Much like the dream of a fifth season of Lucha Underground, last week’s terrific CMLL Juicio Final exists now only in our memory. Fortunately it appears that CMLL now wants to do monthly shows of that stature, which means we may now be on the road to another big show a few weeks from now! It all begins tomorrow on CMLL’s latest Super Viernes show, which features the continuation of a Black Panther-Kawato San issue that was started last week, the return of Gil Muertes (or Gilbert El Boricua as CMLL foolishly calls him) and the beginning of CMLL’s latest tag tournament, Copa Dinastia. All in all it could make for a fun show! Of course this being CMLL it could also lead to a dumpster fire. But let’s save the ultra negativity for the review. For now let’s just break this bad boy down.



Eléctrico & Oro Jr. vs. El Coyote & Grako


What to Expect: I think I may just spend this entire match picturing what it would’ve been like if it had been on the Juicio Final. I imagine the effort level would’ve been over 9000% and the action would’ve been a miss of cool shit and at least two of these guys messing up attempts at doing cool shit. In any event whatever that match would’ve been will be nothing like what this match will be. I expect we may get one cool Oro Jr. spot, a decent performance from the usual opening rudo match team of Coyote and Grako and Eléctrico continuing his trend of existence. Can I just point out how bad I feel for Oro Jr.? It wasn’t going to get much better than it was for the underrated (in my opinion at least) luchador, but at least I didn’t think he’d sink low enough to become “Astral’s replacement.” Alas.


Winners: Coyote and Grako always win these openers, and this will be no different. They take it in three falls.


Black Panther, Blue Panther, Blue Panther Jr. vs. Disturbio, Kawato San, Virus


What to Expect: There are two reasons to be excited for this match sports fans. First, the rudo team features arguably the two biggest MVP’s of last week’s Juicio Final (Virus and Disturbio, who had two tremendous performances between the opener and his gig as Máscara Año 2000’s second). Second, it seemingly confirms that Black Panther vs. Kawato San is a real feud leading to a real mask vs. hair match, finally giving Kawato something to do other than miss dives and dye his hair Pepsi Blue.



In all seriousness, I am down for a Panther-Kawato tangle. I don’t know if it was the effort level last week or if it was Kawato finally…FINALLY figuring it out, but the former New Japan Young Lion turned CMLL bust was starting to look like an honest to Grodd luchador last week at the Juicio Final. Maybe it was a mirage but any promise is good news these days, and other than Star Jr. I’m not sure Kawato could’ve asked for a better rival than Panther, both because Panther has nothing to do himself and because catching dives for him will be easy for Kawato. He just has to stand there and get torpedoed when Panther does his suicide dive! The point is that I’m excited for this feud and thus excited for this match, which I would’ve been even without the feud. You know Virus and Blue Panther will have some good sequences, you know Disturbio will be fun to watch and you know Blue Panther Jr. is just dying to take another group of rudos to Backbreaker City (where the grass is green and the girls are pretty). It’s the perfect setting for Panther and Kawato to build on their issue, and unless they screw it up it should be a good time.


Winners: New week, same result; the Panthers take this one after Kawato is DQ’d for unmasking Black Panther in fall three.


Audaz, Stuka, Valiente vs. Ephesto, Mephisto, Rey Bucanero


What to Expect: On the one hand, any match with Audaz will have my attention given that he’s been able to get passable performances out of Vangellys in 2019. On the other hand…I’m just done with Los Hijos del Infiernos right now, unless Mephisto is involved with a singles match. Other than Diamante Azul they were the only lifeless act on last week’s great show and Luciferno (who is mercifully not here for this match) wasn’t much better against Guerrero Maya  Jr. on Tuesday. So while I’m sure Audaz, Stuka and Valiente will have a few cool moments, at the end of the day Ephesto and Mephisto just seem likely to slack off and Rey Bucanero just doesn’t have the skill to make the match work on his own. What a depressing way to say I’m not looking forward to this match.


Winners: The technicos win in three falls because I’ve lost my mind and just want to pick at random for matches like this.


