Up until the final few minutes of tonight’s CMLL Puebla show, the only notable thing to occur was CMLL announcing that the 86th Aniversario would be occurring on September 27th. Make of that however you will. Beyond that and a good ending to an otherwise uneventful main event this show was just by the numbers, uninteresting filler. What a shame after a few decent Puebla shows. If you missed this playing some Final Fantasy X, here’s what happened.


Centella Roja, Guerrero Especial, Rey Apocalipsis defeated Asturiano, King Jaguar, Meyer two falls to one after Apocalipsis submitted Asturiano with a weird stretching submission. This match was slower than the opening scene of Spaceballs, and I may be being kind there. The most memorable part of this match was a sequence where Jaguar hit Centella Roja with backbreakers that were literally glacial in their speed. And yet they were still likely better than any wrestling Ciber the Main Man will be doing any time soon. So yeah; this was bland and boring.


El Malayo, Hijo del Signo, Toro Bill Jr. defeated Arkalis, Millenium, Tigre Rojo Jr. two falls to one after Signo pinned Arkalis with a Splash. There were some good moments in this one, like the double 450 splash spot by Rojo and Millenium in fall two, but this was very much a “too much rudos, too little technicos” match for my liking. Not terrible, but nothing I’ll remember as I’m typing up my synopsis for a Final Fantasy X TV series pitch.


Hechicero, Máscara Año 2000, Tiger defeated Black Panther, Blue Panther Jr., Stigma two falls to one after Hechicero submitted Blue Panther Jr. I feel like this was a more high profile version of the last match. There were a few good moments here and there, but there was nothing all that exciting, especially with Máscara Año 2000 adding nothing of note. We did get Black Panther and Stigma all crashing and burning on dive attempts though so…I don’t know what may point was.


Atlantis, Stuka Jr., Valiente defeated Cavernario, Felino, Negro Casas two falls to one after Atlantis pinned Casas with…a slam. That was it; a slam. You’ll be stunned to hear that I didn’t care about this match at all and it did nothing to hold my attention. With an ending like that, who could’ve guessed?!


Cuatrero, Forastero, Mistico, Sansón defeated Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Soberano Jr., Último Guerrero two falls to none after Soberano was DQ’d for unmasking Mistico. In reality Mistico unmasked himself and tossed the mask to Soberano to get the Screw Master DQ’d, just as Edgar was awarding the second fall to the Guerreros on a triple submission. A very clever ending to a match that got better once it ended! There were some cool moments from all eight guys, but this match largely existed to set up Soberano-Mistico more so than to put on a good match. It succeeded; the ending was more clever than the usual DQ, the challenges afterwards with Soberano and Mistico wearing the other’s mask was fun and they even had a short brawl afterwards to send it home. That’s the sort of stuff CMLL needs to do more of. The match and show itself weren’t much, but the set up afterwards was well done.