Tonight’s CMLL Puebla was a show that actually existed and will live forever in the records of Cagematch. It also had a fine Astro performance and nothing else. Yawn! If you missed all of this living your best life, here’s what happened.


Fuerza Chicana, Guerrero Especial, Sombra Diabólika defeated King Jaguar, Meyer, Millenium two falls to one after Chicana submitted Meyer and Diabólika submitted Millenium. This match had my attention for a few moments, but then started to suck, so I then had an argument over the Christopher Reeves Superman movies with a friend of mine instead. He said they all sucked while I said the first one didn’t. The one thing we can definitely agree on; this match was like Superman’s II-IV without a doubt.


Espíritu Maligno, Joker, Pierrothito defeated Astro, Kaligua, Shockercito two falls to one after Pierrothito unmasked himself and tossed it to Shockercito for the DQ. Good strategy on Pierrothito’s part. I enjoyed a decent amount of this match actually, largely because Astro was in it and that dude is REALLY good. It remains a shame he’s stuck in Puebla and not competing in opening matches for AAA. Alas. Kaligua also stepped up a bit because of Astro’s effort and as a result we got a few cool moves from him too. Nothing earth shattering but this had some fun moments.


Drone, Esfinge, Príncipe Diamante defeated Akuma, Espanto Jr., Espíritu Negro two falls to one after Diamante submitted Negro with an armbar. It was Espíritu Negro’s first match unmasked and…well it went like most of his matches where he was masked. I guess it was a bit quicker than usual, and also with a few more dives, which would’ve been nicer in his mask match now that I think of it. I honestly don’t have much more to say besides that as this match literally began and then seemed to end less than ten minutes later. A quick one indeed.


Dulce Gardenia, Kráneo, Volcano defeated Ephesto, Kawato San, Mephisto two falls to one after Kráneo pinned Ephesto with a Hip Attack and Dulce pinned Mephisto with a roll up following The Kiss. This match SUCKED! Everyone’s timing was off, the effort was nonexistent and some spots were so blown it was as if I was watching a hypothetical Tyson La Bestia vs. Bestia del Ring match. There was not a single thing about this match to be enjoyed, unless you really wanted to see Kawato without hair (it’s already growing back!). An absolutely awful contest and easily the worst match I’ve seen in the very short time there’s been a 2020.


Carístico, Diamante Azul, Negro Casas defeated Euforia, Titán, Último Guerrero two falls to one when Carístico pinned Euforia with a Hurricanrana roll up. Exactly what you’d expect from a ton of dudes heading off to FantasticaMania (and Diamante Azul); they kept it quick with minimal effort and very little to show for. At least they also did keep it professional and didn’t screw anything up too bad, unlike the last match. A forgettable close to a forgettable show.

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