result was wrong, Vangellys was mediocre as per usual and poor Gran Guerrero and Valiente got absolutely nothing to do. A fitting conclusion to a first round of this Block that was putrid.


Cuatrero & Mistico defeated Atlantis & Negro Casas


Me when this match was over.


Image result for what the hell am i doing with my life gif


Good Grodd; yet another unspectacular match in this Block. You think someone would’ve tried by now but nope! Well that’s not fair; Negro Casas was trying here and did at least get the crowd going. Naturally he only got about three minutes to work with, Atlantis was limited as expected and Cuatrero and Mistico were as interesting as me doing a live reading of The Second Stage Turbine Blade. Below average. And yet…


Último Guerrero & Volador Jr. defeated Rush & Vangellys


Sweet cream on an ice cream sandwich; this match didn’t even get two minutes and it was AWFUL! The only positives of this match were that it was short and at least thirty seconds were taken up by Rush and Volador laughing at Vangellys because he couldn’t do a Big Swing correctly. In other words it was pretty much the match CMLL deserved. Easily the worst bout of this Block and the low point of a lot of lows.


Torneo a Parejas Increibles Block B Final

Último Guerrero & Volador Jr. defeated Cuatrero & Sansón


It says a lot about this Block that this match was easily the best of the matches…and was still only just kind of good. Credit where credit is due sports fans; both teams worked harder here than they had previously and Mistico in particular looked to attempting to will this match to greatness at times. The problem is the match devolved too much into the usual routine of Volador and the UG, was coming at the end of a colossal snooze of a block and needed at least a few more minutes to really stand out. And again, part of the reason this match was good was because everything before it sucked. It’s easy to be watchable when the rest of the show has been the Planet of the Apes films after Charlton Heston finds the Statue of Liberty. So while credit is due for these four making this a watchable match, it still wasn’t a lot more than that. In a way it felt like a dark mirror of last week’s main event, much like the block tonight was a dark mirror of Block A. They had the pieces to deliver like last week did, and yet everything was just a tad bit off and a whole lot worse. At least Cavernario/Titán vs. UG/Volador won’t be.


And with that I’m off to have a great weekend. Hope you will as well sports fans. TILL NEXT TIME, A HORRIBLE MEME!



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