I’m going to be real with you sports fans; I’m not entirely looking forward to tonight’s CMLL Super Viernes show. Part of that is because I spent almost the whole day waiting to watch Wrestling Dontaku because New Japan World was having an Infinity War level crisis and part of it because, well, the card isn’t exactly to die for. Having said all that the fine folks at Lucha Central asked me to do a live review of tonight’s show and I thought what the hell! I mean I have gone through almost all of Westworld Season One and replaying Ocarina of Time can wait a day; might as well take some time to make fun of Fantasy and root on Flyer and Volador Jr. And thus that’s what we’re going to do. So strap yourselves in sports fans because it’s time to watch some lucha!




Mercurio, Pequeño Violencia, Pierrothito defeated Fantasy, Shockercito, Último Dragóncito two falls to one


Yesterday I referred to this match as looking into the abyss and seeing nothing. Turns out it wasn’t that bad! It was by no means good either, but this was a solid, forgettable match as opposed to an unmitigated disaster destined to haunt us forever. Everyone was trying, Fantasy hit his one trademark move (the Top Rope Spanish Fly), Pequeño Violencia actually made an effort to base and not screw up moves and Pierrothito and Shockercito were legitimately good. Subtract Violencia and Dragóncito for two more exciting luchadores and this might’ve been a party. Instead it was a passable match that will soon fade from memory, which is good because I thought this match was going to be the biggest eyesore since the New Found Glory song of the same name.

Lluvia, Marcela, Princesa Sugehit defeated Amapola, Seductora, Tiffany two falls to one


Any chance of me being excited for this match evaporated the moment Lluvia, wrestling her first match in over a year, came out to replace Lady Maravilla. It was like opening the case to Uncharted 2 and finding the disk for Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 instead.


Image result for mistakes were made gif


Now in fairness to Lluvia I can’t really blame her as a) I’m a huge Lady Maravilla fan and CMLL should be using her a lot more and b) all she did in this match was get her ass handed to her by Tiffany. There were a few offensive flurries from Lluvia to suggest she’s better than I remember her being and I hope she turns out to be a good addition (the luchadoras division can use all the help it can get right now), but this was not the place for her to have a showcase. It wasn’t the place for anyone to have a showcase really. Some of the Sugehit-Seductora sequences had momentum, Marcela tried hard and this probably wasn’t as bad as some people will make it out to be. It was still nowhere close to being interesting and CMLL’s insistence on ending this on a DQ (Seductora went overboard attacking Sugehit and the referee) that I fear we still have to deal with more of this. In the words of Michael Scott, NO GOD PLEASE NO! It was enough last week when the Sugehit-Seductora match was good. We don’t need any more, especially when the matches are lifeless as this. It was so lifeless that I’m pretty sure the paragraph describing this match is just as lifeless. Hey; if you want a lively review of a match then tell the workers to do better!


Blue Panther, Kráneo, Valiente defeated Cuatrero, Forastero, Sansón two falls to one


If not for the obvious conspiracy from people-who-shall-not-be-named on the wrestling forum I frequent who shut things down today to avoid hearing me brag about predicting Okada-Omega IV months ago, this would be the second time today I’d get to tell everyone I told them so. I said this match would surprise people and that’s exactly what it did. What a fun match this was! You knew that Cuatrero, Forastero and Sansón were going to want to have a special performance after Universo 2000’s death on Tuesday; all they needed was for everything to go right and for Blue Panther, Kráneo and Valiente to try their asses off on the other side. Both things happened. The Dinamitas looked excellent all match, especially in a spirited second fall beat down that was up to the usual NGD standard. And the technicos were more than happy to live up to their end, with Valiente pulling out the Valiente Special, Kráneo delivering his usual entertaining antics and Blue Panther getting the crowd riled up while continuing to defy father time. Maybe it didn’t quite become a great match, but it never stopped being fun, the crowd was super hot and the effort from all six luchadores was great. Much like he would’ve been for his son on Tuesday, somewhere Universo 2000 is surely proud of his nephews tonight. A very good match.


Lightning Match

Rush defeated Último Guerrero


As it turns out, the answer to getting a really good Rush-UG match was doing it under Lightning Match rules! How do I know this? Because Rush and the UG just had their best match ever against each other and it frankly wasn’t even close. I’d say it was the most shocking development of the night except CMLL followed it by announcing Dragón Lee and Audaz as a team for Block B of the Gran Alternativa next week.


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Back to the match! In the preview I wondered if speeding things up would be the answer for these two and it was just that. They started off fast with some actual wrestling (not the usual Rush brawling), leading to Rush actually doing a dive. From there it went on to feature the greatest hits of both guys; Rush’s brawling stuff, the UG over the barricade dive, big move trading, the whole shebang. Because it was all being condensed however it worked; the crowd was hot for all of it and both the UG and Rush were working their asses off to make it work. And boy did it work, even with the screwy finish where Rush won by using the ropes for leverage. Sure I could take points off for that, but it led to the hilarious moment where the UG nailed Edgar (the referee) with a clothesline. How can you penalize a finish when it leads to that?! Again, smarter people than I can determine whether this was great or not but I found it to be a really fun, better than expected contest. And to think I started this review complaining about this show. This is why you never trust something on paper. Not entirely at least.


Gran Alternativa Block A

Mistico & Eléctrico defeated Hechicero & Espanto Jr.


