This was always going to be a tough night for the CMLL Puebla show, what with the Microstars match being the only thing of interest. Somehow it got worse though, thanks to AAA deciding to run a social media angle with the stable MAD hacking into their Twitter to broadcast a video, smack dab in the middle of the Puebla show. As such that served to distract from what was going on at the time and cast a shadow over the rest of the Puebla show. Although frankly that might’ve been a good thing because not a lot would’ve been going on even if AAA hadn’t run their angle. Aside from the Microstars this show was flatter than a three day old Sunkist and offered almost nothing aside from the set up to a more promising match next week. In other words it was very much a show in the style of the 8th best wrestling show in 2017. But enough kind words; it’s time to get even more critical.




Asturiano & Millenium defeated Ares & Sombra Diabólika two falls to one


This was better than it had any right to be and only because Asturiano and Millenium were strangely motivated to make this match work. Maybe they were inspired after watching Infinity War or something? Whatever it was they were trying their asses off, Millenium breaking out 450’s (a good 450 at that) and some cool arm drags, while Asturiano did the high end part of his usual act. They predictably got nothing out of the rudos; Ares was lifeless as per usual and Sombra Diabólika looks like he’s found the same buffet line Ricky Marvin was hitting during the Bengala days. As such this match only topped out at painfully average. Hats off to Asturiano and Millenium for the effort though. Now I don’t have to mock Millenium with the whole A THOUSAND YEARS IS OVAH joke from the TV show he’s named after.


Flyer & Pegasso defeated Fuerza Chicana & Perverso two falls to one


I’ll give this match this much; with Pegasso’s 450 dive this became the first CMLL show that I can recall that featured back to back 450’s in back to back matches. Now if only Pegasso could’ve hit his as well as Millenium did! That fun tidbit aside this match was a snoozer. Flyer looked pretty good overall and his slap sequences with Perverso were inspired, but otherwise this was a basic lucha libre match with very little excitement. Well other than Pegasso hitting the second 450 of the night. Let this match be a lesson; when I say I should contact Flyer about trying to make this match exciting, I should actually do it. I didn’t and thus we got a forgettable match. I FAILED YOU FLYER! I’m so sorry.


Ángel & El Gallito defeated Atomo & El Guapito


Fun fact sports fans; I did not get to watch this match live. The start of the bout coincided with the news dropping of the MAD angle playing out on AAA’s Twitter so I had to rush to get something out on that, hence I ended up only paying a passing bit of attention to this bout. You know; only the most anticipated match on the entire show. Thus I ended up going back to watch it after the show and thank Grodd I did because it was a lot of fun. Now was it a lot of fun because it was really good or a lot of fun because I just watched the rest of the show and was left wishing I had done something else with my life?


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Actually it was a bit of both. On the one hand, this was the weakest Microstars match that I’ve seen thus far and, judging from the buzz of yesterday’s Microstars Cibernetico, nowhere close to what everyone delivered there. Even still this was a good time and compared to the rest of the show it was Fury Road and Infinity War combined. All four guys tried hard, all four guys did some fun stuff and I personally found El Gallito to be pretty spectacular. It helped that he was over, but everything he did just seemed to be a cut above his dancing partners, who were all solid but didn’t seem to have an extra gear, at least in this match. Props to him. Props to all of them really. It could’ve been a bit better, but it was still fun and thank Grodd this show had it because…yikes.


Dragón Rojo Jr., Pólvora, Templario defeated Fuego, Guerrero Maya Jr., Stigma two falls to one


Like the Micros match, I started out not getting a great glimpse of this match because MAD was most definitely hacking AAA’s Twitter account. Unlike the Micros match I was able to pay attention to most of this match after that point and could thus review it! It was…pretty good I guess. Much like the second match it seemed to be really well worked, but there wasn’t as much excitement as you’d expect outside of a few nice double teams and two Guerrero Maya suicide dives. I guess that’s just Arena Puebla and it’s weirdness for you. On the plus side Templario continued to work really well with Los Revolucionarios, Maya looked really good and Stigma didn’t hog the spotlight! It was a rarity for him, as was being submitted clean by Rojo and Pólvora to lose the match. I guess miracles are a thing after all. Solid match, though I would’ve liked a little more spice, especially since Templario was involved.


Atlantis, Diamante Azul, Rush defeated Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Rey Bucanero two falls to one


This match was…odd. Like M. Night Shyamalan is good again odd. Like “why is AAA Twitter saying it’s pissed off HOLY SHIT THEY’RE BEING “HACKED!”” odd. This match was so odd I think I need a Heath Ledger as the Joker gif to sum it up.


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To recap, here’s what made this match weird. First we had Rush and Atlantis teasing dissention, especially after Atlantis had an offensive flurry only for Rush to suddenly come in the ring because…we’ll never know because Atlantis turned around. There was a surprise roll up to suddenly end fall two for reasons I don’t know. Then Atlantis won the match by side slamming Big Euf and getting a quick pinfall in fall three…for reasons I don’t know. A whole lot of unexplained things going on here! I’d say it was setting up an angle but there was no hint of follow up once the match was over so who knows. What I do know is in between all this the match was a whole lot of painfully average lucha. It was very basic, it was very uneventful and the only thing that caught my eye was that Atlantis looked a lot better here than he usually does. That’s good; the rest of it not so much. Maybe it’s just cause I’m in a weird state after all that went on tonight but this was just weirdness with not a whole lot else to it.


Carístico, Kráneo, Último Guerrero defeated Terrible, Valiente, Volador Jr. two falls to one


So I was dead wrong sports fans…at least about what this match was building up to! I was thinking it would lead to some sort of singles match, never once considering that it could all be used to set up a tag title match between Volador/Valiente against a combination of Carístico, Kráneo or UG. As it turns out Carístico and UG were the lucky winners, working against Valiente and Volador all match and ultimately pulling out the win after UG nailed Valiente with a top rope Gordbuster while Carístico tapped out Volador with La Mistica. That should be fun match next week. At worst it should be a lot better than this match was. Like the rest of the show it wasn’t an abomination but there also wasn’t any meat to it. Kráneo did some of his usual spots, the two teams went back and forth with some decent action and Terrible…well unfortunately he felt like he was hardly there. Perhaps I would’ve felt differently if the whole AAA thing hadn’t happened but it did, and frankly this show just kind of nosedived once that happened because there wasn’t anything of significant interest going on. I expect that will change next week with this Tag Title match going on and, even if no one goes all out, there’s so much talent that you know the match will wind up being good. It just didn’t help this match or this show tonight.


That’ll do sports fans, that’ll do. I’ll see you tomorrow for the Tuesday show, which will hopefully be better. Till then, THIS!


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