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Alright that didn’t really happen; I just always wanted to open a column with that. Never the less it is Friday, CMLL is back with what should be another really good Super Viernes show and that means Lucha Central is bringing you a review of live proportions. Let’s get cracking!




Shockercito & Stukita defeated Mercurio & Pequeño Nitro two falls to one


I’m a little late getting to this match because I was distracted by a) Fernando Torres possibly going to Leeds United (what the hell?!) and b) Atlantis, Guerrero Maya Jr. and Stuka Jr. wrestling in ROH! They beat So Cal Uncensored in a pretty decent match for those who want to know, even though ROH totally missed Maya’s big dive. Now for this match…yeah it was more of the same. It was going nowhere until Stukita and Shockercito started going on offense in fall two and even then it was just kind of okay. Then again we all knew that going in so who’s really upset? A paint by the numbers opener. Maybe next week will be LOL I COULDN’T FINISH THAT WITH A STRAIGHT FACE!


Blue Panther Jr., Pegasso, The Panther defeated Kawato San, Okumura, Universo 2000 Jr. two falls to one


I thought this was an enjoyable match coming in and it actually topped expectations. Some of the things I thought were a bit too ambitious, like Junior trying to Chokeslam Universo Jr. The dude is just too big to make that move look impressive; have Kawato take it and he’s probably being pulled out from under the ring as we speak. But overall these six worked really hard, they gave us a couple cool dives (including a Panther tope that nearly annihilated Kawato) and the match was greatly helped by the clear improvement of Universo Jr. and Kawato. I’ve seen the guys look good before but not quite this good; granted Kawato didn’t have to catch more than one dive but he never looked lost, his athleticism shone through and everything seemed to hit, while Universo Jr. was pulling out new moves and doing everything but take a chokeslam well. It’ll be great if those two guys can start putting together consistent performances like they did tonight. Good stuff!


Esfinge, Titán, Tritón defeated Felino, Puma, Tiger two falls to one


Let the record show that I have seen better matches than this one; hell I’ve seen better matches in the past week. But nothing has made me as happy as this match did since…the return of The X-Files? It’s been a long time is the point.


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But yeah; this match ruled something fierce. Finally…FINALLY Felino was let off the leash and he was spectacular in this match. Great offense, impeccable basing; maybe it’s because he was in there with his sons but he reached that extra gear tonight and it raised this match even beyond what we usually see from Puma and Tiger. And they were spectacular too, carrying the match with double and triple teams in the first two falls before switching to base mode for the technicos in fall three. All that was left at that point was for Esfinge, Titán and Tritón to do their thing. Esfinge…kind of did, though he mostly disappeared for long stretches. But Titán and Tritón were in peak form, nailing all their usual stuff to perfection, getting in some huge dives (Tritón’s moonsault…MY GRODD MAN!); really it this match was just profound excellence from them, Puma, Tiger and Felino. Only Esfinge didn’t quite make it and he was still more than passable. I’m sure one of the later matches will find a way to top this but man…it’s going to be tough!


Hijo de LA Park, Niebla Roja, Valiente defeated Ephesto, Luciferno, Mephisto two falls to one


Things started of solemnly to begin this match after CMLL held a brief tribute to Arkangel de la Muerte, complete with Mephisto wearing a Arkangel mask for this match because he really does seem to be an awesome dude. The tribute was great and I’d say the match did an even better job of honoring CMLL’s former head trainer. I maybe would’ve gotten rid of “The Star” spot in the third fall but otherwise this was great work from everyone. Ephesto got out of the way for the most part. Luciferno was an instant upgrade as a guy to play off Hijo de LA Park, who had his best performance yet and a couple of death defying moves (including a hurricanrana where he landed on his head on the floor and a moonsault that…it was something). Niebla Roja and Mephisto were consistent and well paced throughout. And Valiente was so good that he was able to hit the Valiente Special in fall one and still keep going after. I told you he’d come through in a big show circumstance! It wasn’t the third match but I’d say this was, at worst, a really good match. This show is killing it again, isn’t it?!


Lightning Match

Carístico defeated Dragón Lee



Just when you thought this show couldn’t get any more awesome, BOOM! This match happened and erased any doubts that might’ve existed from the two minutes these two got in April before Dragón Lee got hurt. The only, and I mean only, flaw in this match was when Dragón Lee didn’t hit Carístico quite right with a Death Valley Driver type move he was attempting. Otherwise this was money. Lee acted a bit more villainous and he came off tremendously, while also hitting his usual high flying moves. Carístico was sensational. He didn’t even really do that many dives either; it was mostly kicks, high impact moves (his reversal out of an Orange Crush attempt into a spike DDT was…it was Rooney Mara in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo good) and a running top rope Spanish Fly that may go down as the spot of the night if Fenix and LA Park decide to take it easy. Throw in a fantastic pace to the proceedings and yeah; this was excellent. Hopefully CMLL is smart and puts these two together again because they have something in this pairing.


Cibernetico, Rush, Terrible defeated LA Park, Rey Fenix, Volador Jr. two falls to one


Sports fans…I don’t even know what to say anymore. To be clear, I’m not indicating that this match was better than the first Rush/LA Park trios encounter because it wasn’t. Take away all the other factors involved even the most diehard LA Park fan has to admit that this is starting to get a tiny bit old and CMLL should just get to the singles match already. Having said that, all of this is still wildly entertaining and this was probably the best effort since the opening salvo a few weeks ago. We had the usual LA Park belt shots from both sides. Park hit another great suicide dive and another amazing spear on Rush. And then there was the numchucks! I won’t go into further detail now (I’ll post the gif when it’s available) but my goodness, if that doesn’t seal LA Park for Wrestler of the Year then nothing will. Tremendous stuff, even with the usual screwjob finish. Outside of all that things were better too. Terrible was Terrible. Cibernetico is what he is and he didn’t do a whole lot, but he was better than Bestia del Ring and was just fine basing for Fenix’ moves. In fact, the only issues Fenix and Volador had was launching each other a few times; otherwise they were really solid, and the moonsault/double stomp combo off the top those two did in the second fall was something we’ll remember for quite awhile. So yeah; this was a whole lot of fun. Now please CMLL, put Volador and Fenix in another match with great bases and give us LA Park vs. Rush next week! I need to see more numchucks. And sinks! AND POSSIBLY REFRIGERATORS!


There you have it sports fans. It’s been another week and CMLL has delivered the goods yet again. At this point I think Super Viernes has to be the best weekly show in wrestling no? Oh well; it is in my view anyway. Unfortunately we now have to wait another week for it, but fear not for you won’t have to wait another week to read my work. Translation; I’ll be back soon. Till then, a gif of LA Park doing something to hold you over until the gif of him using the numchucks is made available!


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