I’m not going to take long to get into this one sports fans; I’m tired, my eyes are itchy and frankly the less time I spend on this CMLL Puebla show the better! This was…it was a weird show. It had some good things, thanks largely to two workers being taken off the card to make an impromptu singles match. It had some bad things, like the main event and CMLL forgetting to set up a potentially hot match. And my Grodd it had a dive train in the fourth match that…well it needs to be seen to believe, and oddly enough I don’t know if that’s a good thing. The point is this was a weird ass show and it’s time for us to review so I can get some shut eye. Let’s get rolling.



Astro, Asturiano, Shockercito defeated Espíritu Maligno, Mercurio, Mini Joker two falls to one


If nothing else this match proved one thing; Espíritu Maligno looks a lot better with short hair and the Demus 3:16 face paint. Why he wasn’t doing that earlier is beyond me. Oh yeah there was a match too. It wasn’t as disappointing as it could’ve been given its Puebla but it also wasn’t anywhere close to bad either. I really liked the sequences between Astro and Mini Joker; they had one botch in there on an ambitious headscissors attempt but otherwise they cut a great pace, tried some stuff and mostly succeeded. Both Asturiano and Shockercito carried their weight as well on the technico side, and I can’t say anything Maligno or Mercurio did annoyed me. They also didn’t do anything that moved me either though, aside from Maligno’s look and the death bump he took at the end that left him unable to complete whatever spot he and Asturiano were going to attempt. Bummer. I’d definitely say this was better than most of Puebla’s usual openers and I really liked what Astro, Asturiano and Joker brought to the table. It just wasn’t enough to make this better than decent.


Lightning Match

Kaho Kobayashi defeated Dalys


I’m not sure if I wished for Sanely and Comandante to get lost on the way to Puebla for this match…but if not, I’m retroactively very glad they did! Not only were neither of them anywhere to be found, but that led to CMLL making the right decision for once by not adding two other luchadoras and instead putting Kobayashi and Dalys against each other in a one on one match. Low and behold we got something close to this.


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I can’t say we quite got to great with this match, as even the most impressive moves were pretty standard. But overall this was a really enjoyable match. Kaho and Dalys were given quite a bit of time, which allowed for Dalys to control the action early, Kaho to make a spirited comeback and the match to descend into a nice back and forth before Kaho stole the match with a nice bridging school boy. It’s simple, but it’s a story that works when told well and it was told very well, largely because Kobayashi is so good at a) selling, b) having energetic bursts of offense and c) being tossed around by Dalys like a ragdoll. They seem to make quite the formidable pair, which makes it all the better that I was right in predicting a rematch next week with Kaho challenging Dalys for the CMLL World Women’s Title. If they could have a good match within ten minutes, imagine what these two could do with less restrictions and more time. I’m excited, and you should be too after this match. Good stuff!


Felino, Puma, Stigma, Tiger defeated Gemelo Pantera I, Gemelo Pantera II, Pantera Blanca, Stuka Jr. two falls to one


It was at this point where CMLL Puebla went from the oddball show you love to mock into something completely bewildering. Initially I thought the Gemelo Panteras had no showed themselves, only to be replaced with the upgrade of Puma and Felino teaming with Tiger. NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND! As it turns out all the Panteras were there and teaming together with Stuka, with Stigma going to the rudo side to make this the first Atomicos match I can recall CMLL having in quite some time. That would’ve been the strangest thing if CMLL didn’t then follow it up with a minute long dive train in the third fall that saw a combined ten (I repeat, TEN) straight dives from both teams. The more amazing thing is that it was actually sort of boring; A BORING DIVE TRAIN! In my defense, there’s only so many times I can see a tope con hilo or a suicide dive in a row before I get tired (props to Tiger for breaking out a tornillo and being different). So yeah, this was a weird ass match. I can’t say it was necessarily a good one; there were long stretches where the Pantera’s had control and weren’t very interesting, and the dive train, like I said, was as by the numbers as an unexpected spot can get. And yet its quirks never stopped being fascinating and everyone appeared to be trying hard. I can’t say I’ll remember this match years from now and some of it was comically lame (looking at you winning the second fall all on your own Stigma. NEPOTISM!). But I will admit I was entertained, even if it was much like how Screamers entertained me.


Cuatrero, Forastero, Sansón defeated Ángel de Oro, Dragón Lee, Niebla Roja two falls to one


This was going exactly how I expected it to go…right until CMLL gave the Dinamitas the win to end this feud.


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I know! Way to shock us again CMLL, and I’m not sure I mean that in a good way considering how much fun these last two weeks have been. I was a bit worried CMLL was going to not give this enough time, especially around the midpoint of the third fall when the match, while good, was pretty much going the same way it had a week ago. Luckily CMLL did give them the time and these two teams put together a really strong finish to go along with a strong first two and a half falls. The Dinamitas once again looked great, carrying the early stages of the match by simply being so smooth and sound in their beat down of the technicos. And once Dragón Lee, Roja and Oro got going they were right there with the rudos, bringing just as much energy as they did a week ago. I do wonder if I’d be saying the same thing now if they had ended the match right when it was cooking. At worst I think the criticism would be more or less directed at CMLL designing the match the same way, not the effort the guys brought. In the end we got yet another really good match between these teams and the only criticism I’ve got is that CMLL spent all these weeks building these matches up…only for it to end with the Dinamitas winning a match. There will be no follow up, no trios titles match, no Oro-Cuatrero matchup (as of now) and perhaps most disappointedly no Dragón Lee-Sansón faceoff, which was strongly being hinted at. What a pity; at least it was fun while it lasted I suppose.


Terrible, Valiente, Volador Jr. defeated Atlantis, Carístico, Negro Casas two falls to one


Talk about a whole lot of who gives a shit! If nothing else I expected this match to at least start the build up for another Carístico vs. Volador match. NOPE! Instead we got ten minutes of…not a whole lot. Carístico got a few cool moves in, Terrible acted like a super cool dude, Volador and Carístico teased confrontation…and that was that. It was really just a whole big pile of nothingness, and frankly if I wanted that I’d just rent The Abyss and watch that instead. There wasn’t even a concrete set up for Carístico and Volador; the latter pulled off Carístico’s mask after the match but there was no challenge, never mind a suggestion that that’s the direction CMLL is going in. It makes you wonder what the point of this all was, especially considering that CMLL could’ve set up Dragón Lee vs. Sansón and decided no. I’m just bewildered. This was a nothing match to close out a show that was far more interesting than what we saw at the end.


I’m out of here sports fans. See you tomorrow for the Tuesday review. Till then, damn the man and #FreeNeville.


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