Enjoy last week’s weird Arena Puebla Torneo a Parejas Increibles Block sports fans? If you somehow did then tonight’s Puebla show was your lucky night, as CMLL held Block B. Spoiler alert; it was pretty much the same a Block A. If for whatever reason you missed it and the rest of this Puebla show trying to win some stupid 24/7 title, here’s what you missed.


Black Tiger & Policeman defeated Asturiano & Rey Samuray two falls to one. This match was such a colossal waste of time that Rey Samuray didn’t even do his dive. Such is life.


Pegasso, Stigma, Tritón defeated El Malayo, Espanto Jr., Toro Bill Jr. two falls to one after Tritón pinned Espanto with a 450 Splash. Tritón appeared to hurt his leg on the move, and was moving gingerly after celebrating with Stigma. Match was okay. We got some dives from Pegasso and Stigma while Tritón looked pretty good. The rudos were pretty much nonexistent to keep things from getting too good.


Cavernario, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas defeated Flyer, King Jaguar, Soberano Jr. two falls to one after Casas submitted Flyer with a Sharpshooter and Niebla pinned Jaguar with a second rope senton. Another okay match. Soberano was good as always and had a few nice moments with Casas and Cavernario. Beyond that there was a Flyer dive, some entertaining moments from Peste Negra and little else. King Jaguar submitting Casas in fall two was something I’ll never forget, no matter how hard I try.


Audaz & Sansón defeated Luciferno & Volcano after Sansón pinned Volcano following a missed splash and Audaz submitted Luciferno with the rolling armbar. Decent match. Volcano is still a big miss but Luciferno carried things for their team and Audaz and Sansón were both strong, if a bit subdue than their usual performances.


Carístico & Hijo del Villano III defeated Atlantis & Vangellys after Carístico pinned Atlantis with a roll up and Villano III pinned Vangellys with a Splash. This was quicker than Stewie Griffin’s first time. At least the right team won.


Niebla Roja & Terrible defeated Esfinge & Templario after Roja pinned Templario and Terrible pinned Esfinge after Roja hit a Reverse Double Underhook Pancake on Templario off the top rope and onto Esfinge. Decent match. Templario, Roja and Terrible were very good. Esfinge was semi-passable.


Ephesto & Mistico defeated Felino & Valiente after Ephesto pinned Valiente with a Shoulder Breaker and Mistico pinned Felino with La Casita. Nothing important happened in this match. Such is life.


Carístico & Hijo del Villano III defeated Audaz & Sansón after Carístico submitted Sansón with La Mistica and Audaz was counted out after taking a Villano III suicide dive. A borderline good match for the time it was given. Audaz, Carístico and Sansón were very good and Hijo del Villano III looked the best he has since joining CMLL. Showed some nice hops on a suicide dive as well. Huge credit to Audaz for getting as much out of Villano as he could.


Niebla Roja & Terrible defeated Ephesto & Mistico after Roja pinned Mistico with a Canadian Destroyer and Terrible pinned Ephesto with a top rope Brainbuster. Very quick match, though the brainbuster finish as cool.


Niebla Roja & Terrible defeated Carístico & Hijo del Villano III after Roja submitted Carístico and Terrible pinned Villano with a Last Ride Powerbomb. Roja and Terrible win Block B of the Puebla Torneo a Parejas Increibles and (in theory) will face Mephisto and Volador Jr. next week. Whether Volador can go or not remains to be seen. Another decent match. Hijo del Villano III had another good performance and everyone else was solid to good. There just wasn’t a whole lot going on at the end of the day. Hopefully the final next week will produce a more exciting affair.