First off, yes I skipped reviewing the seeding battle royal. You missed nothing sports fans so don’t lose sleep on it. As for this match, I like to think of this as further proof that you could put Hechicero in any situation he will deliver something worthwhile from it. Cause that’s exactly what he did. No offense to Mistico or Eléctrico, who are both really good, but this was all Hechi. He gave both the technicos as much slack as possible to pull off their stuff, delivered his own great move set throughout and somehow even made Espanto look good! ESPANTO! I’m pretty sure you could put Hechicero with anyone at this point and he’d make it work. He certainly did here, and with Mistico and Eléctrico holding up their end of the bargain (how about that Eléctrico dive over the turnbuckle?!) this ended up being a really good opening block match.


Mephisto & Yago defeated Ángel de Oro & Robin

I should’ve known the moment this match was happening that Robin was going to have a good time. Perhaps he would’ve preferred a smoother landing than the one he had hitting Mephisto with that awesome double jump moonsault, but I’m sure just the fact he was able to attempt it (with someone he could trust to catch him no less) must’ve made this the best moment he’s had since the end of last year/beginning of this year. Unfortunately his moonsault was the lone highlight of this match, as Oro had an uncharacteristically sloppy match, Yago was unfortunately stuck working with him and Mephisto was in cruise control. It didn’t suck, but it wasn’t on the level of the first match.


Atlantis & Magia Blanca defeated Ephesto & Maquiavelo

Poor Magia Blanca. Just a few days ago he was having the match of his career against Soberano, only to follow it up by being forced to do mat work with Ephesto at the beginning of this match. Life truly does come at you fast.


Related image


Fortunately for Blanca he followed that up by being the best performer in this match, brimming with confidence throughout as he hit several cool moves and just looked overall smooth. The same cannot be said for the other three luchadores. Maquiavelo was trying but he looked sloppy overall, a drop off from his performance in the Copa Nuevos Valores. In his defense he got little help from Atlantis, who aside from a few flashes continues to look like a shell of his former self. As for Ephesto…well we don’t really need to cover him because come on; he’s Ephesto! When’s the last time he did something that was good that didn’t involve his suicide dive (which wasn’t featured here)? There were times I thought this match could be good and it was clearly structured to be more than what it was, it’s just that everyone other than Blanca couldn’t get there.


Volador Jr. & Flyer defeated Terrible & Hijo del Signo


Let there record show that Hijo del Signo tried in this match. It did him no good outside of a solid suicide dive, the only highlight in a performance that saw him look sloppy as holy hell and miss simple spots like tripping Flyer up as he ran the ropes. Only Hijo del Signo! Frankly the whole match was kind of like that as Terrible and Signo controlled the pace and, as good as Terrible is, he doesn’t have the magic touch Hechicero has to make his tag partner look good. Thus this was just kind of okay, with the only notable moment being that the right team ended up winning the match. NEXT!


Mephisto & Yago defeated Eléctrico & Mistico


Yet another match in this shindig that had me like…


Image result for snooze gif


In this match’s defense, Eléctrico worked very hard and was honest to Grodd really good at times. He even out wrestled his more experienced partner Mistico, although I’m starting to wonder if it was because Mistico had an off night or if he’s just not really all that good. Either way the veteran looked very sloppy in this match and had no chemistry with Yago, as the duo botched at least a few spots together. Throw that together with Mephisto still in coast mode and this was just kind of there. Can we get to the finals already?!


Flyer & Volador Jr. defeated Atlantis & Magia Blanca


I think we’ve reached the point now where the first match of this Block feels like forever ago. Once again Flyer and Volador weren’t allowed to do much (until they won the match), once again Magia Blanca looked good aside from spamming his tornillo a few too many times and once again I felt sad because Atlantis looks DOA. Whatever injury god cursed him needs to be cursed back because I cannot deal with a past his prime Atlantis in my life. I’m not sure he can either considering how unhappy he looked after this match was over. I don’t know if the match go cut short or if he was just unhappy with how the match turned out, but whatever the case I can’t blame him. This was yet another forgettable match in this tournament, unless you’re a diehard Flyer fan who was happy he got his win back over Blanca. In other words, me.


Gran Alternativa Block A Finals

Flyer & Volador Jr. defeated Mephisto & Yago


Now this was more like it! Finally CMLL allowed these four guys to cut loose and we got a pretty good match out of it. The structure was good, Flyer and Volador were allowed to do dives, Yago looked incredibly comfortable working with Volador (another good sign for Yago’s future) and CMLL went out of their way to make Flyer look like a million bucks, allowing him to make it all the way to the end and defeat Mephisto to secure his and Volador’s spot in the finals. And they don’t just put anyone over Mephisto sports fans; that was a big deal for Flyer and he made CMLL look good for their decision with his strongest performance of the night. I wish CMLL had given these teams better buildup in the matches prior and, all things being equal, this didn’t quite make up for everything after the Block opener dulling me to sleep. But it was a really strong match where the right team won with the right guy getting the go ahead pinfall, and that’s the most important thing at the end of the day. Now let’s all take a moment to realize how lucky we are that we’re going to be getting Volador/Flyer vs. UG/Templario in two weeks. Where’s that “WE’RE NOT WORTHY!” gif when you need it?


That’s the show sports fans. I have to say, save for that really dull middle portion of the tournament, this was a better than expected show thanks to the Block opener and final, the Lightning Match and the Dinamitas match. Well done CMLL. Let’s hope they do as well next week. For now though I’m going to disappear into a puff of smoke and do…something. I’ll see you again on Sunday at the latest though for the CMLL Puebla preview. Till then, I found the gif!


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