Tonight’s CMLL Puebla show would normally not be worth watching. Alas it was for two reasons; a moving tribute for the late Mr. Niebla, and a Soberano Jr.-Titán Lightning Match that was one awesome time. I like to believe, given the events of today and that the tribute preceded it, that the Lightning Match was also a tribute for Niebla. What a fitting one it was if that was the case. If you missed this and the less than stellar stuff, here’s a recap.


Asturiano & Tigre Rojo Jr. defeated Joker & Policeman two falls to one after Rojo pinned Policeman with a 450 Splash and Asturiano pinned Joker with a Lionsault.


Oro Jr. & Super Astro Jr. defeated El Malayo & El Perverso two falls to one after Oro Jr. rolled up Perverso and Super Astro rolled up Malayo. A match so dull that I spent most of it trying to make a Batman Forever gif. Somehow that was still better than the opening match, which came nowhere close to leaving any sort of impression at all.


Sagrado, Stigma, Templario defeated Okumura, Olímpico, Rey Cometa two falls to one after Rey Cometa fouled Stigma for the DQ. As it turns out, this Cometa-Stigma feud is a real thing and naturally Rey Cometa is the rudo because it’s Puebla, Stigma is from Puebla, Stigma is the guy with a relative in the office and boy I really hope Cometa is enjoying his long hair right now. Match at least had a bit going for it due to the feud though; Cometa and Stigma didn’t do a ton but they worked well together, while Templario did a nice job getting the most out of Okumura and Olímpico. Sagrado also did some backbreakers and otherwise looked bored. Am I the only one who would’ve preferred Sagrado vs. Cometa?


Mephisto, Terrible, Vangellys defeated Atlantis Jr., Kráneo, Volcano two falls to one after Mephisto and Vangellys dropped Volcano on top of Atlantis Jr. and pinned them both. A nothing match that was more notable for CMLL holding a ceremony in Mr. Niebla’s honor afterwards that was, as expected, very emotional and very touching. I wish CMLL didn’t have to do so many of these every year.


Titán defeated Soberano Jr. in a Lightning Match with a Springboard Double Stomp. For the amount of time these two were given this was superb. It couldn’t follow their epic CMLL World Welterweight Championship match from a few weeks back but it had no chance of doing so seeing as that match got 30 plus minutes while this got less than 10. I did think they went to the finish a bit early with the Double Stomp (these two definitely had a few more minutes in them if they wanted) but overall this was tight, smooth, impeccably worked and so completely different than what you normally get from CMLL, with Japanese influences seeping into the lucha. Titán is on another level right now and Soberano is still as good as ever; with the rest of CMLL being very much a miss these days, it’s good to see these guys still working hard and delivering against each other.


Euforia, Valiente, Volador Jr. defeated Carístico, Felino, Negro Casas two falls to one after Volador pinned Carístico with a Small Package after unmasking him. That’s right; the Volador/Negro Casas feud has now become Volador/Carístico 9,001! It’s the Christmas present no one asked for. So was this match, which was a waste of time I could’ve used watching The Last Jedi. Fortunately I get to do that now.

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