You know the rules sports fans; when LA Park is in the house, the show gets reviewed! That’s how Arena Puebla was back on the docket for me tonight and boy was this show much like the last three weeks; uneventful undercard, super duper main event. Although CMLL did make the mistake of going another direction in the post main event angle which, spoiler alert, is given away in the title of this article. THAT DAMN VOLADOR! First he takes Park’s Aniversario gig and now he takes this. For shame. But we’ll bemoan all that noise when we get to the main event. For now there’s an undercard to plow through.



Black Tiger & Meyer defeated Ares & Fuerza Chicana two falls to one


Hold your breath sports fans because I’m about to give some dap to Black Tiger. I’m not sure I’ve ever really enjoyed the luchador living off the name of much cooler wrestlers but Grodd help me I thought he was pretty solid tonight. He did a few cool things, didn’t screw anything up; it was a solid performance from him. Of course he still can only do so much and he was working with Ares and Fuerza Chicana, who can’t do shit but still; credit where credit is due. That’s really all I have to say about this match. Black Tiger was fine, Meyer was fine, the rudos sucked and the match was mediocre. I just thought you’d all want to know I didn’t hate Black Tiger’s guts tonight. Progress in Puebla!


Arkalis, Astral, Magnus defeated Espanto Jr., Perverso, Policeman two falls to one


As if the night wasn’t already great, ALONG CAME THE KING!


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Honestly, the only thing missing from this Magnus performance was him bringing his daughter out with him like he did last time. Oh, and I guess a dive. And taking a Canadian Destroyer (though that’s okay; we’re trying to wean him off those!). Otherwise it was great to see Magnus and he rewarded us with a solid performance, largely consisting of his strong style lucha stuff and a few backbreakers. The flashy stuff went to Astral, who looked pretty good for the first time in months and even got to hit a dive. Arkalis wasn’t bad either (though he had less to do) and the rudos…well at least they didn’t get in the way. That’s especially good because Espanto’s best quality is getting in the way. It didn’t reinvent the wheel, much like most Puebla matches where no one is allowed to do anything, but it was solid and nice to see three good technicos win a match decisively for once. Somewhere, Star Jr. is ruing the day he declined this booking and Astral got his spot. At least there’s always a roll up win over Nitro around the bend.


Lighting Match

Princesa Sugehit defeated Reyna Isis


Let’s start with the important news sports fans; THERE WERE NO GRAPHICS ONSCREEN DURING THE LIGHTNING MATCH! I don’t know if this means CMLL got rid of them or if Arena Puebla is a graphic free zone, I just know they weren’t there and that’s cause for celebration.


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Now for the match. If nothing else, this match serves as definitive proof of how much better Princesa Sugehit is than Dalys. It wasn’t a good match necessarily because there’s only so much Reyna Isis can do (even with her improvement), but unlike her match with Dalys she was allowed to get a ton of offense in and pretty much controlled the match. Whether it worked or not is up for debate but Sugehit at least gave her an opportunity, sold the best she could for Reyna and, most importantly, never made the match feel like it was a robotic bore. It had personality and it had effort; I’ll take that even though the match was still only okay. Although I will say the finish was weird. At some point Reyna Isis, regardless of her skill, should get a win if she’s going to keep getting these opportunities and Sugehit beating her still makes her seem like small potatoes. CMLL would do well to correct that at some point, unless they’ve just deemed her a lower card luchadora for eternity. So yeah; okay match, bad ending, the usual CMLL luchadora affair. I’m beginning to wonder if Reyna Isis has peaked at just being average, or if another tour of Japan or two can get more potential out of her.


Dragón Rojo Jr., Okumura, Pólvora defeated Black Panther, Blue Panther Jr., Stigma two falls to one


I hate to say this because I really enjoy Black Panther, Junior, Rojo and Pólvora but this match lost me almost immediately. Maybe I would’ve been more attentive during a Super Viernes show but tonight it was just kind of the same thing we see every time these guys are on a Monday show. They give a decent, but not full, effort, we get a double suicide dive, one legitimately cool spot and otherwise a regular match. That was this bout to a T. Junior had the one cool spot with the World’s Strongest Slam/Powerbomb combo, there was a double suicide dive spot and that was it. I’m not sure whether we blame the workers for this or the fact that Puebla has been producing matches like this for what feels like eons. Either way I couldn’t have cared less for this match if Imposter Parka was in it. A completely forgettable fare.


