With only a few days away till the actual CMLL Gran Prix, the promotion decided to do a test run tonight in Arena Puebla, complete with a Soberano Jr.-Mistico match to go alongside it. In the end that turned out to be a good decision. While the undercard left a bit to be desired, the Puebla Gran Prix match was a lot of fun with a great, emotional ending and Soberano-Mistico was solid, if not what it could’ve been due to an injury. All in all, another okay Puebla show during the latter half of the summer. If you missed it, here’s what else happened.


Rey Apocalipsis & Toro Bill Jr. defeated El Perverso & Fuerza Chicana two falls to one.


Amapola & Tiffany defeated La Jarochita & Lluvia two falls to one after Tiffany pinned Jarochita with a sitout Double Chokeslam and Amapola pinned Lluvia with Angel’s Wings. To say this match was boring may have been too kind. The effort was minimal, La Jarochita and Lluva’s offense seemed to be nothing more than dropkicks and the rudas were plodding. Another dud from the CMLL Luchadoras division.


Ángel de Oro, Flyer, Niebla Roja defeated Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Templario two falls to one after Oro submitted Euforia and Roja pinned Guerrero with a Avalanche Double Underhook Slam. This match was going well until a miscommunication at the end that saw the Chavez Brothers and the Guerreros on completely different pages. Otherwise this was just fine. Flyer and Templario worked well together, Oro and Roja were solid and Euforia and Gran Guerrero were marvelous (as per usual) with their double teams. Oro and Roja challenged for a tag title shot next week and Euforia and Guerrero seemed open to it, so you can look forward to that at some point.


Carístico won the 2019 Arena Puebla Gran Prix by pinning Matt Taven with a Swanton Bomb. Also in this match were Último Guerrero, Mecha Wolf 450, Dragón Lee, Jay Briscoe, Valiente, Kenny King, Hechicero, Stuka Jr., Terrible, Oraculo, Dark Magic and Okumura. Big Daddy Yum Yum and Rey Bucanero were supposed to be in the match, but Big Daddy wasn’t at the show and Bucanero was kicked out before the match. Carístico’s father, Dr. Karonte, was honored before the match after having passed away this morning, and Carístico was very emotional before and after the match. This was a super fun match that never stopped moving, which is good because guys like Dark Magic and Okumura wouldn’t have been capable otherwise and chemistry issues were noticeable. By going fast those flaws got hidden, and the match turned into a really nice sprint that the crowd absolutely loved. It was nice to see Último Guerrero working with good workers again, and Jay Briscoe, Dragón Lee, 450, Taven, Carístico and Oraculo (who took a great bump on UG’s top rope powerbomb) all stood out. Carístico winning was 100% the right move as well, and Taven was the right guy for him to go over. The Friday match should be better, but this was a lot of fun in its own right and a great test run.


Mistico defeated Soberano Jr. two falls to one after Mistico submitted Soberano with La Mistica. Soberano’s left shoulder had a pretty significant brace and there were several moments (like the rushed first two falls and two dives early in fall three) where it looked like they’d have to stop the match. In the end Soberano worked the whole match, took La Mistica on his bad arm and all things considered had a really good performance. There was one iffy spot at the finish due to the arm injury but otherwise Soberano worked hard as usual and looked better with one arm than the guys in the undercard did with two. Mistico was solid as well, though this wasn’t quite up there with him performance against Barbaro Cavernario earlier this year. It would’ve been better with a healthy Soberano and the crowd was dead following the Gran Prix, but overall this was a solid main event despite the issues.


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