I am generally not one who likes to skip lucha shows sports fans; you just never know when a great match is going to happen, even one the dullest of cards. Tonight’s CMLL show? Different story! I was totally ready to skip it…until it was clear everyone else was skipping it and, well, who would I be if I just let this CMLL show go with only poor cubsfan watching? And thus here I am, ready to do a Live Review of a show that I’m hoping is just kind of average and not the 9,001st train wreck CMLL has had since they decided LA Park vs. Rush wasn’t the way to go at the Aniversario. But enough moping; that’s for after the Law & Order: SVU episode I watch later. The only thing more dire than CMLL in December.



Cancerbero & Raziel defeated Robin & Star Jr. two falls to one


Here were the highlights to this one; Robin dressed up in a semi-convincing Santa outfit, Cancerbero and Raziel had a sort of cool double submission that ended the match and I SAW KAMAITACHI FAN! It’s a bad sign when the best part of the match is catching Hiromu Takahashi’s biggest supporter years after he lasted wrestled in CMLL. I won’t be too hard on this match because the wrestling was pretty solid overall, with the rudos on their best behavior and Robin and Star Jr. getting a cool in ring spot here and there. But this match desperately needed a big dive or two to add excitement and it came nowhere close to that. In other words, it was the usual dull opener.


Kawato San, Okumura, Virus defeated Black Panther, Blue Panther Jr., Drone two falls to one


I wanted to like this match more than I did sports fans but CMLL made one crucial mistake that prevented me from doing so; they added an unnecessary rudo beat down in the third fall. The match was moving along just fine, had all the hallmarks of a Blue Panther match…and then grinded to a screeching halt so the rudos could have another heat sequence.


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What a shame because it really did feel like we were heading towards a good match here. All six guys were trying, no one was below decent performance wise and Kawato, blue hair and all, was actually pretty good! People are beginning to point out how much better he looks compared to earlier this year and it’s quite clear that he’s figured things out enough to put on a fun performance. He may not be an elite performer yet but progress has definitely been made. Sadly we won’t get to see how much until he’s put into a fast paced, full throttle match and this one had no chance to be one after the match slowed to a Star Trek: The Motion Picture pace. An okay match that couldn’t help but feel like it should’ve been better.


Esfinge, Titán, Tritón defeated Felino, Luciferno, Pólvora two falls to one


You’ll all be happy to hear that Esfinge and Tritón were successful in not hitting the ropes when Titán was going for his moonsault. That’s right; THEY GOT THE SPOT RIGHT! I’m not sure why this is a big deal considering last week was the only time these three had gotten the spot wrong but I don’t have nearly the time to try and figure that out. The point is these three guy their triple dive spot right, they then followed it with another nice double dive spot and it’s a good thing all that happened because this match was heading towards average at that point. It was like the opener in that it was well worked but clearly missing something to add excitement; the dive spots at the end and a few good sequences from Titán did the trick. Not even close to a great match and the effort could’ve been stronger in some spots, but it was a solid match overall with a few cool moments. It’s also the best match on the show to this point, which should tell you all you need to know about the last two matches.


Lightning Match

Ángel de Oro defeated Mephisto


If only this match had been swapped out for that insane trios match featuring Aramis on the IWRG stream.



The sad thing is that this match would’ve been really watchable too if CMLL had just found another rudo opponent. Ángel de Oro gave everything he had in this match, pulling out everything in his bag of tricks and even a few things he doesn’t normally do. We forget because CMLL hardly gives him opportunities these days but the dude is legitimately good and he did more in this match than Soberano and Forastero did in their recent Lightning Match. The problem is Mephisto did even less. Aside from hitting his finisher twice Mephisto contributed nothing to this match; his role could’ve been filled by any other rudo that could base semi-decently. It’s a shame because Mephisto is generally really good. I guess he decided to mail it in right before the holidays (or maybe he’s always been mediocre and I’ve just missed it between all the Titán dives). Either way he cooked this match and wasted a really good Ángel de Oro performance.


Euforia, Rey Bucanero, Terrible defeated Kráneo, Stuka Jr., Valiente two falls to one


I’d say it was a good thing Dragón Bane vs. Freelance was on the IWRG during this match…except that bout barely got five minutes! Thus we got a good, but disappointingly short match on one stream and a match that could put incurable insomniacs to sleep. Holy hell did nothing happen in this match. We had a Valiente dive, a nice Stuka moonsault…and that was it. Even the cool Stuka/Euforia sequences we usually get felt like they were cut here in favor of…I’m not even sure! The Dragón Bane-Freelance match definitely distracted to a degree but not enough where I would’ve missed anything major. Sadly there was nothing to miss. Yet another skippable match on this show.


Carístico, Diamante Azul, Volador Jr. defeated Cavernario, Penta Zero M, Último Guerrero two falls to none


A Christmas miracle is upon us sports fans; as we speak Pentagon is challenging Carístico to a match next week!


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And to think we thought this day would never come. Hell I’m still not convinced it’s coming; I mean it only took CMLL half a year to finally set up this match so who’s to say they won’t just drop it come the middle of the week? For now at least it looks like we’re getting the big match, which a) means we’re getting a big match that may actually be good for the first time in weeks and b) next week’s show will mean something! That’s a success in my book. Sadly this match wasn’t that much of one, mostly because they were too busy setting up Pentagon vs. Carístico for next week. There were a fool cool Volador moments and Cavernario and the UG did a good job basing, but there’s definitely more these five (and Diamante Azul) could do with more time. That’s okay though; Pentagon vs. Carístico is definitely a thing and I’ll take a filler main event for something more exciting next week. So good job CMLL. You did at least one thing right tonight.


That’s CMLL sports fans and boy was that a whole lot of nothing until they set up next week’s main event huh? In fact it was so full of nothing that I’m going to put as much effort into this closing paragraph as they did this show and get out of here now! Alright it’s mostly cause I just want to see the IWRG main event but still; I’m out sports fans and I’ll see you when I see you. TILL THAT UNDISCLOSED TIME!


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