Tonight’s CMLL Puebla episode was like an episode of Angel…if an episode of Angel sucked the life out of everything within a ten mile radius with its boredom. In other words this show sucked. If you were fortunate enough to miss it, here’s what happened.


Black Tiger, Centella Roja, Espíritu Maligno defeated Asturiano, King Jaguar, Meyer two falls to one after Tiger pinned Asturiano with a sitout Tombstone Piledriver. The most interesting thing about this match was that it immediately segued into the next match, with Akuma, Espanto Jr. and Espíritu Negro coming out to attack…pretty much everyone, followed by Policeman and Perverso running down to make the save. All right then! Besides that the match was kind of bland, unless you really like Piledrivers. Then you had a good time because there were a lot of those.


Akuma, Espanto Jr., Espíritu Negro defeated El Perverso, Espíritu Maligno, Policeman two falls to one after Negro pinned Perverso with a Swanton Bomb. This was a match that apparently needed to happen even though the only thing of note was how quickly CMLL transitioned from the opener to this. Beyond that this was a gigantic waste of time. Each team seemed to take a ton of time dishing out a long, pointless beat down that ultimately led nowhere, with the Akuma/Espanto/Negro beat down that started in fall two lasting all the way till the end of the match. A complete and total snoozer, with the added bonus of all this leading to nothing. That’s right; there was no set up either. ONLY IN CMLL!


Máscara Año 2000, Universo 2000 Jr., Virus defeated Audaz, Black Panther, Drone two falls to one after Máscara pinned Drone with a Powerbomb. The ending was ultra lame (why is Drone putting over Máscara Año 2000 in 2019?) but the match was actually alright, especially late. Audaz was the star, having a very energetic night and breaking out things like the slingshot rana from the turnbuckle post. Universo Jr. was paired with him and did a good job basing. Everyone else was fine to forgettable, though there wasn’t exactly much for Drone, Black Panther and Virus to work with while the others got all the shine.


Felino, Hechicero, Negro Casas defeated Atlantis Jr., Soberano Jr., Stuka Jr. two falls to one after Felino submitted Atlantis with a Figure Four and Hechicero pinned Soberano with a Doctor Bomb. Not much of a match honestly. It seemed like all six guys were largely content to take things easy, with only a few Hechicero/Soberano sequences happening to break up the monotony. Could’ve been worse but you’d expect better from a group like this.


Cuatrero, Ephesto, Forastero defeated Carístico, Star Jr., Titán two falls to none after Forastero unmasked Carístico and pinned him with a Small Package. Just like the rest of the show, this was a whole lot of nothing…only more so because this match only went two falls while seemingly lasting an eternity! It was basically Carístico and Forastero feuding, a few Dinamitas spots, Ephesto counting down the minutes till it was over and Star Jr. and Titán doing next to nothing because this was all about Carístico-Forastero. Oh and Carístico-Edgar (the referee) because we’ve gotta do the rudo ref spot! I could’ve kept playing Red Dead instead of watching this show.

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