Going into tonight’s CMLL Puebla show, I had the distinct feeling that outside of the Audaz-Virus trios match and an interesting Women’s Title match between Dalys and Kaho Kobayashi that the show was going to suck. Guess what; I was right! Despite those two matches delivering and some other things being better than expected, overall this CMLL Show was straight up poop. We’re talking dumb finishes, lackadaisical efforts and a pair of matches to start the show that were truly abysmal. And now I get to relive it all over again by going over it with you sports fans. Thank Grodd there’s a better looking CMLL show tomorrow. Alright, let’s get this party started.


Espíritu Maligno & Rey Apocalipsis defeated Astro & Meyer two falls to one


Talk about a whole lot of nothing; this match had a few hurricanrana’s from Astro and Meyer, one John Travolta in Battlefield Earth quality moonsault from Rey Apocalipsis and me wishing I had continued to rebuild the Brooklyn Nets in NBA 2K18 (I moved on from the Hornets. They were too good!). I’m ashamed that I had to watch it, and even more shamed that Astro and Meyer lost. They didn’t do much but at least they did something; Maligno and Rey Apocalipsis didn’t even do the bare minimum. I’d say more but I’ve already spent enough time on this example of lameness. This match was bad and everyone but Astral and Meyer should feel bad.


Príncipe Diamante & Robin defeated El Malayo & King Jaguar two falls to one


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Somehow, someway, these four men managed to lower the bar the opening match set. Holy shit this sucked. It was so bad that even Príncipe Diamante and Robin couldn’t escape it. They weren’t the worst culprits mind you; King Jaguar couldn’t even do a spinebuster without screwing up and Malayo, after proving himself useful the last few weeks, failed to catch at least three hurricanrana attempts by Príncipe Diamante, including one that led to Diamante landing on his head and walking around like a Bostonian on St. Patrick’s Day. There’s a special place in the Hall of Suck for those two. But it’s not like Diamante or Robin were doing much to try and make this something. Robin, probably wisely, kept things simple and Diamante’s effort from the the Copa Nuevos Valores was completely gone, replaced by a need to spam rana’s (which weren’t being caught) and use the PerfectPlex. So yeah; not a single thing about this match was redeemable. Even the technico victory was meaningless because the whole thing was just that bad. In the words of that terrible teenage girl from She’s All That, this was a waste of perfectly good YouTube space. May I scrub it from my mind forever.


Disturbio, Kawato San, Virus defeated Audaz, Lestat, Tigre Rojo Jr. two falls to one


It took till the third match but we finally got signs of life from this CMLL show! It wasn’t a mindblowing match but this was as solid as they come. There were no major errors (Kawato wasn’t even given a chance to not catch a dive), everyone worked hard and as expected, the match was largely carried by Virus and Audaz tearing down the house with some killer solo sequences. The only thing missing from making this match standout was some flashy high flying sequences (minus Tigre Rojo’s really nice 450 Splash), and in retrospect I think CMLL would’ve been wise to go that route considering the doldrums that was most of this show. Oh well; for what this was it was a good match and further proof that the eventually Audaz-Virus Apuesta match is going to be cooler than a properly refrigerated Sunkist.


CMLL Women’s World Championship Match

Dalys (c) defeated Kaho Kobayashi two falls to one


For the first time in the evening, there was something that I was happy about going as expected. This was a really good match sports fans. Not a perfect match; I’m sure some will take issue with Dalys’ style (which was very much the same during this match) and there were one or two moments where Kaho could’ve been smoother. But on the whole I came away very impressed with this match. There’s a great chemistry between Dalys and Kobayashi, mostly because Kaho is just a really, REALLY good worker. I’ve pointed out often how much energy she has (that was on display and then some tonight), but just as important is how well she sells for Dalys. Everything Dalys did to her looked like it hurt and then some, especially that match closing Spiral Bomb where it looked like Kaho was going to be sent through the ring and all the way to the earth’s core. The energy, athleticism and enthusiasm have made Kaho stand out during her stay, but it’s the way she made Dalys look like a killer (in a way even a good performer like Marcela couldn’t) is why we’re going to miss her so very much when she leaves soon. In any event, that, a good (if predictable) Dalys performance and Tirantes not fucking anything up helped this wind up as the best match of the show as far as I’m concerned. Grodd help Princesa Sugehit and Seductora trying to follow this on Friday.


Atlantis, Diamante Azul, Soberano Jr. defeated Cavernario, Felino, Negro Casas two falls to one


This wasn’t my favorite match of the night, but it did have my favorite spot of the night and potentially of the year! Alright that’s actually the closing dive from the trios match in Tijuana this past Friday, but besides that. Late in the third fall Negro Casas found himself throwing down with Diamante Azul, who put the legend in a headlock. Casas tried to send Azul into the ropes…only Azul kept hold of the headlock and ended up dragging him across the ring. Casas tried again, same thing! I don’t know why but this absolutely tickled me. If Casas and Azul don’t end up doing that spot again with each other then what’s the point of anything?


Image result for dragging gif

The closest gif I could get to re-enacting that Azul-Casas spot


Besides that moment this match was alright. It was better than I expected, largely because of the aforementioned Casas-Azul sequence and a few moments between Soberano and Cavernario that really shined. Even with that though it was mostly an easy match, with La Peste Negra taking control earlier, the technicos having a quick comeback in fall two and everyone getting some stuff in fall three before Azul submitted Casas in the middle of the star to win the match. It’s still very jarring to me to watch Atlantis in these matches post surgery. You see some glimpses there and at times I feel like he’s about to turn into the old Atlantis again…and then it just never comes. It greatly saddens me considering how big a star Atlantis has been for so long. Hopefully he’s just saving it for the right moment. Whatever the case, the moment wasn’t now and this match was merely very okay.


Terrible, Valiente, Volador Jr. defeated Carístico, Kráneo, Último Guerrero two falls to one


If ever there was a match that summed up the silliness of CMLL, it was this one. I actually thought the match was fine, if unforgettable for the most part. We got some nice rudo work from the Terrible/Valiente/Volador unit, the always great UG vs. Terrible stare down, a very cool Carístico-Valiente sequence and overall just some fairly decent action. It wasn’t ever going to be a top end match but it was going better than I expected. And that’s of course when CMLL decided to do a role reversal at the end of the match and have UG get himself DQ’d by low blowing Volador.


Image result for facepalm


Come on CMLL; I know the UG is a rudo, but you can’t spend the whole match treating him as a technico and the Terrible/Sky Team unit as rudos only to then switch at the very end because…because! There’s stupid and then there’s really stupid and this was really stupid. I suppose it’s all worth it to CMLL because it appears they’ll be doing a rematch next week and, certainly, we’ll get a nice match out of it because all the potential combinations are good. Even still, this finish was DUMB! Not as dumb as the opener or the second match on this card, but still dumb all the same. A lame finish to a really lame show outside of Audaz-Virus and the luchadoras match.


There you have it sports fans. I’ll see you tomorrow night for my review of the Tuesday show. Till then, THIS!


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