It’s time to preview CMLL Super Viernes sports fans and, for the first time in what feels like forever, I’m actually going into the show feeling excited! No CMLL hasn’t finally put the Ciber the Main Man-Último Guerrero feud down like they know they should, but aside from that and the opener this CMLL show looks strong with a very good undercard. I wouldn’t say it’s entirely CMLL at its best but screw it; I’ll take a good looking show from CMLL any chance I get after the last few months. So what are we waiting for; let’s start the preview!



Sonic the Luchador & Super Astro Jr. vs. Espíritu Negro & Hijo del Signo


What to Expect: I like Sonic the Luchador. I like Super Astro Jr. You would normally think this would lead to me liking this match…except it’s a CMLL opener and their opponents are whatever Espíritu Negro is at this point and the almost always horrifying Hijo del Signo. Maybe we get a few cool moves from Sonic and Super Astro, but to think this match will be much more than a soul sucking experience before Signo hits one of the technicos with a Canadian Destroy is a mistake. Hope is a mistake. Let’s stop with this before I say everything is a mistake. It’s too soon to get too dark with this preview!


Winners: Rudos win in three after Signo pins Astro with a Canadian Destroyer.


Atomo, El Gallito, Microman vs. Chamuel, El Guapito, Zacarias


What to Expect: Here starts a run of four straight matches on a CMLL show that all have a better than average chance of being good! Can you remember the last time we had that on CMLL programming, let alone on a Super Viernes show?!


At least someone does


I’m very interested in this match because a) the Microstars have had issues before in changing up their routine (save for Microman and Chamuel) and b) we’re obviously heading to some sort of Microman-Chamuel mask vs. mask match either at the Gran Prix next week or the Aniversario a month from now. How will CMLL build that up without burning the Microstars concept out entirely? The good news is that the motivation was up for the Gallito’s, Atomo’s and Zacarias’ of the world during last week’s match and I expect it will be for as long as this feud goes. So look for a solid contest with some more great stuff from Microman and Chamuel that hopefully doesn’t go too long.


Winners: Microman’s team takes this in two falls (that’s right; two falls) after Chamuel fouls him again, leading to more challenges.


Audaz, Flyer, Titán vs. Cuatrero, Forastero, Templario


What to Expect: Let’s be real sports fans; this should be the best match on the show. The only “weakness” it has is the presence of Flyer, and not only is Flyer not actually terrible but he’s at his best when working with rudos like Cuatrero, Forastero and especially Templario. This is the perfect match for him, and it’s obviously the perfect match for sky walkers like Audaz and Titán, who should be better than usual against this rudo team (and Audaz and Titán are almost always great). There’s always injuries, CMLL imposed restrictions and maybe spots not coming together to worry about, but beyond that this match should be fast paced, full of big moves from both sides and a lot of fun. In my book, only the match after it has a shot of toppling it for the best thing on this show.


Winners: The Dinamitas always seem to win matches like this and there’s little reason to believe otherwise this time around. They and Templario take it in three falls after Cuatrero pins Titán.


Lightning Match

Volador Jr. vs. Sansón


What to Expect: If this match had happened a week ago I would’ve been slightly more optimistic going in than I would’ve for the Volador-Forastero match. Sure I would’ve been worried about Volador’s health and ability to turn it on when needed, but at least Sansón would’ve been around to provide some stability. Then Volador did indeed turn it on last week and now the only worry I have for this match is whether these two will have enough time.


Image result for checks time gif


Normally I’m all for Lightning Matches but this is one of those times where ten minutes may be too little, especially for guys like Volador and Sansón. The argument will be that the limited time will make them cut out some of the excess, but it’s also going to lead to less drama that Volador’s best matches seem to rely on. Then again these two are so good that maybe I’m worrying about nothing. One way or the other this will turn out fine. Sansón is too good of a performer to have a bad match at this point and Volador proved last week that a) he still had it and b) he has something to prove to fans and himself after his disappointing showing with Dragón Lee. These guys will try hard, they’ll do some cool stuff and they will have a good match at worst. And if they somehow manage to contain their usual punch within the time frame, then we may be talking about the best match on this show.


Winner: Given Volador’s issues with Forastero and now Sansón, I could see a scenario where Forastero and Cuatrero get involved to give Sansón a distraction victory in order to set up a trios match for the Aniversario. For now though we’ll play it safe and say Volador wins this one clean with a Super Rana at the 8:30 mark.


Ángel de Oro, Mistico, Niebla Roja vs. Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Terrible


What to Expect: This feels like one of those matches that look really good on paper but then winds up being just okay. And as the commercials these days say, just okay is not okay. Still, this match does feature six really good performers who all generally try hard on this stage and only have bad performances when Diamante Azul or Bestia del Ring are involved. Bestia is nowhere to be seen and Azul is in the next match, so all systems should be a go. I do think the previous two matches will be better and again, this does have the feel of “match that disappoints”, but in the end this should still wind up being a good match.


Winners: The technicos take this one in three falls.


Cavernario, Diamante Azul, Último Guerrero vs. Ciber the Main Man, The Chris, Valiente


What to Expect: Last week CMLL put the UG and Ciber with a group of good workers, hoping a good match would get the crowd invested in the feud; instead it only got the crowd invested in a potential Carístico-Mistico match. What was CMLL’s bright idea this week? Simple; do a match featuring Diamante Azul and The Chris where the match won’t be good but hey…maybe UG and Ciber will get over now with terrible people in there!


Image result for bold strategy cotton


Yeah, this whole thing is stupid. I mean we’ve known it’s been stupid for, checks notes, over a year now but that doesn’t mean we should stop pointing it out. Quite frankly the only thing I care about in this match is how badly I feel for Cavernario and Valiente, two good (in Cavernario’s case GREAT) luchadores who deserve a whole lot better. They aren’t going to get it here as Azul and The Chris move at a glacial pace while UG and Ciber continue their terrible wrestling. At least last week we had some good moments and those great Carístico-Mistico sequences with the crowd going nuts to look forward to. Now, unless Cavernario and Valiente wrestle this whole match, all we’ll have is silence and bad wrestling. I’d say maybe CMLL will surprise us and announce Ciber-UG for the Gran Prix instead but that would require me to have hope. And as Max Rockatansky once said…


Image result for you know hope is a mistake gif


Winners: Ciber wins after fouling the UG in fall three and getting away with it.


That’s game sports fans. I will NOT see you tomorrow night for a CMLL review because I will actually be attending a show at McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket, Rhode Island featuring a two out of three falls match between the Lucha Brothers (Pentagon Jr. and Fenix) and The Hart Foundation (Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Teddy Hart)! I will however have some notes from after that show AND I’ll get to the CMLL review on Saturday. TILL WE MEET AGAIN!


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