It’s Thursday. You know what that means; time to preview another CMLL Super Viernes I have no desire to preview. Granted that is every week but boy was I fighting it today sports fans. I did everything else imaginable under the sun before deciding to tackle this one and now all I have is the regret that I didn’t find more stuff to do. This is a DOA show CMLL has lined up tomorrow, both because we’re a week away from the start of Torneo a Parejas Increibles and because we need to kill time before Homenaje a Dos Leyendas next month. That’s somewhat understandable, but also very lame for someone like me who’d like to watch a good show. I guess that’s what AAA on Saturday night is for. But that will be Saturday. For now let’s focus on Friday, as painful as it may be.



Shockercito & Último Dragóncito vs. Pequeño Nitro & Pierrothito


What to Expect: I want you all to do yourself a favor when this match comes on sports fans. Go to YouTube, type in “Conan Zell Miller” in the search, click on the first video you see and just watch that five times instead of this match. I guarantee you will get more satisfaction over Conan O’Brien being challenged to duel someone baboon style than you will ten minutes of solid yet boring drivel that you’ve seen from the CMLL opener many times before.


Winners: There ain’t no reason not to pick Nitro and Pierrothito, tomorrow night baby tomorrow night baby. I’ve got no reason not to pick the rudos tomorrow night…alright no, quoting Lady Gaga lyrics doesn’t work every time. The rudos are still winning though.


Marcela, Princesa Sugehit, Tsukushi vs. Dalys, Metálica, Reyna Isis


What to Expect: Finally a match I can take seriously…and it’s a CMLL luchadoras match. At least it’s not a normal CMLL luchadoras match though thanks to the arrival of Ice Ribbon’s Tsukushi. My viewing of joshi style wrestling these days is limited to what I see on AEW (which isn’t much) but I’ve heard very nice things about Tsukushi, which are backed up by gifs like this.


Image result for tsukushi wrestler gif


Looks promising right? Of course the arrival of Shoko Nakajima a few months ago looked promising too, and I bet now she looks back on that brief run the same way we all look back at Community’s fourth season (fortunately Shoko is back working AEW dates again so it’s all good!). The fear is that CMLL will take Tsukushi, someone who looks like she’ll be the best worker in the luchadoras division for however long she hangs around, and grind her down because everyone else in the match is so bad/mediocre/disinterested. I expect at least for this match Tsukushi will give it a go and show some cool stuff, but I’ve been burned so many times by the CMLL luchadoras division at this point that I will believe they’re doing something good when I see it.


Winners: Common sense would dictate Tsukushi would get the win here to set up something for her brief stay, except this is CMLL and common sense doesn’t reside there. Thus look for team Dalys to take it in three falls.


Atlantis Jr., Flyer, Guerrero Maya Jr. vs. Okumura, Pólvora, Tiger


What to Expect: Hey look; a match that everyone looks at and wishes Kawato San was there instead. I knew it would finally get to that point! Of course it only did because Okumura is here because…because and at this stage the only time people want to see Okumura is at his own retirement ceremony. But I digress. There’s still enough talent to work here between Atlantis Jr., Guerrero Maya Jr. and Tiger, and for all we know this could be a good night for both Flyer and Pólvora, two guys who are capable. Alas Okumura’s presence is a giant red flag, and we’re all better off just expecting a few cool Atlantis Jr. moves and very little meat to the bone otherwise.


Winners: I like the technicos here. They take it in three falls after Maya pins Okumura with Sacrificio Maya. Let’s give Ok this match; he does at least lose matches.


Ángel de Oro, Diamante Azul, Niebla Roja vs. Euforia, Gil Muertes, Negro Casas


What to Expect: One week after Gil Muertes delivered the coolest moment since his Mil Muertes days, CMLL has brought him back to once again tangle with Diamante Azul. We’re a long way from the Temple sports fans. Honestly the only things exciting about this match are a) whether Gil can land another all time great spear for two consecutive weeks and b) Negro Casas. I’d watch that man re-enact the last 30 minutes of Sunshine if he was given the chance. Much like this match it probably wouldn’t help much but come on; it’s Negro Casas. No matter what he’s doing and no matter how old he is, you can’t take your eyes off that wonderful dude.


Winners: The rudos take it in three falls Casas rolls up Oro with La Casita and Muertes pins Azul after a spear that isn’t as good as last week because Azul doesn’t sell as well as Titán. Then again he doesn’t do anything as well as Titán; just one of the many flaws of one Diamante Azul.


Cavernario vs. Felino


What to Expect: You’re likely looking at the preview of the Homenaje a Dos Leyendas 2020 main event here sports fans. It all goes back to January when Mr. Niebla tragically passed away. Three weeks ago CMLL ran a tribute show for Niebla that put Felino and Cavernario, two of Niebla’s good pals and stable mates, on opposite teams for the main event of the show. Weird right? Yes…until Cavernario started acting uber aggressive towards Felino at the start of the match, leading to them feuding and Cavernario pretty much turning on Felino by the time the match ended. Since then the two have brawled again on a Friday night and even a bit in Arena Puebla this past Monday, causing La Peste Negra member (and Felino’s brother) Negro Casas to throw up his hands in disbelief. And that is how we came to get Cavernario vs. Felino, H2L preview.


Image result for everybody got that gif


For the record sports fans, this is one of the few things most people can enjoy about CMLL at the moment. I’m still not clear why Cavernario felt compelled to betray Felino (I guess we can all assume he’s lashing out due to grief?) but their sequences together have been solid and the angles (especially from this past Monday night) have been very good. Throw in their long partnership together, plus Felino’s semi-legendary status, and this is an interesting pairing. I’m just not sure it’ll be one tomorrow night, mainly because I expect this match to be all set up. The big match is still a few months away and if nothing else, CMLL has proven they will hold just enough back for when it’s truly time to pay something off. Because of that I’m expecting this match to be solid, maybe even good, but not quite the finished product. That’s for March; tomorrow night is about getting us primed for that moment.


Winner: A very easy call; this match will go two falls, Felino will win after Cavernario boots him in the gonads for the foul and challenges will follow afterwards. Thank you and please drive home…wait what? WHAT DO YOU MEAN THERE’S ANOTHER MATCH?!


Carístico, Valiente, Volador Jr. vs. Cuatrero, Forastero, Sansón


What to Expect: Oh great; there’s another match on this show.


Image result for dammit dammit dammit gif


As you can probably tell, I don’t give a shit about this match sports fans. And why should any of us? Not only have the Dinamitas been DOA for what seems like a half a year now, not only does it feel like we’ve seen this match up a billion times, not only is the Carístico/Valiente/Volador trio uninspired, but this will be the third time Carístico and the Dinamitas have been on opposite sides this week! Perhaps CMLL has truly just said “screw it; we already have Carístico facing Cuatrero on Monday and Sansón on Tuesday, why not give him Forastero on Friday?!” And you wonder why El Hijo del Santo is saying CMLL’s programming department is broken. But yeah; can’t wait for this one. I may be able to grab a quick nap in while it’s going on.


Winners: CMLL thankfully spares us from a third “Carístico vs. Dinamita” singles match next week and gives the technicos a quick three fall win.


And with that the torture is done. See you all tomorrow for a review of this show and a preview of AAA’s next shindig. TILL THEN!


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