You know the only thing that has fewer happy endings that CMLL Puebla shows sports fans? Law & Order: SVU. I watched both at the same time tonight and my Grodd I think I just need to cuddle next to a pillow from now till the end of time. If by some miracle you didn’t do what I did tonight, here’s what you avoided. The CMLL stuff, not SVU.


Black Tiger, Espíritu Maligno, Fuerza Chicana defeated Centella Roja, Hijo de Centella Roja, Sonic two falls to one after Tiger pinned Sonic following a pop up Powerbomb. The best part of this moment; both Centella Roja’s looking at this like morons and doing nothing. Highest of comedy. Match was otherwise mediocre and inconsequential.


Cancerbero, Hijo del Signo, Perverso defeated King Jaguar, Rey Samuray, Tigre Rojo Jr. two falls to one after Perverso submitted Jaguar with a hybrid figure four. CMLL is unbelievably building to Perverso vs. King Jaguar still; you figure it out. Match at least had a cool Rey Samuray suicide tornillo.


Kawato San, Okumura, Vangellys defeated Black Panther, Blue Panther Jr., Stigma two falls to one after Vangellys pinned Junior with a Fisherman Suplex Pin. The most interesting part of this match was Kawato’s new blue haircut. He wasn’t half bad either, trying a few new moves. Everything else was forgettable.


Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Último Guerrero defeated Diamante Azul, Stuka Jr., Valiente two falls to one after Guerrero pinned Stuka and Euforia pinned Azul. A solid, unspectacular match that I thought was building towards a potential tag team title shot. If it is it won’t be for two weeks as no promos were cut after the match.


Ángel de Oro, Carístico, Niebla Roja defeated Cavernario, Hechicero, Rey Bucanero two falls to one after Carístico submitted Cavernario with La Mistica. A TECHNICO VICTORY! Match was yet another fine, insignificant bout with a few cool moves and little else. No challenges were issued, which indicates Cavernario vs. Carístico is in fact not happening.