With AAA’s big week of secret press conferences and Verano de Escandalo in the past, the focus of the lucha libre world once more turns to CMLL. And what good timing because they have a big CMLL Super Viernes tomorrow. The bad news is that this CMLL show features a Copa Dinastia final with Bestia del Ring involved. The good news is that the mid card on this show looks terrific, with three straight matches carrying some serious potential. And hey; for all we know Ángel de Oro, Niebla Roja and Rush will be able to overcome the anchor that is Bestia del Ring to deliver a memorable main event. It’s possible. Is it likely? Read to the end of this preview to find out!



Robin & Super Astro Jr. vs. Espíritu Negro & Hijo del Signo


What to Expect: And so continues The Ballad of the Opening Match CMLL Technicos, the never ending documentary that tells the tale of two talented young technicos starting a CMLL show with many restrictions and two rudos that suck. This week the technicos are Robin and Super Astro Jr., the terrible rudos are Espíritu Negro and the Canadian Destroyer happy Hijo del Sign, and the restrictions are…the restrictions. Sounds like the makings of a weird meme to me.



The point is this is going to be miserable. Super Astro Jr. will surely put forth a great effort, Robin might if his will to live hasn’t been eviscerated yet (and recent evidence suggests it has), none of it will matter because they won’t be allowed to do anything anyway and the rudos will be bad. Maybe Espíritu Negro will be less bad than Signo, but not by much. It’s all so hollow, meaningless and good Grodd I’m turning into the lead singer of a My Chemical Romance cover band. What’s the worst that I can say, things will be worse if this match stays. So long and good night; this match will blow.


Winners: The rudos in three falls. Can we get to the good stuff already?


Drone, Fuego, Tritón vs. Disturbio, Tiger, Virus


What to Expect: Now that’s more like it Mr. Wayne! I’m looking forward to this match for two reasons. First, it’ll actually be a good match featuring six luchadores I generally enjoy watching. Second, there’s something bizarre going on with Tritón and Tiger. They feuded last week in a situation that felt less like a real feud and more like two luchadores trying to get something started on their own…only they were feuding again this past Monday in Puebla too. Is there perhaps something going on between Tritón and Tiger? I would guess not but they are matched up here, which means we can’t shut the question down just yet. In any event, feud or no feud, this match looks better than that recent Veronica Mars trailer I watched. The only thing missing was more footage of Dick Casablanca, true American hero.


Winners: The technicos win the match clean in three falls, while Tiger sobs on the floor knowing his dreams of a feud with Tritón are dead. Then again he may also be sobbing because he’s working the second match on a CMLL show while Puma King continues his path towards rock stardom. Either scenario works.


Audaz, Flyer, Soberano Jr. vs. Hechicero, Kawato San, Templario


What to Expect: CMLL following up a fun looking match with an even more enticing match?! WHAT IS THIS?!


Image result for a center for ants gif


Alright enough with the out of context segues because this match is D as in dynamite. I love it! I would normally say it has two weak spots in the form of Flyer and Kawato but Flyer (who I must remind people is a talent that can be good) will be surrounded by strong rudo talent to help him out and Kawato over the last few weeks has suddenly become a good performer. I’m not sure how it happened either but it did! So it’s really just Flyer you may have to worry about, and once you get past him you’ve got two of the best rudos in the world on one side and two of the best technicos in the world on the other. It doesn’t hurt that someone like Audaz works well with everyone (especially Templario) and that Soberano has dynamic chemistry with Hechicero and Templario; see the match he and Templario had in Pittsburgh recently if you don’t believe me. Unless Flyer and Kawato attempt to recreate the Vikingo-Laredo Kid spot (they won’t) or someone gets hurt, this match should be tremendous and well worth your time.


Winners: I like the rudos in this one. They take it in three after Templario pins Flyer with a Top Rope Gutwrench Powerbomb.


Lightning Match

Titán vs. Negro Casas


What to Expect: Wait a minute…WAIT A MINUTE HERE! You’re telling me that we’re getting not one, not two but three CMLL matches in a row that will likely be good?! What alternate universe have we wandered into here?!



