Tonight’s CMLL Puebla was like the Beatles song “All You Need is Love”, except if it was instead named “All You Need is Carístico.” He’s very good and he was very good tonight, helping to prop up a CMLL main event that could’ve gone either way. Unfortunately he can’t wrestle every other match and thus the rest of the show was the usual Puebla affair. If you missed it all protesting the treatment of The Revival, here’s what happened.


Espíritu Maligno & King Rocker defeated Ares & Fuerza Chicana two falls to one after Rocker pinned Ares with what should’ve been a Code Red attempt but, because Ares sucks, was instead a Yoshitonic. Fitting ending! I have no idea why Maligno and Rocker, who are normally rudos, were technicos in this match and the switch in allegiance did nothing to help it out. Rocker was the best of the group and may have more to offer, though it’s impossible to tell given he’s destined to work with this motley crew till the ending of the world.


El Malayo & Guerrero Especial defeated Asturiano & Millenium two falls to one after Especial pinned Asturiano with a Cradle DDT and Malayo submitted Millenium with an Inverted Leg Lock. This was duller than a Hayden Christensen performance. Neither team put much effort in and the match felt like a drag. Not much else to note beyond that I suppose.


King Jaguar, Star Jr., Tritón defeated Disturbio, El Coyote, Nitro two falls to one after Tritón pinned Nitro with a Moonsault Press. This was a forgettable match with some nice moments from Star Jr. and Tritón…until Tritón was dropped on his head by El Coyote when going for a top rope hurricanrana. Even Kawato San would’ve looked away in embarrassment at that one. Fortunately Tritón got the pin and was fine so there is at least that. He also didn’t have itching powder poured down his pants like The Revival did on RAW…got to take the positives where you get them. Bald Disturbio looks cool by the way.


Esfinge, Kráneo, Volcano defeated Hechicero, Misterioso Jr., Sagrado two falls to one.


Cavernario, Gran Guerrero, Último Guerrero defeated Atlantis, Mistico, Soberano Jr. two falls to one after Cavernario pinned Atlantis with a Splash and Gran Guerrero pinned Soberano with a Package Sitout Powerbomb. Needed a little more time to be truly good but this was easily the best thing on the show to this point. Soberano was great once again, breaking out the Dragonrana and putting in an effort far above what most normally provide on a Monday. Everyone else was serviceable.


Volador Jr. defeated Carístico two falls to one after Volador pinned Carístico with a Small Package after once again removing his mask. This will go down as one of the better Puebla main events this year; a legitimately good match! And that was despite the fact that Volador was coasting more than the Boston Celtics on defense. Luckily he did enough to not be useless and was carried by an excellent performance from Carístico, who took this match seriously and did a whole lot of cool stuff. Referee Edgar Noriega worked the match as a slight rudo, but unlike his predecessor Tirantes didn’t mug for the camera or try to get himself over, thus actually adding to the match by favoring Volador. In the end that and Carístico’s great night were enough to make this a very good match, and possibly a borderline great match depending on your mood.