It’s here. It’s finally here! After last week’s CMLL Super Viernes was canceled by yet another earthquake in Mexico (seriously Mother Nature, can you leave them alone down there?), CMLL returns to Friday Night this week with, with a few exceptions, the same card they had planned for last week. Thank Grodd because what a card it is! The second and third matches both look promising. The semi-main looks to continue the issues between Ángel de Oro and Cuatrero leading into their big Homenaje a Dos Leyendas mask match. But most importantly, we’re getting a highly intriguing Torneo a Parejas Increibles final, featuring a seemingly indestructible juggernaut against a team no one expected, not to mention a team whose victory could rock the foundation of CMLL. Big stuff! And I’m here to give you the low down. So with that, let’s get to it while the sounds of Weezer play in the background!



Stukita & Último Dragóncito vs. Mercurio & Pierrothito


What to Expect: Take away Dragóncito and Mercurio and this is a damn fine Lightning Match between two of the best Mini-Estrellas CMLL’s got. Sadly Dragóncito and Mercurio will be around, which means this match is only going as far as the effort either guy gives. What are the odds of that? Well the last time Mercurio tried was when Avatar was still in theaters and you’d have to go all the way back to Titanic to see Dragóncito’s last spellbinder. So unless the two decide to wake up for this contest or Stukita and Pierrothito are just out of this world good, I expect this will top out at the usual CMLL opener level; aggressively average. If only they had just gone with that Stukita-Pierrothito Lightning Match!


Winners: When in doubt, go with the rudos. They take it in three falls after Pierrothito taps out Stukita with a Muta Lock.


Fuego, Stigma, Tritón vs. Kawato San, Puma, Tiger


What to Expect: Our situation drastically improves with match #2! Not only do we get Tritón, Puma and Tiger, but we get Kawato teaming with Puma and Tiger. Remember how Kawato was having all those issues on the double/triple teams with Misterioso for the past few weeks? That ain’t going to happen here with a duo as in synch as Puma and Tiger. I expect they’ll get Kawato to finally get on the same page during these sequences. And hey, if they can’t, they’ll simply have him move out the way while they work their magic. It’s Puma and Tiger; the only thing stopping them is the CMLL booking committee! Anyways, this will be fun. Even if Kawato can’t get on track during the double/triple team spots, he’s more than proven himself capable of handling one on one sequences, and he’s got two proven guys in Tritón and Fuego to work with. Beyond that the only worry is Stigma, and I anticipate a) he’ll step up considering the other talent involved or b) he’ll be replaced and we won’t have to worry about him anyway! Either way, the combination of Puma and Tiger being awesome and Tritón absolutely having to go full blast guarantees this match will at worst be interesting and at best could be pretty swell. And that’s if Kawato continues his recent trend of performances; if he breaks out this match may leave us looking like this.


Winners: I’m feeling the rudos again for this one. They take it in three falls after a sweet Puma/Tiger attack puts away Stigma and Fuego. Don’t worry; Tritón will escape defeat. He’s too good for it after all.


Lightning Match

Niebla Roja vs. Soberano Jr.


What to Expect: On paper, this might be one of the few Lightning Matches that can come close to touching what Hechicero and Guerrero Maya pulled off a month ago. Not only are both Roja and Soberano red hot (and really, really good) but it’s not the technico vs. technico styles clash you’d expect. Remember, Roja was not too long ago a really solid rudo base, something that will play right into Soberano’s high flying game. I expect CMLL will gear the match in that direction, with Soberano providing the thrills, Roja throwing in a dive in between his hard hitting offense and both men combining for at least seven minutes of above average action. Frankly the only way I see this not being good is if CMLL goes the opposite direction, has Roja do all the dives and Soberano do all the basing. And they aren’t that dumb. Actually they can be, but they won’t be here. I hope. Stop talking Cult!


Winner: Too close to call! On the one hand Roja is arguably higher up the totem pole than Soberano and would be the dude I expect to go over. On the other hand, Soberano isn’t that far behind and is the far more exciting performer, which does tend to win out in matches like this as opposed to the big, one on one title matches. In the end I’ll go with Roja, taking it home at the eight minute mark with his Double Underhook Pancake thingy from the top rope. Do we have a name for that yet? Someone name the move dammit!


Diamante Azul, Marco Corleone, Stuka Jr. vs. Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Kráneo


What to Expect: Like a latter day Nancy Myers film, this will be…fine. Nothing bad, nothing great, just fine. Euforia and Marco will quietly make us wish they had a singles match, Kráneo will make us laugh, the GG will unfortunately have little to do, Stuka will do a dive and Diamante Azul will be Diamante Azul. If that isn’t the textbook definition of fine, I don’t know what is. Just remember it could be worse; we could always be stuck watching the Imposter La Parka vs. Dave the Clown on an endless loop.


