It’s been awhile sports fans but tomorrow’s CMLL Super Viernes is a show that I can honestly say I’m looking forward to seeing! I think the last time that happened was the Jushin Thunder Liger retirement show. In fairness, this show has nothing on that show, which featured the return (and departure) of LA Park and an overall exciting card. This show is basically a two match show. But one of those matches, the finals of the Gran Alternativa tournament, is a must watch due to both the political undertones that helped create it and the participation of two really talented young luchadores who are getting an opportunity they normally don’t get. And this being CMLL, who knows if they’ll get it after this night? That’s to figure out after tomorrow though. For now let’s run down this card and see if we can find any positives outside of the two big bouts.



Angelito & Fantasy vs. Pequeño Nitro & Pierrothito


What to Expect: Let’s start with the good news sports fans; ANGELITO ON A FRIDAY! And that’s where the good news ends. Poor Angelito; he’s a legitimately good luchador who has next to zero to work with and this match will be no different. Maybe a few years ago you could’ve talked me into Pierrothito giving a good effort for the technico but Pierrothito is just as likely to coast as he is to try, Pequeño Nitro has been wrestling at the same speed for years (indifferent) and Fantasy…well at least he’ll hit a Spanish Fly I guess. There’s just not enough to work with for Angelito in this opener and thus I don’t expect much to work for the match at all. To which I say again; poor Angelito. He’s like Howard the Duck, simultaneously awesome and trapped in a world he never made.


Winners: The rudos take this in three falls.


Black Panther, Blue Panther Jr., Pegasso vs. Misterioso Jr., Okumura, Sagrado


What to Expect: If I didn’t know any better, I’d take a quick glance at the next two matches and wonder if someone was trying to mess with the Panthers, Pegasso and Rey Cometa. Fortunately I do know better and I can confirm that that is, in fact, happening! Why else would a decent technico team of Black Panther, Blue Panther Jr. and Pegasso be stuck with a guy who last tried at Blue Panther’s tribute show (Misterioso Jr.), The Godfather: Part III of CMLL (Okumura) and Sagrado (Sagrado)? It’s as though CMLL made this match just trying to mess with them. The sad reality is the match will still be okay because the Panther matches are always a bit different, not to mention we’ll see Blue Panther Jr. hit some cool backbreakers while Pegasso wears his Blue Panther styled mask. But holy shit this would’ve been so much better if CMLL had stuck any other combo of rudos to team with Sagrado. Okay that’s not true; Dark Magic would’ve been a bad choice.


Winners: I like the Panthers in this one. They take it in three falls after Black Panther and Junior submit Misterioso and Sagrado with Dueling Nudo Laguneros. I’ve got a good feeling tomorrow’s the night that rare treat happens.


Lightning Match

Rey Cometa vs. Stigma


What to Expect: If you thought Rey Cometa’s will to live was slipping away with the speed of Rocky Balboa during his morning run, wait till you get a load of this one. It was bad enough last week when Cometa was paired with Felino, a guy who isn’t what he once was but was at least trying. This week Cometa is paired with Stigma. STIGMA! I wouldn’t be surprised right now if Cometa is ordering a plate of Alkaline Trio’s “Help Me” with a side of Linkin Park’s “I’ve Given Up”, all while doing his best David Tennant in the rain.


Image result for David Tennant rain gif


I never thought I’d be cracking jokes like that about a Rey Cometa match sports fans but that is sadly the state of CMLL in the fall of 2019. It almost doesn’t matter that Stigma is the opponent here. I mean it does; the guy is walking mediocrity these days, only has his spot because of who he’s related to and has only shown flashes when working with someone that compliments him and is motivated. I’m not sure Rey Cometa compliments him at all and I damn sure don’t believe Cometa is motivated. I don’t know if he’s down because his change of appearance led to CMLL doing nothing with him, if he’s hurt, if the new CMLL regime has him furious, if it’s all of the above or none of the above. The point is that Cometa is an ultra talented performer who does not seem interested in being that these days, and unless he decides to be that for Stigma tomorrow night (HA!) this match isn’t going to be much different than the Felino match. I’d expect seven minutes or so of peak CMLL mediocrity.


Winner: Cometa wins at the 7 minute mark with a 450 Splash. Thank you, NEXT!


Atlantis Jr., Audaz, Soberano Jr. vs. Cuatrero, Forastero, Sansón


What to Expect: That was a rough few matches to predict wasn’t it sports fans? Don’t worry though because this should be the part of the show where the ship turns around. I mean look who we’ve got here? Cuatrero, Forastero and Sansón’s presence alone is enough to guarantee the match will be well worked with a strong structure and it would probably be enough to guarantee a good match against any unit save one featuring Diamante Azul, Retro and Sangre Imperial. That makes it all the better that CMLL actually made a good decision and put them against three terrific technicos in Atlantis Jr., Audaz and Soberano Jr. That may be the best makeshift technico team CMLL has put together in awhile actually. We all know what those three are capable of, we’ve seen Soberano and Atlantis Jr. (who worked heavily with the Dinamitas during the FantasticaMania tour) have great chemistry with the Dinamitas and those rudos are exactly what a guy like Audaz, who has been great but stuck wrestling the same people for what seems like months, needs to really strut his stuff. There are no guarantees in CMLL but this match has a real strong chance of being good, possibly even great.


