Tonight’s CMLL Puebla show was so eventful that I forgot about it two hours later and almost didn’t post this review! That never happens, and I’ve seen some lifeless Puebla shows. This one seemed even more depressing than usual. There were no good matches, there were no terrible matches; there really wasn’t much of anything that happened on this show at all really. It was basically two hours of talent not really trying (outside of a select few) and passing time until the next show. That is a CMLL Puebla show these days I guess. If you missed it all, here’s what happened.


Centella Roja & Joker defeated Astro & Meyer two falls to one after Joker pinned Astro with the Dude Buster and Centella Roja submitted Meyer. A mixed bag of an opener. Astro, as per usual, was a lot of fun and showed off some really good stuff even with a shaky rudo team. Meyer was trying to match his partner and did hit a really impressive long range 450, but most of his more ambitious stuff was mishandled by the rudos. In other words one technico was really good, one tried hard but was hit and miss and the rudos blew chunks. A CMLL opener!


Amapola & Reyna Isis defeated Lluvia & Princesa Sugehit two falls to one after Reyna pinned Sugehit with a Vader Bomb and Amapola pinned Lluvia with Angel’s Wings. This match lost me early and came nowhere close to getting me back. Lluvia had some nice headscissors here and there I suppose both otherwise this was no more interesting than the usual CMLL luchadoras match.


Arkalis, Fuego, Stigma defeated El Malayo, Rey Apocalipsis, Toro Bill Jr. two falls to one after Arkalis pinned Toro Bill by reversing a Figure Four attempt into a Small Package. A rare NWA style finish in Arena Puebla! I liked the finish, but the rest of the match was another by the numbers experience. How much so? It appeared that Stigma cared so much that he didn’t take his shirt off until well into the match. And this is a guy who’s effort level generally isn’t that high to begin with! In fairness, no one else stood out either.


Dulce Gardenia defeated Hijo del Villano III in a Lightning Match via submission. There was no clock so I have no idea how long the match went, though it seemed to be around eight minutes. Things started slow and got a little better by the end, but overall this was just okay. Dulce Gardenia wasn’t at fault for this; he’s very good and put in a good effort trying to make this exciting. Hijo del Villano III just remains a bit too inexperienced still, though he too was trying and had a few decent moments in the back half. There’s chemistry there and perhaps in time and in another setting this could be something, but for tonight it was just okay.


Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Rey Bucanero defeated Carístico, Mistico, Volador Jr. two falls to one after Euforia tossed his mask to Volador for the fake out DQ. I think I put more effort into opening a can of pizza sauce earlier than anyone did in this match. Holy shit; I have seen some mailed in CMLL performances before but this match takes the cake. The guys were so interested in putting in an effort that certain sequences just feel apart completely with no attempt to correct them. It wasn’t like there were huge botches or anything, it was just simple stuff like waiting for a double clothesline spot in the ring and Mistico instead blowing it off to go outside and…do nothing. What a lame match. At least we may get a Euforia singles match with Volador next week though so there is that.


Último Guerrero defeated Valiente two falls to one with a Guerrero Special to retain the CMLL World Heavyweight Championship. This was the UG’s 6th successful defense. Ten years ago this would’ve been a great match; today it was the latest in a long line of nothing bouts between these two. I guess if you were watching for the first time it was fun but for me it was the same match they’ve done in recent memory, from the short first two falls to the same near fall exchanges right up to the UG’s finish. If you’ve seen this match before then you missed nothing tonight, and thus this match wasn’t worth checking out in the slightest.

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