Tonight’s CMLL Puebla show was mostly a sad affair. I would’ve said a completely sad affair but it did have one undercard match that I found myself enjoying. Beyond that though it was a show loaded with lame matches, a main event finish so bad it was confounding even by CMLL standards and a hobbled Atlantis performance that just flat out depressed me. Ergo we got a sad show. If you missed it doing happier things, here’s the rundown.


Ares El Poblano, Black Tiger, Guerrero Especial defeated Asturiano, Meyer, Millenium two falls to one.


Drone, Fuego, Guerrero Maya Jr. defeated Ares, Escualo, Kaiser two falls to one after Drone pinned Ares with a Split Legged Moonsault and Maya pinned Kaiser with Sacrifico Maya. Ares, Escualo and Kaiser are luchadores from Costa Rica who  have previously worked a few Puebla shows. This was easily their best outing that I’ve seen. I wouldn’t say the match was great but it was borderline good, with the effort level far higher than I expected, especially from Drone, Fuego and Maya. All three worked really hard and the Costa Rican team based well for them. I enjoyed this.


El Perverso, Hijo del Villano III, Universo 2000 Jr. defeated Black Panther, Blue Panther Jr., Kráneo two falls to one after Villano pinned Kráneo with a top rope splash. Universo 2000 Jr. replaced his uncle Máscara Año 2000. Things picked up towards the end thanks to the Panthers but this match was largely a snoozer, with the rudos offering little and Kráneo sticking to his shtick. We did get to see Villano lift Kráneo and nearly throw out his back though so…yay? Nothing you need to see here.


Atlantis, Flyer, Titán defeated Hechicero, Templario, Vangellys two falls to one after Atlantis pinned Hechicero with a roll up. This alternated between being fine when Flyer, Titán, Hechicero and Templario were involved and very sad when Atlantis had to do anything. CMLL tried to hide him with Hechicero but it was apparent that Atlantis could barely move due to his right leg. I don’t know if this is the same injury that sidelined him two years ago and has thus hindered him since but it’s very clear CMLL needs to pull him from shows immediately given his condition. It saddens me to see it and angers me that CMLL is allowing poor Atlantis to continue to wrestle in pain. The rest of the match was okay as stated, but everything with Atlantis was a major turn off for this match.


Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas, Volador Jr. defeated Dragón Lee, Terrible, Valiente two falls to none after Terrible fouled Casas for the DQ. To say this came out of nowhere would be an understatement and a half; Casas and Terrible hadn’t been feuding at all during this match while Dragón Lee and Volador had coming off their issues last week. I legit had to do a double take when this finish happened I was so stunned. No challenges followed to make it even more perplexing as well, so I guess CMLL can at least say they gave us a finish no one saw coming. It sucked and this match was nothing important as a result but hey…I don’t know what CMLL was trying to do here.

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