Apparently CMLL watched Triplemania this past Saturday night and decided that they would attempt a smaller version of that classic show in Arena Puebla with two big singles matches. As such we got what should go down as easily the best Arena Puebla show of 2019, as both Volador-Dragón Lee and especially Virus-Eléctrico delivered in a big way. Equally as important is that the rest of the show didn’t suck, with one of the random trios matches being better than usual and Carístico-Rush having a lively brawl to lift up an otherwise boring semi-main event. All in all this was exactly what CMLL should be delivering on Monday nights instead of what we usually get. If you missed it watching people get run over by cars, here’s what happened.


Centella Roja, Espíritu Maligno, Fuerza Chicana defeated Astro, King Jaguar, Millenium two falls to one after Maligno pinned Jaguar with a splash. Your typical Puebla opener outside of Astro putting in a strong effort. That guy feels like he would thrive anywhere else…which of course means he’ll be stuck working Puebla for the rest of his life. I will say that the other five guys seemed to be trying a bit more than usual as well, they just didn’t have anything interesting to contribute.


Fuego, Star Black, Stigma defeated Difunto, Misterioso Jr., Okumura two falls to one after all three technicos pinned all three rudos with a unique triple pin. I wanted to like this match but the only times it ever got mildly interesting were when Difunto was in or when Stigma and Difunto were blowing spots. Otherwise it was completely forgettable. Star Black and Difunto were the hardest working guys, but Star Black was a little too Retro esq for my taste and Difunto was very clearly not working with the best talent to show what he could do. Not the worst thing I’ve ever seen, but nothing I’ll remember in five minutes either.


Eléctrico defeated Virus two falls to one with a Crucifix Pin to retain the Mexican National Lightweight Championship. This was Eléctrico’s fourth successful defense and his first since 2016. This match was PHENOMENAL; easily the best match of Eléctrico’s career and maybe even the best match Virus has had this year. And who can forget his classic match with Metálico?! This was completely different from what you’ll normally see from CMLL, with most of the match being dominated by mat work and chain wrestling, with only a few high spots thrown in. It was going to take special performances to make that type of match work and luckily Virus was at his absolute peak of creativity and skill. Eléctrico was great and should get huge credit for keeping up, but this was another example of Virus’ greatness; no one else in CMLL (save maybe Blue Panther) could’ve laid out a match like this and essayed it to perfection like Virus did. I think we all would’ve liked for Virus to win so he could have more great matches like this with the title, but if nothing else we at least got to see this classic. Easily the best match in Puebla this year and one of the best matches in CMLL all year. It was so great it could’ve fit in on Triplemania.


Ángel de Oro, Audaz, Niebla Roja defeated Ephesto, Mephisto, Vangellys two falls to one after Oro pinned Mephisto with an outside/inside moonsault. I don’t know if these guys were motivated by the last match or if the energy in the building just made this different than usual, but this match was quite good, especially in the third fall. All six guys worked harder than they normally do in this spot and Audaz once again stole the show with some excellent high flying. There wasn’t a bad worker in this match though, and they all seemed at their best as the match went deeper and deeper into the third fall. A good match. TWO GOOD PUEBLA MATCHES IN A ROW!


Bestia del Ring, Rush, Terrible defeated Carístico, Diamante Azul, Valiente two falls to one after Carístico was DQ’d for fouling Rush…except he didn’t foul him, with Rush faking it. I’m probably being a bit unfair to this match, but after two good matches and with Volador vs. Dragón Lee on the way, the sight of Diamante Azul and Bestia del Ring immediately had me tune out on this one. It didn’t help that the match went long and that Azul, Valiente, Bestia and Terrible were pretty worthless. The only positives were Rush and Carístico, who worked well together and had a lot of energy in some LA Park-Rush style brawling sequences. Carístico made a challenge afterwards so I guess we’ll be seeing Rush and Carístico soon in Puebla. You just wish that had been a bit shorter given how long the show had run to this point.


Volador defeated Dragón Lee two falls to one with a Flipping DDT to retain the NWA World Historic Welterweight Championship. This was Volador’s third defense in his third reign. This would’ve been a classic match if everything these two came up with translated perfectly. Unfortunately Volador’s legs were completely shot during this match; he struggled with several moves he never has issues with (including his Super Rana off the top) and often looked to be in pain. Whatever issues he has with his legs are likely the cause of him coasting recently and you hope CMLL will give him time off to heal. Even with the injury though this was Volador’s best performance in awhile, and the effort from him and Lee (who was fantastic) was off the charts. It wasn’t quite what these guys wanted, but it was still a damn good match and would’ve at least equaled Virus vs. Eléctrico if Volador had been healthy.