Yes it’s Leyendas night and the feelings right! OH WHAT A NIGHT! You’re gorram right that’s a Wedding Singer reference to kick off this CMLL Live Review sports fans. It’s also the only thing you’re getting from this opening paragraph cause the show is about to start at any moment. And that’s not good cause this is a live review and I’m supposed to be on top of shit. This rambling is really wasting valuable time! Let’s stop doing that shall we? TO THE REVIEW MOBILE!



Super Muñeco, Super Pinocho, Super Raton defeated El Gallego, Mr. Condor, Rocky Santana two falls to one


Everyone on my Twitter feed was acting like this was the worst thing they’d ever seen in their lives. I have no idea what those people were watching; quite frankly I enjoyed myself watching this match. It certainly wasn’t a great lucha libre match by any stretch of the imagination but as far as Leyendas matches go it was a perfectly fine watch. Both teams tried hard, Ell Gallego and Mr. Condor both looked good on the rudo end, Super Raton looked quite good on the technico end and we even got an old man dive at one point in this match. Given the ages and skill levels of these six luchadoras at this point, this was exactly what I expected and asked for; a perfectly serviceable Leyendas match. If it doesn’t wind up being the best Leyendas match on this show then I can only assume Canek was replaced with a younger model in the main event.


El Gallito, El Guapito, Microman defeated Chamuel, Mije, Zacarias two falls to one


You know how the first match got underrated? This one is destined to become overrated. It was a decent match and it kept the streak of the Microstars having solid matches alive, but holy shit does it make it clear that Microman and Chamuel are the only dudes worth a damn. And I’d argue tonight that Microman was the only one who seemed top notch. He was Wayne Gretzky and the rest of the dudes were everyone on the ice not named Wayne Gretzky.


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Alright that’s probably a bit harsh. Chamuel is always going to be more notable for his expert basing than anything else and he did do one hell of a job tonight when in there with Microman. And El Gallito may not be Microman but he was certainly trying tonight with some bigger than expected moves. The problem is Gallito doesn’t jump off the screen as Microman so his stuff looks less impressive. That’s better than El Guapito, Mije and Zacarias, who I forgot were even in this match till I looked up a second ago to see who else was involved. Not good sports fans. The match will get a pass from some because it’s the micros and they are beloved but, to me at least, it was pretty dull and had me focusing my attention on a Scott Pilgrim article when Microman wasn’t involved.


Cuatrero, Forastero, Sansón defeated Cavernario, Rush, Terrible two falls to none


The question going into this match was whether CMLL would allow this to be an Ingobernable match, a Dinamita match or some weird fusion of both teams’ styles. The answer was the weird fusion; the result was a match that was pretty good. I’m not sure it was as good as it could’ve been, as there were plenty of moments where it felt like the match was dragging more than that alien Will Smith captured in Independence Day. But even the long beat downs from each team were well worked and once they got past that I thought the match really clicked, especially in the latter half when Cavernario and Terrible got to get some air time. Again, not as good as it could’ve been but it was still a fun match, and I’d be interested to see what these two teams could do if CMLL pitted them against each other again and actually gave them three falls. To think that we live in a world where CMLL will give three Leyendas matches tonight three falls but this match only got two. You figure it out sports fans cause I can’t.


Fuerza Guerrera, Jerry Estrada, Negro Navarro defeated El Felino, El Solar, Mano Negra two falls to one


I would just like to point out that everyone, myself included, was worried about Jerry Estrada going into this match. As it turns out, unless he’s walking down stairs or not looking where he’s going, 60 year old Estrada is no worse than any other past his prime lucha libre legend. Sadly that’s not a good thing and it wasn’t for this match. The only reason this wasn’t worse than the main event of last year’s Leyendas show is because a) Felino was involved and trying and b) Solar and Negro Navarro had a legit good sequence in the first fall. Otherwise this was brutal to watch. Estrada was awful. Mano Negra was especially awful; I can’t believe people were so focused on Estrada when Negra looks moves as badly as Cien Caras did last year. Even Negro Navarro, who most would consider to still be good at his age, looked completely wiped by fall three. Only Fuerza Guerrera, Felino and Solar looked like they could do anything by the end and when you’re depending on those three to carry a match in 2018…you get the picture. This was brutal to watch and one of the worst matches you’ll see in 2018. And it sadly might get worse with the main event!


CMLL World Trios Championship Match

Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Último Guerrero (c) defeated Carístico, Mistico, Volador Jr. two falls to one


On a night where everything has gone as expected (to this point), this match thankfully followed the trend and then some. The Fast and Furious films weren’t as fast and furious as this match. That sound you hear is a bunch of macho Vin Diesel fans typing out hate mail to yours truly.


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On the one hand that might annoy some people because this match only eleven and a half minutes, much shorter than the debacle that was the preceding match. On the other hand, who the hell cares? Not only did this match work with the frantic pace but I’d argue it was better for it. If CMLL had given this the usual fifteen minutes then we wouldn’t have gotten standout moments like the Guerreros each getting individual sequences where they owned Carístico, Mistico and Volador. CMLL always goes back and forth with their near fall sequences; they never do it where one side dominates the other. They did this time and I loved it, with Euforia, Gran Guerrero and the UG each getting to look like killers. But then again everyone looked great coming out of this. Carístico and Volador looked like superstars, Mistico had one of the best nights of the year for himself and at least for this match the Guerreros were the best trios team in the world. Maybe some will have issues with how fast this match went but personally I thought it made the match that much better. A tremendous, tremendous trios match and it’ll easily go down as the best bout on this show. The only thing I’m stunned by is that CMLL didn’t set up anything coming out of it. A minor miracle I suppose.


Atlantis, Blue Panther, Rayo de Jalisco Jr. defeated Canek, Máscara Año 2000, Villano IV two falls to one


Good news sports fans; as it turns out, that fourth match WAS as bad as it was going to get on this show. By no means was this main event good but it was definitely better than that long, drawn out atrocity we got from Jerry Estrada and the gang. In fact these guys sought to not even come close to that by doing absolutely nothing. I’m not kidding; there was nothing in this match that stood out, good or bad. It was just a boring, by the numbers match where guys like Atlantis, Blue Panther and Máscara Año 2000 did the bare minimum, Villano IV looked as far removed from WCW Villano IV as humanly possible and Rayo de Jalisco and Canek did sequences so slow they could’ve been credited to Zack Snyder. It was bad lucha libre, but it was the inoffensive kind of bad that you won’t remember a few days from now. The fourth match was the kind you’ll remember forever and one that made you sad for everyone involved. I didn’t get that feeling here. Guys like Atlantis, Panther and MA2K will be able to move on with their dignity and Rayo, Canek and Villano…well they lost it awhile ago anyway! The point is this was forgettable fodder. There was worse on this show and there will likely be worse on the Leyendas show next year.


That’s tonight’s CMLL sports fans. The opener was easily the best Leyendas match, even if it wasn’t all that and a bag of potato chips. The micros match was solid. Los Ingobernables vs. the Dinamitas was fun, though it could be better. The remaining two Leyenda matches ranged from bad to all time bad. And of course, the Trios Titles match was the best bout on the show and one of the better bouts CMLL has put on this year (though on the lower end). All in all I think it’s how we all expected the show to go, and thus I have no complaints. The stuff I expected to be bad was and the stuff I expected to be good lived up to or surpassed expectations. Hard to be disappointed with a show when it does that.


And on that note, SLEEP TIME! I shall return tomorrow to preview AAA’s Guerra de Titanes on Sunday. TILL THEN!



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