Just like Virgil Brigman, CMLL Puebla was back on the air tonight. Unlike Virgil Brigman, their story was not as good. Here’s what you missed if you were doing something else other than watching CMLL Puebla.


Mercurio & Mini Joker defeated Meyer & Shockercito two falls to one after Joker pinned Shockercito with a Three Up, Three Down Driver. This is the second week in a row Joker has gotten the better of Shockercito and he naturally challenged Shockercito to a CMLL World Mini-Estrellas Title match next week, which Shockercito accepted. Slightly better than the usual CMLL Puebla opener, but nothing out of this world.


La Jarochita & Mistique defeated Metálica & Reyna Isis two falls to one after Jarochita pinned Reyna after a corner Face Wash and Mistique pinned Metálica after a Code Red. This was perhaps the most interesting luchadoras match CMLL has done in awhile, featuring all younger luchadoras and no veterans. It didn’t light the world on fire, but it was fresher than the usual match and featured more effort, with Mistique in particular looking impressive in trying new moves. We’ll probably never see this again, but it was nice to see there could be hope for CMLL’s Luchadoras division if they tried for it.


Drone, Stigma, Tritón defeated El Malayo, Kawato San, Okumura two falls to one after Stigma pinned Kawato and Drone pinned Malayo. Solid if unmemorable match, with only Tritón really standing out with an amazing Asai Moonsault in fall three.


Hechicero, Mr. Niebla, Shocker defeated Diamante Azul, Soberano Jr., Valiente two falls to one after Hechicero pinned Soberano after a Doctor Bomb and Shocker submitted Diamante. Another average match, notable only for some really strong Soberano-Hechicero sequences along the way.


Atlantis, Matt Taven, Octagón defeated Cuatrero, Forastero, Sansón two falls to one after the technicos pinned all three rudos at the same time. Tough break Dinamitas! Match was your quick main event spectacle to send the crowd home happy, with not a whole lot happening outside of a few good sequences between Taven and the Dinamitas. Octagón was putrid. Stunning.