The hour is upon us sports fans. The time for talk is over. The time for challenges is over. And yes, sadly, the time for LA Park posting memes of him shaving Rush and Donald Trump’s hair is over (though it may resume after tonight!). All that’s left now is CMLL Super Viernes and five good to pretty good matches before we reach the destination we’ve all be journeying towards; LA Park vs. Rush. It’s one of the biggest lucha libre matches of the year and you just knew that Lucha Central (and yours truly) had to do a live review covering the whole damn thing. Fasten your seatbelts sports fans; it’s going to be a bumpy night.




Robin & Super Astro Jr. defeated Akuma & Yago two falls to one


Because this was the biggest show of the year for CMLL (to this point), naturally they had to run into technical difficulties that kept us from seeing this whole match. Luckily we did get to see two falls before things went Pitch Black, and for the most part those two falls were good. Both teams were trying hard, the rudos looked really good, Super Astro Jr. was smooth and Robin…well he got unlucky when slipping on the ropes going for a springboard Spanish Fly but it’s the ambition that counts more than anything. Hopefully someone tells him to keep trying that because if he ever nails it it will be like the final thirty seconds of Coheed and Cambria’s “Three Evils.” We’ll see if they post the full match later but I liked what I saw before things went haywire.

Estrellita, La Jarochita, Marcela defeated Amapola, Dalys, Reyna Isis two falls to one

I’ll be honest; I spent this match responding a tweet Ivelisse sent out about which women she should wrestle next. Who did I say? Zeuxis. Honestly, who did you think I’d suggest, one of these luchadoras?! This match actually wasn’t that bad from what I saw but you can tell how dire the luchadoras division in CMLL is without the likes of Zeuxis and Lady Maravilla around. Jarochita has some nice stuff in her arsenal but she was hit or miss in this match. Ditto for Reyna Isis, who has improved (no matter what Rob Viper says) but I’m not sure how much because look who she’s in there with. Meanwhile Amapola, Dalys and Marcela were fine if not very interesting and Estrellita…my Grodd man. Every time I see her I think she can’t get any worse and she just gets worse! It’s remarkable; M. Night Shyamalan couldn’t do it as well as she does and he went from Lady in the Water to the gorram Last Airbender! In any event, this wasn’t the worst match I’ve ever seen but it’s probably going to be the one match from this show no one remembers when all is said and done.

Dragón Rojo Jr., Hechicero, Pólvora defeated Black Panther, Blue Panther, Blue Panther Jr. two falls to one


I can’t believe I’m breaking this gif out this early. And yet it is totally called for.



What a match! We all knew this would be good going in but you could tell half way through that these six were not content to just play second fiddle to LA Park-Rush or even the semi-main. They went for and by Grodd they delivered an outstanding match that had Blue Panther’s fingerprints all over it. We got the extended first fall that looked to be going one way (a rudo victory) before the technicos suddenly turned the tide. From there things just kept building and building until a nuclear third fall that featured an awesome Black Panther suicide dive, a springboard triangle moonsault by Hechicero, everyone winding up in the crowd and, in what may be the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen, 57 year old Blue Panther doing a crowd dive. That’s right; A CROWD DIVE! He didn’t hit all of it but he did just enough to make it worth it and come on; a 57 year old attempting a crowd dive from the ring?! That’s Mad Max: Fury Road levels of bad ass right there. I think the match would’ve been awesome without it but this really put things over the top. My hats off to all six of these guys. They recognized the stage they were on and knocked it out of the park. What an awesome match!

Atlantis, Carístico, Stuka Jr. defeated Bestia del Ring, Euforia, Último Guerrero two falls to one


Today I learned that not even a wounded Atlantis and a hopeless Bestia del Ring could stop a match featuring Big Euf, Caristico, Stuka and the UG from being good. Everything CMLL needed to do right they nailed in this match. Bestia wasn’t in there much at all, Atlantis was in for brief spurts and the other four controlled the action. And what a job they did. Euforia and the UG were on their A game from the word go, first with the double teams and then most importantly later when they both based beautifully for Atlantis. Caristico didn’t seem to have as much to do but everything he did landed well and he somehow managed to do an arm drag to Bestia del Ring without it going wrong. And how about Stuka?! He had only one major sequence but he nailed it, looking like a complete superstar with Euforia and UG in fall three. Everyone did exactly what they needed to do, CMLL booked it exactly how it needed to be booked and as a result this match reached it’s ceiling of pretty good, topped off with Atlantis managing to get La Atlantida on the UG. I still don’t think we’ll ever get the old Atlantis back consistently, but he’s looked way better the last two times out than he had in the past few months. There’s hope and I’m willing to take that for now.

Hijo de LA Park, King Phoenix, Volador Jr. defeated Cavernario, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas two falls to one


We were just a fall into this match and there I was quoting Simpsons lines.


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Once again I say WHAT A MATCH! I actually think the Panthers match was a tiny bit better, mostly because a) there were a few sloppy moments here (Cav and Fenix being a little bit off on a spot, Hijo de LA Park over shooting Casas on a dive) and b) Mr. Niebla was a little too silly for my taste. He wasn’t bad, just a bit silly; replace him with the Felino we got last week and I think this match suddenly turns into the final four songs on American Idiot. But those are nitpicks of what was an excellent encounter. That one spot in the third fall aside, Fenix and Cavernario were great together; really Fenix was great altogether, with one dive in particular looking like it defied gravity itself. Volador and Negro Casas were each tremendous despite not breaking out their full arsenal. And this was without question the best performance of Hijo de LA Park’s CMLL tenure to this point. He nailed everything he did, several of his moves were absolutely spectacular and like Blue Panther he was more than happy to give us a crowd dive! Just tremendous stuff and it’s going to get better because CMLL is promising us a potentially unbelievable Cavernario-Fenix one on one match next week. I didn’t think we’d be getting a match set up given how much time this match got but I’ll take it. Just tremendous stuff. Any other night this would’ve been the best match on CMLL’s show. To think it may wind up being the third best!


LA Park and Rush tied two falls to two after a double count out in fall three


Sports fans, this match was so special that it frankly needed it’s own recap. And what do you know, you can find that recap RIGHT HERE, ON LUCHA CENTRAL!


Wow. WOW WOW WOW! This show just ended and all and I’m fully high on recency bias…but that was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen sports fans. And that’s with there being technical problems during the first match. After that and the luchadoras match though it was blue skies. The Panthers match was tremendous. The fourth match was strong. The semi-main event was as good, if not slightly lesser than the Panthers bout. And my Grodd that main event is going to be something we talk about for a long time. I’ve been saying for weeks CMLL Super Viernes is the hottest promotion in the world and this night solidifies that belief. Amazing; just amazing. It was an honor to watch this show, it was an honor to review this show (and that main event) and I look forward to talking about it for years to come.


And with that, I’m spent. I’ll see you later sports fans. Till that time, this.


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