Tonight’s CMLL Puebla was the same damn thing it always is. Why did I review then? Who knows? If you were far more fortunate than me and missed this show, here’s what happened.


Black Tiger, Joker, Sombra Diabólika defeated Centella Roja, Halcón Suriano, Millenium two falls to one.


Ares, Disturbio, El Perverso defeated King Jaguar, Meyer, Oro Jr. two falls to one after Disturbio pinned Oro Jr. with a Modified Backbreaker. Meyer was in for an injured Super Astro Jr., still recovering from his fall last Tuesday. Mediocre match; the only stand out moments were at the end with Disturbio and Oro Jr. having a good sequence. Nice to see Meyer around again too I guess.


Princesa Sugehit defeated Amapola in a Lightning Match with a submission. I have no idea how much time elapsed in this bout as CMLL didn’t have the camera up. Or maybe they did and I just wasn’t paying attention. Does it really matter?! Match was exactly what you’d expect from these two, down to Sugehit once again failing to hit her moonsault. In other words, it was a bore.


Hechicero, Rey Bucanero, Shocker defeated Audaz, Stuka Jr., Titán two falls to one after Bucanero pinned Stuka and Shocker submitted Audaz with a Cobra Clutch. Why Shocker is submitting Audaz in the year 2019 beats the hell out of me. Match was otherwise alright, and that’s mostly because Audaz is superhuman and does cool things even with the Puebla restrictions in play.


Carístico, Mistico, Soberano Jr. defeated Ephesto, Luciferno, Mephisto two falls to one after Mephisto fouled Mistico for the DQ. There was a little bit more energy in this match than the others but it was still kind of eh, and the finish made no sense with neither Mephisto nor Mistico issuing a challenge afterwards. There’s always next week I guess!


Último Guerrero defeated Vangellys two falls to one to retain the CMLL World Heavyweight Champion. The finish came after the UG submitted Vangellys with Pulpo Guerrero, even though it looked like Tirantes refused to call the submission at first. Your typical Puebla main event where Tirantes overshadowed everything with his antics, which may have been for the best considering only the UG could do anything between him and Vangellys. A forgettable main event and perhaps the most forgettable singles match the UG will have all year.