It’s been a fun week of wrestling sports fans, which means it’s about time for CMLL to come along and ruin it! I kid I kid; actually, after a solid Super Viernes last week CMLL has a shot (though not a great one) for yet another good show this week. Of course there are still several hurdles because what would a CMLL Super Viernes be without those? Thus we have several undercard matches that could be good but could also not be good (some quality Dan Fouts analysis right there!), the Block B of a Gran Alternativa that looks promising and the concern of CMLL running long weighing down the show hanging over all our heads. I wouldn’t bet on CMLL having a great show here but they are after all CMLL; just when you think they’re screwed, they somehow convince New Japan to side with them over Dragón Lee. And on that note let’s start the preview.



Eléctrico & Príncipe Diamante vs. Espíritu Negro & Grako


What to Expect: I’ll give this match this much; it’s got Espíritu Negro in it. Who would’ve thought THAT would be a reason to be excited about a CMLL match in 2019?! Alas Negro had a really good showing last week in Gran Alternativa’s Block A and while I don’t expect him to be that good here we at least know he can be that good. Plus…should I really be excited about seeing Eléctrico, Príncipe Diamante and Grako? The latter is inconsequential without El Coyote, Diamante only matters when its Bodybuilding Contest season and Eléctrico only matters when Virus is around. All of this is to say this match will be like the second season of Riverdale. Actually that’s not true; stuff did happen in that season. It mostly sucked, but stuff did happen.


Winners: Espíritu Negro stays hot by carrying Grako to a three fall victory.


Atomo, El Gallito, Microman vs. Chamuel, El Guapito, Zacarias


What to Expect: Good news sports fans; the Microstars are back!


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Bad news sports fans; the feud that was propping the division up (Microman vs. Chamuel) is wrapped up and we’re back to how things were before that match. That is the downside of Apuesta matches in a division with only two stars I suppose.


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So yeah; my hopes aren’t high for this one. Obviously Chamuel and Microman are really good together and their sequences will definitely be worth watching, but the heat will not be there the way it was when they were building to the Aniversario. And once you get past those two the rest of the division is…it’s not pretty, let’s just say that. Thus I’d expect something along the lines of what we were getting from the Microstars before August/September; Microman and Chamuel will deliver, the rest of the guys will not and the heat sadly won’t be there.


Winners: Team Microman takes it in three falls.


Lightning Match

Rey Cometa vs. Felino

What to Expect: Like Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins, this match feels like it would’ve been far more exciting five years ago. Unfortunately it’s now 2019, Felino only tries every five months and the last few times I’ve seen Rey Cometa wrestle he’s looked like Sean McVeigh after watching another Jared Goff incompletion. The positives are that Cometa is still ultra talented and Felino is still capable, so it is possible this match will be a lot of fun. Then again it’s also possible Sean McVeigh may let Todd Gurley run the ball more than 15 times this weekend; that doesn’t mean either scenario is likely though. I’d more or less expect this to be a solid yet unspectacular six minutes that makes us all long for the old days. You know; just like how Rams fans long for the days when Sean McVeigh knew how to coach. Can we seriously acknowledge the guy is overrated already?


Winner: Cometa takes it with a 450 splash at six minutes.


Atlantis, Atlantis Jr., Audaz vs. Hechicero, Hijo del Villano III, Mr. Niebla


What to Expect: This match was so close to being good, but then CMLL remembered they have to wheel out a broken down Atlantis at least twice a week and thus this match is now doomed. Could Chavo Lutteroth III and his band of shriveled, scared, power hungry losers really not find some other technico for this match? Was Esfinge admiring himself in the mirror too long to be available? I just don’t get it; Atlantis being here sucks because it brings the match down and because he’s clearly in severe pain and shouldn’t be wrestling. That’s CMLL for you though. I suppose this match could still be good as long as they limit Atlantis (they will), limit Mr. Niebla (they may) and just allow the talented three headed monster of Atlantis Jr., Audaz and Hechicero to go nuts. Some of that will definitely happen; I just don’t know it’ll be enough with the other elements involved.


Winners: The technicos take it in three falls after Atlantis rolls up Mr. Niebla with a Schoolboy for the win.


Gran Alternativa Block B

Ángel de Oro & Sonic the Luchador vs. Akuma & Euforia vs. Cavernario & Espanto Jr. vs. Furia Roja & Gran Guerrero vs. Magia Blanca & Niebla Roja vs. Negro Casas & Yago vs. Star Jr. & Valiente vs. Super Astro Jr. & Titán


What to Expect: I’m going to level with you sports fans; last week’s Block A of the Gran Alternativa was actually not bad, and that was despite Volador/Dulce Gardenia and Mistico/Fugaz being the only teams worth a damn in the field. This is a good thing because this week’s field is much better. We’ve got cool units such as Ángel de Oro and Sonic the Luchador, Magia Blanca attempting to regain his old glory with Niebla Roja, Negro Casas teaming with everyone’s favorite weirdo Yago, SUPER ASTRO JR. AND TITÁN (this team deserved all caps) and a white hot Star Jr. teaming with Valiente. And it’s not like the Euforia/whoever combo (Akuma may still be injured) and Furia Roja/Gran Guerrero teams are bad either. Really the only black mark is Cavernario teaming with Espanto Jr. It’s like CMLL decided that Cavernario was so good that they had to find the worst possible luchador they had short of Tyson La Bestia and Dark Magic to team with him. Come on Chavo; you don’t see Tom Cruise picking Hayden Christensen to act alongside him, do ya?!


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In any event, this should be a decent block. There will be a few things working against it; CMLL went long last week and exhausted its audience by the time they got to the Block A finals, and they either risk doing that again this week or may limit the time these matches get to keep the show from going long. You also can’t count Espanto Jr. wrestling numerous times due to Cavernario being such a big star. Beyond that though the talent pool is solid and you’re going to have guys like Sonic, Magia Blanca and especially Super Astro Jr. and Star Jr. working their asses off in what may be the biggest opportunity they get this year. And those guys are good as is! I may be way off base but I expect this will be a fun block that hopefully sets up a good final for Mistico and Fugaz next week.


Winners: If I were booking this, Star Jr. and Valiente would be the team going to the finals. Not because Valiente needs anything else mind you, but because Star Jr. has been KILLING IT these last few months in the undercard and with CMLL having issues with stars leaving right now, making him into a player would be ideal. Alas this is CMLL and I always expect the worst from them in spots like this. That, coupled with a rudo team likely winning to face off against Mistico and Fugaz, suggests that we’ll be getting Cavernario and Espanto Jr., with Cavernario filling the big star gap and Espanto filling CMLL’s stupidity gap. This is a very open field though so don’t be surprised by anything.


Carístico, Mistico, Volador Jr. vs. Cuatrero, Sansón, Último Guerrero


What to Expect: This match is likely to be quicker than Stewie Griffin in the sack sports fans. Perhaps I’m wrong and CMLL will actually give these guys time to strut their stuff, but with the show likely running long by this point and this match having fewer stakes than an AEW Dark match not involving Jack Evans…you get the picture. It’s a shame because on paper this is a strong match with six of the best luchadores CMLL have to offer. In a normal situation in a normal promotion this match could be really strong. Alas this is CMLL, where they cut your checks and half and then act surprised when you leave.


Winners: The technicos send the crowd home happy in three falls.


That’s game sports fans. I’ll see you tomorrow night for a review of this bad boy. TILL THEN!


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