Medium sized news sports fans; this Sunday will be my 29th birthday. No need to sing the damn song or break out the balloons though; I’m a simple dude of simple tastes who likes to spend his birthday weekend watching bad movies, having Pastryland cake (best bakery in Rhode Island and I will engage in Last of the Mohicans style action sequences with the folk who disagree), seeing Ready Player One and watching some wrestling. Like this Friday’s CMLL Super Viernes, featuring a big main event because CMLL knew exactly what to get me for my birthday! Alright it wasn’t that but still, good timing in booking Volador vs. Matt Taven guys! It doesn’t hurt that the rest of the card isn’t that bad either, with the opener looking really strong as well. So yeah, this is cause for celebration. And previewing; can’t have a CMLL show without a preview. So let’s do that while the new Metallica CD crackles in your head.




Flyer & Robin vs. Akuma & Templario


What to Expect: If there’s one thing I can spot from a mile away it’s a hot opener. This sports fans is a hot opener! The weakest guy in this match is Akuma and that’s only because Akuma’s only joy in life is to base for every move instead of dishing out offense himself. And that’s quite okay because you’ve got Flyer, Templario and Robin to do that. I expect the action to be nonstop, I expect this to not get nearly the amount of time it deserves and if Robin doesn’t try at least one ambitious move in this match then what is the point of anything? The point is, this should definitely be up there with the January 6th and H2L openers as one of the best starts to a CMLL show in 2018 when all is said and done.


Winners: Looking at how the Block’s for the Copa Nuevos Valores turned out, I think it’s safe to say this might be coming down to Flyer and Templario in fall three. From there we break out the Canadian dollar; heads Flyer, moose Templario…HEADS IT IS! Flyer and Robin win and does it really matter when this match is going to be so friggin fun?


Kaho Kobayashi, Marcela, Princesa Sugehit vs. Dalys, Seductora, Zeuxis


What to Expect: I guess CMLL didn’t learn their lesson from H2L as they’ve brought this match back from that show instead of the more appealing (and far better) Kobayashi/Marcela/Sugehit vs. Amapola/Dalys/Zeuxis from the Tuesday show a few days later. And yes, the decision to put Seductora in this match is all I need to feel the excitement leave my body so fast I can only compare it to the time I watched The Beach. Certainly Kobayashi and Zeuxis at least will deliver performances worth watching and I’ll be glued to the screen because I am a fully biased Zeuxis fan who would watch her wrestle Imposter La Parka in a blindfold match. But you just know Seductora is going to get too much to do and once that happens, this match will be like Fire Island after Labor Day; over. Thank you Family Guy for that still funny joke.


Winners: If I remembered the Steinermath thing, I’d have an equation that leads to me saying I never bet against Queen Zeuxis, which means the numbers don’t like and they spell disaster for the technicas on Friday night. Alas I don’t, so let’s just say the rudas win in three falls.


Blue Panther, Blue Panther Jr., The Panther vs. Dragón Rojo Jr., Felino, Kawato San


What to Expect: Keep calm and Dragón Rojo Jr. is back!


Image result for CM Punk not impressed


Alright, you’re not that excited but…well actually I’m not sure how excited you should be considering Rojo seemed a bit checked out when I last saw him. But hey, at least the entrance will be good and maybe he’ll be motivated after his long vacation. Of course it kind of doesn’t matter if he gives us nothing because the rest of the participants in this match are the Panthers, a now more serious Felino and the never ending enigma known as Kawato in Arena Mexico. Will he finally put it all together? Will he figure out what to do with his hands? I don’t know but I want to be there to find out! What I’m trying to say is this will be an interesting match and possibly a good match, regardless of whether Rojo comes back as El General or El Colonel. Colonel is lower than General right?


Winners: This feels like a match for the rudos, though that could be because the Panthers never win anything important. I see Rojo putting a stamp on his comeback by pinning Junior in the third fall after a double stomp, which might come after Kawato hits his own double stomp on Panther so we can psychoanalyze both and see which was better. Spoiler alert; it’s going to be Kawato.


Cavernario, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas vs. Johnny Idol, Okumura, Sam Adonis


What to Expect: This match can be summed up by the Wikipedia photo for heat.


