It was the best of shows and the worst of shows this CMLL Puebla. For awhile it looked like it would only be the former; I was so bored with the first three matches on this show that I thought about recommending it as a sleeping pill to insomniacs everywhere. Luckily the tide turned once CMLL got to the main events, which both delivered fun matches that got the crowd going and, most importantly, set up a huge rematch next week for the CMLL World Trios Titles. You can’t complain about a show when it does that and teases us with Carístico-Mistico. Well we can if those teases never turn into anything but hey, one thing at a time. For now let’s work our way through the snooze fest so we can get to the good stuff.


Espíritu Maligno, Fuerza Chicana, Sombra Diabólika defeated Black Tiger, Centella Roja, Meyer two falls to one


This wasn’t nearly as lame as I thought it be…which kind of disappoints me because I wanted to mock this match for being silly boredom personified. Instead it was mostly just boredom; Centella Roja only got in one “why is a 50 year old trying a young man’s move”, Fuerza Chicana didn’t get to do anything and Black Tiger and Espíritu Maligno somehow worked well together. I would’ve thought that pairing would’ve been the lucha equivalent of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in Gigli. Alas no. It still wasn’t good enough to be an exceedingly watchable match and the best worker, Meyer, inexplicably had little to do. Even still it was much better than I expected. Then again I expected Bennifer I and five day old Sunkist quality so the standards were low.


Hijo del Signo, Metálico, Policeman defeated Eléctrico, Millenium, Rey Samuray two falls to one


Today we learned who Rey Samuray feels most comfortable trying that Brillo 450 of his on. Spoiler; Signo, Metálico and Policeman aren’t on the list. On the one hand I’m kind of disappointed Samuray didn’t live dangerously and give it a go; on the other hand I’m glad he didn’t because he got to live to try again some other time, keeping my hopes for him becoming an international superstar alive. And that’s what’s most important, isn’t it?


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Anyways, much like the first match this wasn’t nearly as bad as I feared. Unfortunately it was often quite dull, especially for the first fall and a half of the match where Signo, Metálico and Policeman dominated with an offensive attack that can best be summed up by Immortan Joe’s favorite word; mediocre! It picked up a bit once Samuray and co. got control and I did think both Samuray and Eléctrico gave great overall efforts. There’s just only so much you’re getting out of Signo and Metálico as your bases. It could’ve been worse I suppose; Samuray or Eléctrico could’ve been Millenium, who like Policeman appeared early in the match and then suddenly disappeared like that random dude from The Room. Maybe he finally got the call for the Millenium reboot? I’d take it; after all, it’s not every day you get to scream “A THOUSAND YEARS IS OVAH!” for a solid paycheck.


Ángel de Oro, Esfinge, Stigma defeated Máscara Año 2000, Pólvora, Universo 2000 Jr. two falls to one


Oh look; another enticing offering of ho hum! I shouldn’t be too hard on this match as it did feature a little more energy overall than the first two matches and the post match featured a guy in an Oro Jr. mask proposing to his girlfriend. You’re not getting that anywhere else. Of course the match didn’t feature a real standout worker like the second match did with Rey Samuray, which pretty much left this match in the solid, unspectacular and dull categories. Stigma naturally got too much time, though he was better with it than usual. Pólvora and Esfinge were pretty much going through the motions. Ángel de Oro does seem to be more emotive without the mask, but naturally CMLL paired him with Máscara Año 2000 in yet another example of Paco and the gang just not getting it. Honestly I thought the only standout was Universo 2000 Jr.; he didn’t do enough to put himself on the level of his cousins, but he was more confident, worked faster and smoother than usual and most importantly didn’t drop anyone on his head! I think he may have even been the reason Stigma looked better than usual. So that was at least nice to see. Beyond that though, the match was very much just there and the prospects of Máscara Año 2000 vs. Ángel de Oro in a singles match fills me to the brim with the sense of ever present doom. Please don’t do it Paco; I’ll do anything. Alright now anything, but almost anything. I’ll even void Shocker’s contract if I have to! Speaking of Shocker…


Rey Bucanero, Shocker, Terrible defeated Dragón Lee, Matt Taven, Niebla Roja two falls to one


I learned a valuable lesson from this match; you can have Shocker and Rey Rey Buc bumbling around and it won’t matter at all as long as you have Dragón Lee, Matt Taven, Niebla Roja and Terrible around to take care of the heavy lifting. Not only was this better than anything else on the show but I was actively enjoying it up to the weird ending where Bucanero got the pin on Taven. That’s the type of booking only Tirantes could put on paper and go “yeah, that makes sense!” while the rest of us do this.


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That aside, this was honest to Grodd a really fun match. You would’ve never known Dragón Lee was just twenty four hours removed from an electric few minutes with Hiromu Takahashi in Long Beach, giving just as good an effort as last night and making me desperately want to see him take on Terrible based on one stare down. You gotta admit it was one hell of a stare down! Everyone else was solid too, with Niebla Roja doing good work with Shocker and Matt Taven looking every bit of a guy who looks so much more at home in Mexico than he does in ROH. Can we keep him please? We’ll give ROH Esfinge in return! If someone can run that proposal by Lizardman that would be sweet. Anyways, this was a fun, if not very good match and was definitely a breath of fresh air compared to the rest of this quite stale show.


Carístico, Gran Guerrero, Último Guerrero defeated Mistico, Valiente, Volador Jr. two falls to none


Look at CMLL with the curveball. Instead of giving us the set up for Mistico vs. Gran Guerrero next week, CMLL instead backed off, gave us a ton of Carístico-Mistico teases…and then ultimately swerved again to set up these two trios teams facing off again next week for the Trios Championships. I would normally complain except this was an impeccably done two falls match that got me excited to see what these two trios can do together with three falls. Really the only complaint I have is towards Volador being a little too fast at times and come on; we’re not going to hold that against him. Otherwise this match cut a great pace, everyone was trying hard and the crowd was super into it, bolstered by all those Mistico-Carístico teases that started from the opening bell till the post match when Mistico unmasked Carístico following the usual challenges. You have to wonder if CMLL is actively trolling fans at this point with the constant teases of that match, or if they realize that they’ve got something there and are just drawing it out for as long as possible until it’s time to pull the trigger. Either way it did wonders for this match and, provided CMLL gets a full house in Puebla next week, should make that main event an equally heated and compelling contest. Well done CMLL! I was worried about you through the first three matches but you somehow made it work with these last two. Take notes AAA; take notes.


And we’re blowing this joint sports fans. See you tomorrow for what should be an exciting CMLL Tuesday review thanks to Soberano vs. Cavernario II. Till then, a funny picture of David Duchovny.


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