This is not a mirage sports fans; this is indeed me, Eric, doing a review of CMLL’s Puebla show for the first time in months! No this is not a return to me doing reviews; barring special circumstances next week I’ll be back to doing normal results for the Puebla show. The reason the review is back for tonight is none other than LA Park, who was surprisingly booked for this week’s show just last week. That was enough to give this show my full attention and as per usual, the Chairman didn’t disappoint. Not only did he deliver a Puebla classic and elevate this show to being the best CMLL has produced in Arena Puebla this year, but he also drew in record eyeballs; Arena Puebla was completely sold out and CMLL’s YouTube stream of the show peaked at 10,505 viewers, a record number since I started watching. What else is there to say except what a friggin night. Well that and the next 1,750 plus words I need to review this show. Let’s get started!



Espíritu Maligno & Fuerza Chicana defeated Asturiano & Black Tiger two falls to one


You can always tell it’s a bigger show then usual when the dudes in the opener are trying hard than usual. That was the case with this match; the problem is even when trying Espíritu Maligno and Fuerza Chicana are worse than any Pink Floyd album after Roger Waters left! They had absolutely nothing to give in this match, a pity because Asturiano was doing a hell of a job, Black Tiger was…well he didn’t suck as much as he usually does and, oh yeah, the rudos actually ended up winning this match! Only in CMLL and only in Arena Puebla sports fans. Unless you wish to feel really bad for Asturiano, don’t be like the 3,350 plus that watched this. That’s right; 3,350 plus watched this match! All because LA Park was going to appear later. The power of the Chairman is real!


Oro Jr., Super Astro Jr., Tigre Rojo Jr. defeated El Malayo, King Jaguar, King Rocker two falls to one


I think this may have been a carbon copy of that opener, only with better technicos and one rudo that didn’t suck. No one is happier about that than Oro Jr. by the by. I can’t swear to it, but I’m pretty sure the moment he started doing sequences with King Rocker Oro started welling up like me at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. Finally someone he could work with who isn’t over fifty/twenty years past their prime!


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Too bad King Rocker didn’t bring any friends just like him along for the ride. His sequences with all three technicos were really solid (if not altogether flashy) and Oro, Astro Jr. and Rojo were all on the ball throughout, especially on offense. Unfortunately they didn’t control 100% of the match, giving time for Malayo and King Jaguar to do stuff and let’s just say they remain a notch below the King Rocker’s of the world. They were better than Maligno and Chicana in the opener, but that’s mostly because you can’t get much lower than those two. What a shame because replacing them with Templario and even someone like a Universo 2000 Jr. would’ve likely made this a good match given how the technicos performed. Instead it will go down as another forgettable romp early on the Puebla cards.


Fuego, Guerrero Maya Jr., Stigma defeated Misterioso Jr., Sagrado, Tiger two falls to one


Oh boy. I’ll give CMLL credit sports fans; they gave these six luchadores a whole lot of time to work with, a lot more than I would’ve expected going in. But a lot of time only works for a match when stuff happens and holy shit did not a lot happen in this match. There were a few cool spots from Guerrero Maya and Tiger, a great double suicide dive spot where Stigma really flew into Sagrado and…that’s it. I don’t if they just wanted to go with the “less is more” approach like most Puebla matches do or if some of these guys were taking the match off, another reoccurring Puebla trait. Whatever the case this match just felt really long and really kind of there, which sucks because that’s not something you generally associate with Maya, Tiger or even a Sagrado or Fuego. At least Maya and Tiger can say they were trying; Sagrado was going through the motions, Fuego had very little to do and naturally there was a little too much Misterioso (who seems to get more useless as time goes on) and Stigma to go along with it. I’m probably making this match sound worse than it actually was, but while it didn’t suck, it wasn’t worth the amount of time it got either.


Ephesto, Luciferno, Mephisto defeated Flyer, Soberano Jr., Stuka Jr. two falls to one


Classic CMLL; just when things were starting to get really good with this match they pull the plug! One minute everyone was diving around and then the next Mephisto is in the ring submitting Stuka because of course he is. My Grodd, All In didn’t end as abruptly as this match did!