Related image


Seriously, if you’re not a fan of loud noises and will be in Arena Mexico tomorrow/today, be sure to bring earplugs because it’s going to get loud in this match. This will be the first time Casas and Adonis have been in the same ring since Casas shaved Sam bald at Sin Piedad in January, and that combined with Sam’s ability to play to the crowd as Casas being the legend, the whole legend and NOTHING BUT THE LEGEND should have the crowd just as invested as they were January 1st. I’m not sure if that will transition entirely into a good match (other than Casas and Sam, Cavernario is the only big time talent in this match) but it’ll be a fun watch if only for the crowd.


Winners: I’d say there was something in the works in regards to this match and yet…how can there be? CMLL’s not going to run Casas-Adonis again, Cavernario-Adonis would be a match that (while intriguing) neither guy could lose and…alright Niebla-Adonis would be something if led to Niebla’s fake fro being shaved, but otherwise I don’t see a lot of options for a feud here. Thus I say they just play up the heat and Adonis gets some revenge on Casas with a cheap win in fall three. Unfortunately for Sam they’ll be throwing something other than pesos at him if that happens.


Atlantis, Carístico, Valiente vs. Bestia del Ring, Kráneo, Rush


What to Expect: If only it was Terrible instead of Bestia del Ring; what a match this could’ve been. Alas we’re stuck with The Disaster Artist Formerly Known as Pierroth, which means this match is getting knocked down a couple notches at the least. Honestly I wonder if this will be the match on the card where something is set up for the next few weeks. Rush against Atlantis or Carístico is appealing and is definitely a program that can carry CMLL through early April. I guess we’ll have to see if CMLL goes that route or if they decide to give Kráneo or (gulp) Bestia something to do. Either way that’ll be the most interesting aspect of this match, which will otherwise feature some early brawling from Rush and co., followed by a comeback and then likely a low blow. At least it’ll be the perfect cool down before the main event!


Winners: I’ll play the role of wishful thinker in this section; I’ve long wanted to see Atlantis vs. Rush in a big match, and while we’ve gotten it in the past year in Japan and Arena Puebla we haven’t yet gotten it in Arena Mexico. So let’s be hopeful and say that Atlantis’ team wins after Rush low blows the legend in fall three to set up another trios match next week which then leads into Atlantis-Rush on the April 6th show.


NWA World Historic Welterweight Championship Match

Volador Jr. (c) vs. Matt Taven


What to Expect: And so continues a tradition unlike any other; Matt Taven getting a big singles match before he goes back to ROH! This time it will be against Volador, set up last week after Taven pinned him and then challenged for…is it still the NWA World Historic Welterweight title or did they change it? You know what; let’s stick with the old name. Throw in some good ole America vs. Mexico overtones into this and we have a…what’s the word I’m looking for Red?



So how good will this match be? Well I don’t know much, but I can confirm it’ll be vastly better than Volador’s haunting disaster with Yoshitatsu last year. Beyond that I think it comes down to how much effort Volador wants to put in. I know some people aren’t the highest on Taven (especially in the states) but the guy is a good athlete and he generally seems to step up his game every time he’s in Mexico. It doesn’t hurt that his biggest matches in CMLL, against Rush, Último Guerrero and as a member of Team World in the 2017 Gran Prix, were all really good and featured good performances from him. So I think he’ll show up here and deliver the goods, which means it comes down to whether we get big match Volador or not. And come on, it’s Volador; he even tried in that Yoshitatsu match Grodd bless him. I don’t know if this will end up in the high end of great CMLL matches this year (i.e. Titán-Mephisto and the current MOTY Soberano-Cavernario) but it’s definitely going to be a good one, barring an injury occurring in the early stages.


Winner: Unless CMLL is cool with one of their titles being gone for awhile or this is being used to set up further Volador-Taven matches later this year, it makes no sense for Taven to win this title while departing from Mexico. In other words, look for Volador to pull out another tense three fall match with Super Rana to give him yet another successful Welterweight Title defense. Forget Tanahashi; Okada should be trying to equal Volador’s title defense record at this point. Do that, then I’ll be impressed Lil Kazu!


Exit stage left sports fans. I’ll be back tomorrow with a special surprise before departing a few hours so I can get ready to review this show. That and so I can also enjoy a birthday dinner with my family; gotta enjoy the simple things in life. Till next time, THIS!


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