Winners: The technicos I guess? I mean it doesn’t really matter unless CMLL is using this to remind us that Diamante Azul and Stuka were going to challenge for the Tag Titles at one point to set up their tournament run. I’ll say they do that by having Diamante pin Gran Guerrero after a press slam and Stuka hitting the Stuka Splash on Euforia in fall three to seal the deal.


Ángel de Oro, Atlantis, Dragón Lee vs. Cuatrero, Forastero, Sansón


What to Expect: The road to Homenaje a Dos Leyendas continues as Ángel de Oro and Cuatrero meet again in trios action. The good news; this match could be pretty good if they’re given the time, and that’s despite Atlantis still taking his time getting back into top shape. Of course the question will be whether or not the match actually gets the time, and frankly I’m more skeptical than Dana Scully when it comes to that.



As such, I’d look for this match to go along these lines. The Dinamitas will get the jump early, allowing Cuatrero to beat up Oro outside of the ring as well as one cool Dinamita trios spot. Oro will comeback in fall two with a stage dive, followed by another dive to reverse momentum. Fall three will then be Atlantis and Lee getting their stuff in, followed by teases of Cuatrero and Oro going at it, followed by them finally getting in the ring so someone can get hit in the balls or have their mask torn off. If that sounds very specific, know it’s because this is what CMLL does for every single mask match ever! I’d say I hope the format changes up here, but that be like hoping for Kaya Scodelario to be Batgirl; it’s pointless, even though it’s absolutely the right choice.


Winners: Who’s the lucky luchador to lose by DQ this week? I say it’s Cuatrero! He nails Oro in the nuts and pulls off the mask for a second (yes, second) fall DQ, giving the technicos the win, me furthering longing for a change in buildup and the rest of you a post match promo that only my pal Eve is going to care about because the Dinamitas can do no wrong.


Torneo a Parejas Increibles Final

Volador Jr. & Último Guerrero vs. Rush & Terrible


What to Expect: If you thought the finals to last year’s Torneo a Parejas Increibles was something, wait till you get a load of this one. This is more than a battle of just two trophies. In the blue corner, you have the ultimate team of Volador and the UG, CMLL’s top technico and rudo teaming up to create the most lethal combination since Rey and Kylo briefly teamed up to turn Emperor Snoke into pudding. Meanwhile, in the red corner are former Aniversario opponents Rush and Terrible, one a wildcard in every sense of the word, the other rejuvenated after a year of working himself back into peak condition. Many (including me) anticipated Carístico and Euforia would be the team to come out of Block B, only for Rush and Terrible to steal the spotlight and the show with what I dare say was a tournament saving performance. Oh, and did I mention that Terrible may have decided to join Rush in a new version of Los Ingobernables following their Block B finals victory?



So yeah, this is big; so big that match quality almost comes second to what the end result of the match means. A Volador/UG victory would, in many aspects, be a reinforcement of CMLL’s status quo, where the two top guys always emerge on top and with the trophies. A Rush/Terrible win would meanwhile be a massive shot in the arm, both because no one thought these two would make it and because it could lead to the revitalization of the once beloved Ingobernables stable that’s flat lined ever since Rey Escorpión left and was replaced with Pierroth. There will be high drama both in a kayfabe and non kayfabe sense, which should only serve to help fill this match with tension. Will the workrate live up? That is a question that can only be answered by Rush. Say what you will about Volador and UG being too into their routines, but they’re respectively two of the best luchadors alive and two men that always show up in big situations. They’ll be on the ball here, as will Terrible, one of the most underrated workers in CMLL and a guy who doesn’t get these types of situations often. Thus it falls to Rush. Do we get the guy who has phoned in the majority of his CMLL performances over the past two years? Or do we get the guy who looked rejuvenated two weeks ago with Terrible, or possibly even the luchador who has consistently turned heads in his legendary battles with L.A. Park? That is the question, and I look forward to finding it out come tomorrow evening.


Winners: My head says Volador/UG; my heart says Rush/Terrible. You know what; going with the heart. I won’t lose any sleep over Volador or UG winning, but Rush and Terrible striking gold is both the most interesting scenario and the best scenario. And while CMLL doesn’t normally go that route, I say they will here. Rush and Terrible will win Torneo a Parejas Increibles in three falls, do the fist bump yet again and…well from there I don’t know. Does Terrible join Los Ingobernables? Do they form a different team? Do they go after the vacant CMLL World Tag Team Titles? We’ll see; for now I say they win tomorrow night to keep us guessing about what’s next.


That’s game sports fans. I’ll be back tomorrow to review the show. Till then, THIS!




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