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That aside this was easily the second best match on the show and pretty good even for Puebla standards. There’s only so much you’re getting out of Ephesto these days but he tried hard and so did the more talented Luciferno and Mephisto, who did a good job basing. That’s good because the technicos were flying around. Stuka was solid. I wish Flyer had gotten more to do but he made the most of his time and hit a nice moonsault towards the end of the match. Naturally he, Stuka and the rudos were all outshone by Soberano, who dialed up the electricity with some great hurricanrana’s, his usual high energy and an amazing flip dive over Flyer in fall three that really put their dive sequence over the top. I just wish they had been given a few more minutes to build off that; imagine if Soberano had been able to throw a Fosbury Flop in there while I screamed to the heavens for a Fenix-Soberano match? Perhaps next time sports fans. In the meantime this was solid fun and a good appetizer for what came next.


Bestia del Ring, Cavernario, Rush defeated Hijo de La Park, LA Park, Último Guerrero


You know sports fans…even I had gotten to the point this year where I thought I had seen everything there was to possibly see from LA Park. I mean he had two Match of the Year contenders in Arena Mexico, several standout matches in AAA, helped jumpstart business for both CMLL and AAA, had several good matches for IWRG in Arena Naucalpan, headlined Triplemania, had the best match on The Crash’s Wrestlemania weekend show, seemingly tore the house down with Pentagon at MLW War Games and just tonight was announced for an upcoming AAW show. Doesn’t that seem like enough? Could it be possible for Park to walk in and resurrect CMLL’s Arena Puebla show? In the words of Michael Ian Black on Robot Chicken, the answer is an emphatic yes!



Holy shit sports fans. I expected this match would be fun and instead got the Arena Puebla version of La Park’s electrifying CMLL return match back in May. And that’s despite the fact that he, Rush and Bestia del Ring were the only returning characters from that match, with Cavernario, Hijo de LA Park and the UG replacing Terrible, Flyer and Volador respectively. Not only did the match lose nothing with those replacements but I think the match may have even been better for it. Unlike that first match, everyone had something to do here. UG looked to be having the time of his life working as a technico and feeding off the insane energy from the crowd. Cavernario was tremendous. Bestia del Ring, who should be paying his son and Park royalties at this point for all the good matches they’ve involved him in, didn’t suck! And how about Hijo de LA Park?! I’m not sure I’ve ever enjoyed hi more than I did in this match. He took every opening he had, did almost every move in his arsenal and even ended poor Zacarias by slamming him on some steps (a move that will surely anger some). I don’t know if it was his best work this year but it was yet another strong performance in a coming out year for everyone’s favorite son of the Chairman.


It ain’t easy being the son of a legend


At the end of the day though this match was all about the two men that should’ve headlined the Aniversario this past Friday. I don’t know if it’s been awhile or something but the electricity between Rush and Park tonight seem renewed; it really did have the feel of that match they had back in May when this rivalry really began to take off. They made the most of it, using all sorts of weapons (by my count the steps, some wires and even the seats were used), brawling all over the place and finally winding it all down with their usual unforgettable in ring standoff, which featured everything from the strut down to the spear. There were few moments of stalling but when you’re going thirty plus minutes (like this match did) you can afford to stop, smell the roses and get the crowd a little more hyped. All in all it was just terrific and best of all we got a winner, albeit a dirty one with Rush low blowing Park to steal the victory. I don’t know if they’ll run Park and Rush in Puebla in the next few weeks and I’m certainly dubious to Rush’s exclamation that their mask vs. hair match occur in Estadio Azteca, the Mexican National Team’s 120K plus stadium; I mean CMLL is having enough issues running the match in their own buildings! But regardless, this was a match to remember. At worst it’s a slight notch below that classic match in May and easily, and I mean EASILY, the best match you’ll see in Arena Puebla all year unless Rush and Park go at it one on one there as well. An instant classic…IN ARENA PUEBLA! Maybe we should put LA Park with Klan (Kaoz) and see if he can save them next!


That’ll do it sports fans. I’m off to watch The Good Place, but I’ll be back tomorrow with an LU preview and a Tuesday review. Perhaps the last Tuesday review ever…at least till LA Park appears on that show too. Till tomorrow!


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