It’s normal for the CMLL Puebla show to contain no excitement. NOT TONIGHT! No the show overall was still really, really bad but CMLL gave us hope for next week’s show in the form of lucha libre savior LA Park. A tweet during the middle of the show and an announcement before the main event indicate that the Chairman will be making an appearance on next Monday’s show, which will be Park’s first appearance in Puebla since…a very long time, not to mention the likelihood that Hijo de LA Park will be following him there. That is cool. Unfortunately it’s still next week, which means tonight was the aforementioned same old. If you missed it and are still curious though, here’s what happened.


Ares & Rey Apocalipsis defeated Hijo de Centella Roja & Millenium two falls to one.


Lestat, Pegasso, Rey Samuray defeated El Malayo, King Jaguar, Sangre Azteca two falls to one after the technicos pinned the rudos with a triple roll up spot. IT FINALLY HAPPENED! Match was solid, if unspectacular other than Samuray’s annual Brillo 450 attempt.


Kawato San, Máscara Año 2000, Universo 2000 Jr. defeated Esfinge, Flyer, Tritón two falls to one after the rudos submitted all three technicos at the same time. A triple roll up finish and a triple submission finish on the same show; only on Aniversario week! Match wasn’t that special beyond that. Tritón and Kawato looked the best of everyone, with everyone else getting nothing to do or taking the night off.


Felino, Shocker, Terrible defeated Ángel de Oro, Niebla Roja, Volcano two falls to one after Shocker pinned Roja by using Volcano’s weight as support. Mediocre match with no one working at a high level. It was really nice to see Terrible back however, and he had some cool stare downs with almost everyone.


Cavernario, Diamante Azul, Rush defeated Atlantis, Gran Guerrero, Último Guerrero two falls to one after Cavernario pinned Atlantis following a splash and Azul pinned Gran Guerrero following a Swing Bottom. This was a three fall match that felt like it was two falls, and not in a good way. Skippable main event. Once again nothing was set up for Rush vs. UG, a telling sign considering LA Park apparent presence in Puebla next week.