Tonight’s CMLL Puebla show was a rare one; I say rare because it didn’t drive me bat shit insane with boredom by the end. No it wasn’t a great show, but it was easy to digest and actually featured a good match with the main event. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it myself sports fans. If you missed the show playing one of the Arkham games, here’s what you missed.


Millenium, Rey Samuray, Sonic defeated Black Tiger, Guerrero Especial, Policeman two falls to one after Samuray pinned Policeman with a Brillo 450 and Sonic submitted Tiger. A better than usual Puebla opener, though really, isn’t everything? Samuray tried the Brillo 450 for the first time since Hijo del Vikingo nailed it perfectly; poor Samuray still can’t hit it flush, but gosh darnit he’s trying. Sonic was good.


Corsario de Fuego, El Perverso, Tyson La Bestia defeated King Jaguar, Star Jr., Tigre Rojo Jr. two falls to one after Corsario pinned Tigre with a Sitout Powerbomb and Tyson pinned Star Jr. with a Powerbomb. A lot of powerbombs there. Match was dull. Corsario may be good, Tyson remains very bad. Star Jr. deserves better.


Felino, Kawato San, Tiger defeated Esfinge, Stigma, Tritón two falls to one after Tiger pinned Tritón with a Powerbomb. Another powerbomb finish! Tiger unmasked Tritón after the match, continuing their issues that started this past Friday. A decent match! Tiger and Tritón, clearly emboldened by their feud (real or created by them to pass time) were working hard and had some good sequences. Everyone else was serviceable.


Carístico, Titán, Volador Jr. defeated Cuatrero, Forastero, Sansón two falls to one after Sansón was DQ’d for fouling Volador. A nothing match, which wasn’t too surprising given this was Puebla. It was less the guys taking it easy and more them just not having a ton of time. Challenges were issued after the match, so it looks like we’ll be getting a rematch next week.


Último Guerrero defeated Terrible two falls to one after UG rolled up Terrible with a school boy, using the ropes for leverage. This was a legitimately good match, easily the best thing on this show, easily the best Puebla main event in quite some time and a far cry from the disappointing first Puebla match these two had awhile back. It wasn’t a Match of the Year candidate or anything, just a really well worked back and forth slugfest, with both UG and Terrible changing things up a bit before the UG went back to his checklist towards the end. Edgar was a slightly rudo referee, but was far less blatant than Tirantes. Again, not an essential match but a fun one. Puebla would be a better show with more main events like this.