Lightning Match

Cavernario vs. Templario


What to Expect: If I were Darren Pang, my first reaction looking at this match would be to yell out my catchphrase “HOLY JUMPIN!” My second reaction would then be to slap myself for a) being Darren Pang and b) using the catchphrase “HOLY JUMPIN!” It makes “NOW THIS IS PODRACING!” look like Shakespeare, which would be bad because then I’d have to stop using that joke every three columns or so.


Related image


What was my point? Oh yeah; this match looks, in the words of Eliot Carver, delicious. I’d normally be concerned about two rudos going at it but those fears fall by the waste side when you realize those rudos are Templario and a luchador in Cavernario who you could argue is one of the best performers alive right now. Both guys can slide into any role you want them to and both seem to be perfect for each other. The only negative is that they’re only going to get ten minutes to work with each other! I know CMLL had other fish to fry on this show but still; we couldn’t have given them more time to work with? In the end that’s a small nitpick; unless this goes less than five minutes, these two will have more than enough time to work their magic and deliver what should be a tour de force Lightning Match.


Winner: Unless CMLL is ready to strap the rocket to Templario this one is Cavernario’s to lose. The budding mega star gets the win at the 9 minute mark with La Cavernaria.


Ángel de Oro, Carístico, Niebla Roja vs. Gil Muertes, Gran Guerrero, Último Guerrero


What to Expect: Here we have the long awaited return of Gil Muertes…if you consider coming back from a month or two break a long awaited return. I suppose he may be here to set up a big match with someone, though that feud may take a backseat to both Black Panther-Kawato and the Copa Dinastia for the next little bit. In any event I don’t mind his involvement here. I didn’t think old Gilbert was looking too bad when he last appeared in CMLL (unless he was stuck with Diamante Azul) and he’s surrounded by quality teammates in the Guerreros, not to mention a strong technico team to work with. I suppose it’ll depend on what CMLL wants from this match but if they want it, these six should be able to produce a good match.


Winners: Gil, Gran and the UG ride out of Arena Mexico victorious after three falls.


Copa Dinastia

Bestia del Ring & Rush vs. Euforia & Soberano Jr. vs. Felino & Negro Casas vs. Flyer & Volador Jr.


What to Expect: It’s CMLL tourney time yet again sports fans! Much like Torneo a Parejas Increibles, this is a tag team tournament. Unlike Torneo a Parejas Increibles this is a tag tournament that features eight teams instead of sixteen and where you team with a family member instead of a rival. And that sports fans is the CMLL Copa Dinastia tournament.


Image result for everybody got that gif


I have some mixed feelings in regards to this first week sports fans, and frankly most of them have to do with the Bestia del Ring/Rush team. I have no problem with Rush; he’s terrific and I continue to bemoan how ROH has limited his CMLL involvement. The problem is Bestia del Ring isn’t terrific and is generally a one way ticket to disrupting matches. It’s a shame here because the other three teams in this field, Flyer/Volador Jr., Felino/Negro Casas and the father son dream team that is Euforia/Soberano, range from good to great. I get CMLL wanted to have Dragón Lee and Mistico together for the next week but man; putting Bestia in here guarantees one match not being as good as it could be and maybe two if CMLL inexplicably decides they need to move on. I guess what I’m trying to say here is that I should be more excited about this, and yet I’m not because CMLL had to be lame. At least we’re getting one likely good match out of it, and if CMLL is wise and gives us Casas/Felino vs. Euforia/Soberano or Flyer/Volador vs. Euforia/Soberano in the Block final then I’ll take back everything I said here. Don’t let me down here CMLL.


Winners: I admit I’m fully picking with my heart over my head here…but I have to go with Big Euf and Soberano. I think the world of both guys individually, I’ve been waiting for forever to see CMLL stick them together as either a tag team or opponents, and they’re quite frankly the best unit of these four. That means nothing with higher profile names like Negro Casas, Rush and Volador involved but I think Euforia and Soberano (who are upper card CMLL performers mind you) just make the most sense. They emerge victorious after defeating Flyer and Volador in the Block Final.


And with that sports fans I am off to enjoy my Thursday. See you tomorrow for a review of this show. TILL THEN!



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