I don’t know what caused this phenomenon sports fans but boy am I happy to be previewing yet another match that has a chance to be the best thing on this show. The only person happier than me is probably Titán; his return to CMLL since his Best of the Super Juniors spot (which only went so-so from what I was able to see) has basically consisted of lame duck trios matches where he’s basically essaying Buffy during the “Going Through the Motions” song. This match now gives him a chance to sink his teeth into something with promise, especially since the guy on the other side is the ageless Negro Casas, who just had a strong singles match with Soberano a few weeks back. I never bet against Casas and it’s not wise to bet against Titán in a big time singles situation. Even with only ten minutes to work with, there’s no reason they shouldn’t have a fantastic match.


Winner: On the one hand, Casas loves to put over younger talent. On the other hand, Casas seems to do that more in big singles matches as opposed to Lightning Matches. So this is too close to call. Fortunately I am in possession of a Canadian coin to flip once more! Heads Titán, Moose Casas…and it’s MOOSE! MOOSE! MOOSE! MOOSE! Sorry; had to do that with the coin returning. Casas wins.


Ciber the Main Man, Gil Muertes, The Chris vs. Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Último Guerrero


What to Expect: FINALLY; THE CHRIS HAS COME BACK TO ARENA MEXICO! And with that joke, the excitement I have towards this match has ended. Seriously; why are Ciber and The Chris back? And why the hell are they matched up with the Guerreros again?! I can only assume it’s because many of CMLL’s top officials are blind and thus couldn’t see the struggle it was for Big Euf, Gran Guerrero and the UG (three of the best workers CMLL has) to carry those two last year. The only positive is that Gil Muertes will now replace Sharlie Rockstar in the trio…and that’s only a positive if you’re like me and think Gil has been alright in CMLL recently. And keep in mind that I’m in the minority in that regard! So yeah; this match looks bad. The only saving grace is if CMLL keeps it short to set up a Gil-UG match, and even then I can’t see this being anything other than the weakest match on the show.


Winners: They do indeed set up Gilbert vs. UG for next week after Gil fouls UG for the DQ in fall two.


Copa Dinastia Final

Ángel de Oro & Niebla Roja vs. Bestia del Ring & Rush


What to Expect: It’s time for another tournament final sports fans. The Copa Dinastia began two weeks ago, when Rush and Bestia del Ring won a Block A that was so terrible it made Bestia del Ring look good. Then last week Ángel de Oro and Niebla Roja won a Block B that wound up shocking the hell out of people in just how good it was (although in fairness, it did have the advantage of having no Bestia del Ring). And that sports fans is why we have the continued issues between Oro/Roja and Los Ingobernables as the final for this Copa Dinastia.


Image result for everybody got that gif


I guess the one thing I can safely say is working in CMLL’s favor for this match is that it’s even more unpredictable than Moxley-Omega; I have no idea where this match is going or how good it’ll be. Working in the match’s favor is that Oro, Roja and Rush are all excellent workers who are going to try really hard to deliver a great match. What’s working against it is the fact that Oro and Rush revealed they had no charisma together in a mediocre Tuesday match a few weeks back and, in case you forgot, the presence of Bestia del Ring. I know why this guy keeps getting put in big matches, but that does little to change that Bestia winding up in these spots is like if Hayden Christensen kept getting cast as a leading man in big budget blockbusters. It’s all just very stupid! Will it be stupid enough to derail the match? Unfortunately I would say so. I thought that Oro and Roja would be able to overcome him earlier this year at Homenaje a Dos Leyendas (when Bestia teamed with Terrible) and was proven wrong, though in fairness some of that was because of Terrible’s injury. Now we find ourselves in pretty much the same situation, with the only difference being Rush is in for Terrible and has shown to not work well with one of the opponents. That may be the clincher for me; at least in the H2L tag you knew Terrible would work well with Oro and Roja given that we had seen him do so previously. Rush meanwhile has shown he has little to no chemistry with Oro, and his chemistry with Roja is a big question mark. That, plus Bestia’s presence, is enough for me to think this match will be dud. I hope I’m wrong and there’s always a chance performers like Oro, Roja and Rush can perform a miracle, but I just don’t see it in this instance.


Winners: CMLL has been pushing Ángel de Oro and Niebla Roja hard all year (and for good reason; they’re great) and they shouldn’t stop here. I see them picking up the Copa Dinastia in three falls, after Roja pins Rush. I wouldn’t be shocked at all if this potentially leads to a big one on one match between Roja and Rush at the Aniversario, though I wouldn’t bank on it yet.


There you have it sports fans. I’ll see you tomorrow for a review of this show, and stay tuned for I have some other projects that will be coming shortly. TILL NEXT TIME!



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