Another week, another CMLL Super Viernes show that looks damn good on paper. Of course these days the Friday Show has been so hot that a show like this actually looks kind of underwhelming after the last three weeks. But hey; there’s no shame in being the first Uncharted of the group and this show should still be really entertaining, what with another Rey Fenix appearance and the continuation of LA Park vs. Rush. What more needs to be said than that? Let’s get previewing.




Shockercito & Stukita vs. Mercurio & Pequeño Nitro


What to Expect: You’re probably sitting down right now and thinking to yourself “you know, this could actually be good if Stukita and Shockercito decide to go for it with one of the largest Arena Mexico crowds of the year watching them.” Unfortunately you’re forgetting Mercurio and Nitro are on the other team and they all know one mode; aggressive mediocrity. Let’s just say the tradition of CMLL Super Viernes openers underwhelming will be continuing.


Winners: When in doubt go with the rudos. They take it in three falls.


Blue Panther Jr., Pegasso, The Panther vs. Kawato San, Okumura, Universo 2000 Jr.


What to Expect: On the one hand, this could be better. On the other hand it could be Retro in for Pegasso and Big Nitro in for Universo Jr. See; this match is starting to look better now isn’t it? All and all I anticipate it’ll be fine. Junior and Panther will do cool stuff, Pegasso…will also be there, Kawato will be good until it’s time to catch a dive and Ok and Universo Jr. will do what they usually do. If the opener was aggressively mediocre, this match will be aggressively average.


Winners: I’m liking the Panthers and Pegasso sports fans. They take it in three falls with dueling Nudo Laguneros from Junior and Panther. Alright that probably won’t happen but I like to think one of these days I’ll call it and be right.


Esfinge, Titán, Tritón vs. Felino, Puma, Tiger


What to Expect: Now this is…wait, I have a guy to do this for me!


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I will say that I am saddened to see the tradition unlike any other (Puma and Tiger having great matches in the second slot) is coming to an end. Of course those guys have long deserved to be above that slot anyway so I can’t be too broken up about them being promoted. Plus this match should continue their trend of good matches with the talented Titán and Tritón on the technico side and father Felino teaming with them. I just hope CMLL doesn’t a) give Felino nothing to do (as they so often have these days) and b) don’t stick him with third wheel Esfinge. Let Tiger get the duty to wreck him while Felino goes off to catch the two or three impressive dives Titán and Tritón will be busting out during this very good match.


Winners: It’s all about the cats in this one. Felino, Puma and Tiger take it in three after Puma and Tiger do yet another sick double team to put Esfinge away.


Hijo de LA Park, Niebla Roja, Valiente vs. Ephesto, Luciferno, Mephisto


What to Expect: This match is the equivalent of that Alonzo Mourning gif where he starts off wondering how things went wrong and then reaches the most important stage; acceptance.



I make the comparison because on first glance this match looks kind of iffy; I blame Ephesto for that personally. But if you think about it long enough…you know, this could be a good match. Take away Ephesto and both Luciferno and Mephisto are pretty solid. Niebla Roja and Valiente are better than solid and we all know how Valiente gets when the crowds turn out. That brings us to the other reason people are probably down on this match; Hijo de LA Park. Now I won’t sugarcoat it; the kid has been only so-so since he came into CMLL with his father a month ago. That doesn’t negate that he’s spent the last two weeks feuding with Bestia del Ring in the main event. BESTIA DEL RING! I feel like a lot of people neglect to mention that when they’ve been critical of him, as if they somehow expect anyone to get anything out of a guy who can’t even enter the ring correctly half the time. When Hijo de Park hasn’t been getting dropped on the floor by Bestia he’s actually been pretty good, and now he’ll be in a match with rudos that can catch. Call me overly optimistic but I think he’ll be better here and, unless we get too much Ephesto, this will be a good match overall.


Winners: Has Hijo de LA Park been on the losing end of a match since coming to CMLL? No? Well it’s not starting here. Him, Roja and Valiente win this in three falls with Park pinning Ephesto. Although I must admit, I kind of want him to pin Mephisto and get a Welterweight Championship match next week. Just to see what happens!


Lightning Match

Carístico vs. Dragón Lee


What to Expect: This will only be Dragón Lee’s second CMLL match since returning from Best of the Super Juniors and his first streamed match since April 20th! His opponent that night; Carístico in a Lightning Match, where Lee famously pulled up early in the proceedings and the match was called off. CMLL must really have wanted to run that shindig as they’re doing it again here. How will it go? On paper it looks great considering Dragón Lee is Dragón Lee and Carístico at worst is really good. Having said that, the first match these two had, while only lasting a few minutes, didn’t look to be going anywhere great before Lee pulled up. It’s possible that would’ve changed but it’s also possible these two guys just don’t mesh with each other. Or better yet that Lee (whose leg still looks to be held together by tape) may not be able to go that long again. We’ll find out tomorrow I suppose. At worst this match is heavily intriguing, and that’s before you consider who might be making an appearance before or after this match.


Winner: I’m going bold on this prediction sports fans. We’ve all seen that Dragón Lee, on this week’s CMLL Informa, called out Lucha Underground Champion Pentagon/Penta Zero M/whatever you want to call him. We also know that Pentagon not too long ago told Carístico he was coming for him in Arena Mexico. Now the two of them are facing off on a night Pentagon just so happens to have off? This seems to me to be the perfect place for Pentagon to make an appearance. So I’ll go out on a limb and say the ace of LU comes down around the six minute mark, beats the crap out of both guys and causes a no contest. Then next week we get some sort of tag/trios match with Carístico and Lee on one side while Pentagon and Fenix are on the other. Hey, speaking of Fenix!


LA Park, Rey Fenix, Volador Jr. vs. Cibernetico, Rush, Terrible


What to Expect: You know, when Lucha Central reported last week that an unknown big name was coming into CMLL (either last week or this week) we all kind of thought it was either Pentagon or Mesias. And then Cibernetico came in and did his best Lee Corso.


Image result for not so fast my friend gif


So yeah; it was Cibernetico who was the surprise all along! Good for him because he now finds himself in the middle of the hottest angle in lucha libre right now. Is it good for us? I mean…the last time I saw Cibernetico (not counting the time he watched LA Park powerbomb Blue Demon Jr. onto steel steps) he wasn’t exactly lighting it up in the ring (nor has he ever had that reputation). That said he’s a 100 times better than Bestia del Ring, so off the bat that’s an upgrade. And that’s before you get to the fact that this will feature LA Park, Fenix and Volador all teaming up together. That’s an honest to Grodd dream team right there and not just in name. You just know LA Park (who speared a man onto four other people last week), Fenix (who did stuff no one has dreamed about doing in Arena Mexico before) and Volador (somehow only the third craziest man here!) are going to go all out and with LA Park in there Rush is guaranteed to do the same. I have no idea where this winds up on the list of exciting Park-Rush matches since Park returned to Arena Mexico but it’ll again be something to behold.


Winners: I mean this has to be the week CMLL finally sets up the LA Park-Rush match right? We’ve been doing this now for three weeks (with Park and Rush both making challenges after) and nothing has happened yet. It has to be now and, against my better judgment, I say it will be now. It’ll be another DQ finish with Park and his team going over, challenges will be made again and come Saturday morning we will have confirmed Park vs. Rush, Super Libre match for next week. To go along with Pentagon/Fenix vs. Carístico/Dragón Lee and Hijo de Park/Mephisto of course! They won’t do all that…but man imagine if they did!


That’s game sports fans. I’m going to go do other stuff before going out to take a walk. Walking is good for you after all. Till next time, some unprovoked shots at Ben Affleck.


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