CMLL Puebla was at it again with a Monday show that peaked in the opener. Hey, at least one CMLL show is doing that. If you missed it all, here’s the results.


Asturiano, Centella Roja, Millenium defeated Ares, Espíritu Maligno, Sombra Diabólika two falls to one after Asturiano pinned Maligno with a Lionsault and Millenium pinned Diabólika with a 450 Splash. Pretty decent all things considered, especially when the technicos were in control. Asturiano and Millenium both looked solid, and Centella Roja had a good night.


Mini Joker defeated Shockercito with a Hybrid Abdominal Stretch. Action was pretty solid if a tad unmemorable. Joker challenged Shockercito to a title match next week, which the technico accepted.


Lestat, Pegasso, Tritón defeated Cancerbero, Nitro, Policeman two falls to one after Tritón pinned Nitro following a moonsault. Some more solid yet unspectacular work. Tritón looked the best of the six, but didn’t really break out any big moves. Everyone else was just kind of there, with poor Pegasso appearing to hurt his back on a dive.


Ángel de Oro, Matt Taven, Niebla Roja defeated Ephesto, Mephisto, Templario two falls to one after Taven pinned Mephisto following a Frog Splash. Another solid, unmemorable match. Templario was strangely off, slipping on the ropes at one point during a springboard dropkick attempt.


Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Último Guerrero defeated Bestia del Ring, Cavernario, Rush two falls to one after Rush fouled Guerrero with a low blow. Yet another match that felt like it existed and little more. The Guerreros challenged Rush and co. after the match, so it looks like they will be joining Shockercito and Mini Joker in rematch land next week.