Tonight’s CMLL Puebla show featured two undercard matches that would were as welcome as a stale glass of chocolate milk, one match that was there and then two matches that were actually easy to watch. Add it all up and it’s a better show than usual I suppose. Except now it makes me want to have a fresh glass of chocolate milk. If you missed all this fun, here’s what happened.


Astro, Rey Samuray, Tigre Rojo Jr. defeated Black Tiger, Espíritu Maligno, Guerrero Especial two falls to one after Samuray pinned Black Tiger. This match featured one side that tried really hard and another that was so pathetic they may as well have been the lead character in a Michael Cera film. I’ll let you guess which was which. As such despite Astro, Samuray and Rojo’s best efforts most of this match was the technicos wanting to try things and the rudos looking completely out of place and uninterested. A shameful performance by them.


Comandante, Dalys, Metálica defeated La Jarochita, Princesa Sugehit, Sanely two falls to one after Comandante submitted Sanely with a  Butterfly Lock and Dalys pinned Jarochita with a Sitout Powerbomb. This was the Dalys special; she dominated, the technicas got maybe a moment or two of offense and none of this held my attention whatsoever. The only good thing about the match was that it seemed to fly by, a noted improvement considering most CMLL luchadoras matches go on forever.


Misterioso, Olímpico, Rey Cometa defeated Sagrado, Stigma, Templario two falls to one after Stigma fouled Cometa for a DQ. This would indicate a Cometa-Stigma match was on the horizon but no challenge was made; perhaps it’ll be a Lightning Match. I’d be fine with that as their sequences were easily the best part of this match. Neither guy did a ton but the energy was there and their stuff looked good. Frankly this was the least offensive thing I saw on the first half of this show. It’s nothing I’ll remember, but the aforementioned stuff was alright, no one was horrendous and I did get an LOL out of Misterioso and Sagrado refusing to fight and doing their handshake instead. An average match, which on this show is a miracle these days.


Euforia, Hechicero, Negro Casas defeated Atlantis Jr., Stuka Jr., Volador Jr. two falls to one after Casas pinned Volador after an unseen foul. A solid match! The Puebla restrictions definitely held this one back but we got an honest effort from all six luchadores, some nice feuding between the always reliable Casas-Volador pairing and some really nice work from Atlantis Jr. and Stuka. There sadly wasn’t as much for Euforia and Volador to do but both based very well, with Euforia in particular making Stuka look good. Nothing that you have to go out of your way to see, but definitely above par for what we usually get in this spot.


Carístico defeated Forastero two falls to one after pinning Forastero with a Spanish Fly. This was an impressive two man performance; unfortunately the two men were Carístico and referee Edgar Noriega, who attempted his best Tirantes impression during this match. Meanwhile Forastero was comatose, having no creative offense (and generally no offense at all) and providing nothing more than some solid basing for Carístico’s offense. Thus it was the Carístico and Edgar show and fortunately Edgar isn’t as annoying as Tirantes and Carístico was very good at what he did tonight. It was enough to make this a solid match and, in a perfect world, the last singles match Forastero gets for the next decade. Alas he’ll probably have another on in three weeks time for reasons no one knows.

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