Winners: Never bet against the Dinamitas in a nontitle match. Hell never bet against them in a title match. They take it here in three falls after Sansón pins the Screw Master with an Avalanche Argentinean Powerbomb.


Ángel de Oro, Carístico, Diamante Azul vs. Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Último Guerrero


What to Expect: Man CMLL was so close to having a second straight match for us to get excited about…and then they used Diamante Azul instead of Niebla Roja.


Image result for but why gif


You hate to see it sports fans. I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation for this (perhaps Roja had an indie booking?) but it still doesn’t change that we’re getting Diamante Azul here and that dude just can’t help but make things worse. It is kind of funny to see him here matched up with the Último Guerrero though; just when you thought the UG escaped working with terrible people, DIAMANTE AZUL ENTERS THE CHAT! Jokes aside, this match will be fine. It would’ve been better than fine with someone other than Azul involved, but Oro and Carístico will do their usual thing (though it may be lacking the usual energy) and the Guerreros will be the Guerreros. This should be a nice chaser before the main event.


Winners: I could see CMLL using this match to set something up next week…and unfortunately that something might be Diamante Azul challenging Último Guerrero for the CMLL World Heavyweight Championship. I hope to hell it isn’t, but I’ll predict it anyway by saying Azul pins UG in the third fall and then challenges for a match. And yes, I am partially doing this to try and jinx the match and cut it off at the pass. It’s how I roll.


Gran Alternativa Final

Fugaz & Mistico vs. Star Jr. & Valiente


What to Expect: This match may be the most improbable and exciting CMLL match of recent memory! Let’s review sports fans; as you may know by now the Gran Alternativa is a tag tournament that has a young luchador (usually a rookie but it varies) teaming with a veteran to take on other teams of younglings and veterans. Two weeks ago Block A was won, in a shocking development, by the team Fugaz and Mistico, who just so happens to be related to Rush and Dragón Lee, two guys CMLL fired right before this tournament began. Their upset of Dulce Gardenia and Volador Jr. was topped the next week in Block B, when the long time underappreciated Star Jr. and Valiente defeated Cavernario and Espanto Jr. in an exciting (and for some, excruciating) final. And that sports fans is how we somehow found ourselves with a tournament final featuring two former Sky Team members, a Guadalajara based midcarder and Star Jr.


Image result for everybody got that gif


There were a lot of things that needed to go right for this match to happen sports fans. If Volador Jr. doesn’t get called in to team with Titán in New Japan’s Super Junior Tag tournament it’s likely he and Dulce Gardenia are in the finals. Even with that, Mistico likely isn’t hear if Rush and Dragón Lee don’t leave CMLL, forcing the promotion to try and appease him. And that’s just the stuff that we can make sense of; only CMLL can explain why Fugaz got the nod to team with Mistico or why CMLL finally decided to give Star Jr. a well deserved break. In the end, improbable as it is, this is our Gran Alternativa Final and it’s a welcome one if only because we do have fresh faces involved. Well that and the match should be a blast. I can’t guarantee that because this is bold new territory for Star Jr. and especially Fugaz; the only time I can remember Star Jr. even sniffing a spot like this was the Block B finals of last year’s Gran Alternativa (as well as a random Tuesday semi-main back in 2016) and Fugaz has only worked Arena Mexico a handful of times. The lights may very well be too bright for both guys. At the same token Fugaz is super talented and Star Jr., who I can’t stress enough has long been deserving of this opportunity, has arguably been one of the best luchadores in CMLL the last few months, delivering great performances in even the direst of matches. They are more than capable of delivering lights out performances, and they’re going to get great support from Mistico and Valiente, who always show up for matches like this. Throw in the high drama that a match like this always generates and the legitimate unpredictable nature of the match and this will be one hell of an experience.


Winners: I was joking about this match being unpredictable; it legit could go either way. It makes perfect sense for Mistico and Fugaz to win given that CMLL wants to keep Mistico happy and what better way to do that than giving him a tournament win? It also makes perfect sense for CMLL to finally give Star Jr. a push in order to fill the hole left by Dragón Lee and Rush’s departures (the same could be said about Fugaz, in fairness). In the end sports fans I’m going to make this pick with my heart instead of my head. I think the world of Star Jr., I think he’s one of the best talents CMLL has and he should already be in the upper midcard/main event scene with his buddy and former partner Soberano Jr. It’s his time, and CMLL will for once make the right decision and give him the big win, with him and Valiente winning the Gran Alternativa in three falls.


And with that sports fans I am off! I’ll see you tomorrow (and possibly even today) for a preview of Heroes Inmortales, a review of this CMLL show and maybe other stuff! Who can say for sure? TILL WE MEET AGAIN!


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