Tonight’s CMLL Puebla was an easy to watch show with a great main event and wow I can’t believe I just said that either! What a world we’re living in huh sports fans? For real though; the show wasn’t a drag (although it did feature some laughable moments) and the main event delivered thanks to the great work of Volador Jr. and the criminally underrated Euforia. If you missed all this doing…whatever else, here’s what happened.


Hijo de Centella Roja & Meyer defeated Fuerza Chicana & Joker two falls to one after Meyer submitted Chicana with a half crab. Middling opener, though both Meyer and Hijo de Centella Roja were trying things here and there. There might be something there for both guys, but we’ll never know because it’s Puebla. Joker seems like a luchador who I recall being good point, only now he’s lifeless because the will to live has been sapped out of him by CMLL being CMLL. I could be mistaken…but then again I’m probably not!


Arkalis, Millenium, Rey Samuray defeated Cancerbero, El Malayo, Raziel two falls to one after Samuray submitted Malayo and Millenium pinned Cancerbero with a 450 Splash. This was barely average but not for a lack of trying. All six luchadores seemed game, there were just too many moments where they didn’t seem to click or where they could’ve gone the extra mile during a sequence but didn’t (see the triple top rope dive spot by the technicos where Arkalis did the same dive Samuray did. Could we get some variety?!). Rey Samuray remains criminally underused. Can someone rescue him and Astro already?


El Perverso defeated Toro Bill Jr. in a Lightning Match with a roll up out of the Camel Clutch position. This match got a lot of time…unfortunately because it wasn’t any good. The big reason for that was El Perverso not being very good. Toro Bill Jr. tried in this match and had some good moments, but had absolutely nothing to work with as Perverso gave the same mediocre performance he always does. And at times it was even worse than that, like the spot where Bill went for a tope con hilo and instead landed neck first on the floor because Perverso couldn’t catch him. Nice basing there! Unless you want to feel bad for Toro Bill this isn’t worth checking out.


Audaz, Esfinge, Rey Cometa defeated Pólvora, Tiger, Vangellys two falls to one after Audaz pinned Vangellys with a Dragonrana and Esfinge pinned Pólvora with a Springboard Codebreaker. This was a definite mixed bag; Esfinge and Vangellys were their usual selves, down to a spot earlier in the match where neither seemed to have a clue what they were doing with each other. Fortunately everyone else was solid and thus the match wound up being okay. It was nice to see Pólvora back after a bit and Rey Cometa looked better here than he has recently.


Cuatrero, Ephesto, Forastero defeated Carístico, Star Jr., Titán two falls to one after Forastero pinned Caristico with a Crucifix Pin after Cuatrero unmasked Carístico while Ephesto distracted the referee (Metálico). This wasn’t a great night for the ref, who also inexplicably counted a pinfall while Carístico had a guy in La Mistica. That’s a first! Match was fine overall. Star Jr. and Titán were fantastic, with Star Jr. in particular shining in the late stages of the third fall. Meanwhile Carístico was solid, Ephesto wasn’t too much of a bother in for Sansón and both Cuatrero and Forastero were more giving than usual in this spot. The ending was also semi-clever so I can’t hate on it as I would usually. Nothing over the moon but this was solid stuff.


Volador Jr. defeated Euforia two falls to one after pinning Euforia with a Super Rana. There was one blown spot at the end of the second fall when Volador went for a Yoshitonic and instead fell flat on his face (with Euforia falling right on top of him) that both looked bad and appeared to possibly injure Volador. Besides that spot however this was a terrific match and one of the best that’s been produced in Arena Puebla all year. Whether it was the plan or it was necessary due to the injury, Volador took a backseat in this match and allowed Euforia to control the action. The result was a vastly different match than the usual Volador Jr. bout and it was for the better, with several creative counter sequences and a whole lot of great Euforia offense, particularly when it came to Superplexes (he had a great regular Superplex and an almost as good one armed Superplex from the apron back into the ring). For Volador’s part he was very strong, working very hard despite the pain and working really smooth after that one spot, while also selling tremendously for Euforia. I would dare say this was a great match and one you should check out, especially if you’re a Euforia fan. The man needs more single opportunities yesterday.

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