Diamante Azul, Kráneo, Michael Elgin defeated Cuatrero, Dark Magic, Sansón two falls to one


In some ways this was the most interesting match on the show, if only because it was the debut of the mysterious Dark Magic. How was he? I’ll say this much; he may already be better than Diamante Azul. Take that however you want. In all seriousness…actually no, I was already serious with the Azul comparison. I didn’t see anything special from Dark Magic but there wasn’t anything wrong with him either; he sold pretty well (especially on Elgin’s match winning powerbomb and an Azul knee to the back), had a few decent moves and otherwise seems to be a work in progress. He’s probably going to be pushed way too fast and will suffer for it, but I can at least say he belongs in the undercard, which is better than it could’ve been. Him aside, the rest of the match was fine and got better as it went along. Kráneo did very well and at times was the most consistent guy in the match. Diamante Azul had a better than usual night as well and had the highlight of the match by jumping over several people in the stands to hit his senton dive, proof that occasionally he is fun to have around. In the end the top talent shone through though, and while Elgin, Cuatrero and Sansón had some issues early, they were very good late and helped carry the match home. I don’t know if I’d say this was good, but it was far better than being compared to Blue Demon Jr. and Jeff Jarrett’s effort last night as my buddy Alan Julson did. Decent match.


Bestia del Ring, Cavernario, Terrible defeated Hijo de LA Park, LA Park, Volador Jr. two falls to one


Another main event, another great time thanks to the brilliance of LA Park. They may not have had the viewers on the stream tonight that they did last two weeks with Rush but that didn’t stop Park, Hijo de Park, Volador, Cav and Terrible from tearing down the house anyway. This was simply pure, chaotic fun. We had stuff like Volador and Cavernario just wildly attacking each other at random, Park doing his full WCW strut and dance, Park attacking Tirantes for no reason (and getting away with it), Volador powerbombing Cavernario through a stretcher, Spanish Fly’s, belt whips galore, Tirantes helplessly watching all the chaos and being powerless to stop it because Park would’ve killed him and, in one of the funniest moments in a long time, Hijo de La Park pouring beer down Bestia del Ring’s tights, sticking the cup into the butthole (as Triumph the Insult Comic Dog would say) and then whipping Bestia’s beer soaked back as hard as he could. I laughed and laughed and laughed and holy shit, what does that say about my sense of humor?! Certainly this match didn’t have the intensity some of the previous Park Puebla matches had (largely due to Rush’s absence) but even still this was absolutely great and in some ways just as good, if not better, than the last two weeks. That’s the power of LA Park sports fans. All of which makes it more depressing that in the end this all turned out to be a set up for yet another Cavernario-Volador match.


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I know; I can’t believe we’ve gotten to the point where Volador vs. Cavernario is a match up that makes me sad! This is what happens when LA Park is involved though; he’s so charismatic and so consistently fun that anything else replacing him feels like a downgrade. In fairness, it’s possible Park and Hijo de LA Park will both be back next week lower on the card and will have a match to set up him and Rush at a later time. But if that turns out to not be the case, it can’t help but feel disappointing that CMLL did all the work the past few weeks to get Puebla excited for Park vs. Rush (or even Hijo de LA Park vs. Cavernario), only to then brush it aside for Volador vs. Cavernario. Sort of reminds me of something else that happened recently…can’t put my finger on what it was! In any event, Volador vs. Cavernario should still be fun next week (though not fun enough for me to review the show if Park isn’t there) and if this is the end of the LA Park experiment in Puebla we can at least say it gave us three really fun main events over the last month.


That’s game sports fans. I’ll be back tomorrow with results from the Puebla show, and maybe an LU preview if they have enough details out there to work with. TILL THEN!


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