I don’t know about you sports fans but I am so excited right now! Is this what it feels like to actually be looking forward to a CMLL event? Forgive me; it’s been so long that I forgot! But let’s not waste any time. Caristico vs. Pentagon is only two hours (or less) away, the rest of the CMLL card actually looks like it could be solid and I’m so set to get this Live Review off the ground that I’ve started it a few minutes early! Yes it’s Lucha Night and the feeling is right. TO THE REVIEW MOBILE!



El Coyote & Grako defeated Arkalis & Oro Jr. two falls to one


Let the record show that this match did not, in fact, take place in an alternate universe where the match was good. It wasn’t for a lack of trying though. As expected all four luchadores tried hard and they unexpectedly tried a few things out of the box, most notably a great Oro Jr. hurricanrana where he jumped from the second rope to the apron to hit the move. That sadly was the peak of the match and while the work was overall solid it was still a little too disjointed at times to be memorable. Not bad but not anything you need to see either, unless you’re like me and really like Oro Jr. By the way; I believed in him all along. Remember that when you see him do moves like that again.


Estrellita, Lluvia, Marcela defeated Amapola, Dalys, Tiffany two falls to one


This was me at the start of this match.



And then this was me at the end of the match.



What do you know; THERE’S NO DIFFERENCE! I will at least give these six luchadoras the fact that all of them seemed to try really hard but beyond that this match was merely a drag and a half. There was too much Estrellita (who inexplicably got to hit a dive because…because?), way too much Tiffany, not enough Lluvia and absolutely nothing new. Frankly this match was useful for two reasons and two reasons alone; proving that Avispa Dorada needs to be in every CMLL Luchadora match and that mainstream wrestling journalists need to be covering this division more closely. Forget the “why does New Japan have no female wrestlers” controversy; we need to start looking at why CMLL only has average, forgettable female wrestlers.


Audaz, Flyer, Guerrero Maya Jr. defeated Kawato San, Okumura, Vangellys two falls to one


I seem to recall someone saying this match would be good despite a weaker than you’d want rudo team. Oh wait; THAT GUY WAS ME! This is why Lucha Central pays me the big bucks sports fans; to get one of my predictions right every once in awhile. This match probably would’ve been a bit better if CMLL’s booking hadn’t kept Audaz in safe mode for the first two falls. He actually felt just kind of there for a bit before breaking out all the tricks in fall three, capping it off with a great tornillo on Kawato (who caught it perfectly!). Luckily Flyer carried the bulk of the action early with an impressive performance and Maya, while not as exciting as his teammates, was his usual solid and smooth self. All that left for the rudos was for them to properly catch everyone and they succeeded just fine. There will be better matches for Audaz, Flyer and Maya in the future but they put on a good performance here.


Atlantis, Diamante Azul, Titán defeated Hechicero, Rey Bucanero, Terrible two falls to none


I guess it had been awhile since the CMLL referees had screwed something up sports fans because boy we just got a big one in the form of the referee counting out the rudos in fall two! Granted the match looked like it was going to end in fall two, just after Atlantis got to do all of his cool stuff. Alas it was not to be because Rey Bucanero didn’t get back into the ring in time to the referee’s liking. Or something like that. Who knows and who cares; this match wasn’t really going anywhere prior to that and the two falls made it clear there wasn’t much more to expect. Maybe this will even save time for the other matches and we’ll LOL I COULDN’T FINISH THAT WITH A STRAIGHT FACE! But yeah, this was hilarious for all the wrong reasons.


Dragón Lee, Mistico, Volador Jr. defeated Cuatrero, Forastero, Sansón two falls to one


I get the feeling I’m going to take some flack for this take…but if I’m being honest, half of this match did next to nothing for me. How’s that for a hot take alert?


Image result for hot take alert gif


Don’t get me wrong sports fans; when this match was on it was ON! The match started off hot with a really good triple dive sequence from the technicos and it closed really strongly with some more great dives and some moments of brilliance from Dragón Lee. But in between all that? I wasn’t feeling it.  There was too much down time in fall two and early fall three with the Dinamitas beat down sequence not clicking and the technico comeback being so-so; only when Lee finally got his apron hurricanrana did it feel like the match was hitting high gear. Even then there was a bit of a lull period afterwards until the closing sequence. It was still a really good match and Dragón Lee in particular was impressive. But I was definitely expecting more and there were too many instances during that match where it felt like everyone not named Dragón Lee was just going through the motions. A good but disappointing bout.


Carístico defeated Penta Zero M two falls to one


I can’t believe I haven’t used this gif before in a situation like this! Actually yes I can because Morgan Freeman is a man of questionable character these days but I’ll make an exception this one time.


Related image


Finally, thankfully, we had ourselves an undeniably great match in Arena Mexico. Whereas the semi-main tonight was a little too inconsistent for my taste this match was a big deal from open to close. It quite frankly may be the best straight up, no gimmicks singles match I’ve ever seen Pentagon have. He’s had plenty of classics in his day but a lot of them (especially the Lucha Underground bouts) have been of the street fight or death match nature. This was a match you could slide in right next to the Kenny Omega bout from All In or the Puma King match from Lucha Capital as proof Pentagon can be great in any setting. He wrestled like a big deal and felt like a big deal all the way through, and he had a dance partner in Carístico who did what he always does in big matches like this. They worked flawlessly together and for once CMLL’s screwy finishes actually worked for the story of the match, with Pentagon’s “unmasking” to DQ Carístico in fall two coming back to haunt him when Carístico successfully pulled the same trick in fall three. An actual smart as hell finish in Arena Mexico?! I wouldn’t believe it either if I hadn’t seen it. I doubt CMLL will do a rematch (they didn’t even let Pentagon cut a post match promo) but the finish and how successful the match was leave them the option if they choose to go that route. Either way though this was a tremendous success. One can’t help but wonder what it would’ve been if CMLL had actually struck when the iron was hot but in the end Carístico vs. Pentagon wasn’t only a great spectacle but it was one hell of a match and easily the best thing CMLL has done in the month of December. Seek it out peeps!


That was tonight’s CMLL Super Viernes sports fans and for the first time in awhile I can honestly say it was a good show! It still feels like it should’ve been better; the semi-main was good but nowhere near what it could’ve been and aside from the third match (which was flawed itself) and Oro Jr.’s first match hurricanrana the show suffered from many of the same issues that have plagued it in late 2018. I can live with that though when CMLL is giving us matches like Carístico vs. Pentagon, which lived up to expectations both from a match standpoint and a drawing standpoint (Arena Mexico looked to be close to full for this bout). Overall I’d say this Super Viernes qualifies as a success and closes out a 2018 that saw CMLL have just as many highs as they did lows. I get the feeling that 2019 won’t be that different.


But that’s something to figure out next week. For now I’m off to watch some Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Till next time!


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