Look everyone; the CMLL Puebla results are back! I’m just as unhappy about it as you are sports fans. If you missed tonight’s weird CMLL tournament and title match because you were too busy watching WWE do AAA a favor by hiring Jeff Jarrett, here’s what you missed.


Fuerza Chicana, Policeman, Siky Ozama defeated King Jaguar, Millenium, Tigre Rojo Jr. two falls to one after Ozama pinned Rojo with a Top Rope Facebuster. BORING! BORING! Not much else to say than that, unless you want me to talk about how bad Policeman and Jaguar looked just doing basic moves.


Arkalis and El Perverso were the last two standing in the Torneo a Parejas Increibles Seeding Battle Royal. Always the most boring part of this competition, this was somehow even less eventful than it usually is. At least now the tournament can begin!


Diamante Azul & Tiger defeated Audaz & Hechicero after Azul submitted Hechicero with a La Atlantida esq submission and Tiger pinned Audaz after a powerbomb. Azul and Tiger move on, Audaz and Hechicero go home. Solid match with both teams working well, although the wrong team won in my estimation. Poor Tiger; the guy deserves better, but when he finally gets a semi decent win it’s at the expense of the guy everyone wants to win. He really should’ve followed Puma King to greener pastures.


Black Panther & Shocker defeated Euforia & Stigma after Panther pinned Euforia following a second rope Shotgun Dropkick and Shocker pinned Stigma after a powerbomb. On go Panther and Shocker, out go Big Euf and Stigma. Nothing match aside from a brief Panther/Euforia sequence that got no time. You almost wish the two teams had been switched so it was Panther and Euforia teaming instead. Alas.


El Malayo & Kráneo defeated Pólvora & Stuka Jr. after Kráneo pinned both Pólvora and Stuka after a second rope splash. Another nothing match. Is it just me or has CMLL gone 0-3 on picking the right winners for these matches thus far?


El Perverso & Valiente defeated Arkalis & Vangellys after Perverso pinned Vangellys following a second rope arm drag and Perverso pinned Arkalis following a splash. Big match for Perverso I guess! Match was okay. Arkalis was the best of these four, trying really hard and even getting in a dive. Everyone else was either taking it easy for later or was Vangellys.


Diamante Azul & Tiger defeated Black Panther & Shocker after Azul pinned Panther following an All Japan style German Suplex and Tiger submitted Shocker. Short, sweet and far better than any of the previous matches for it. Azul’s German on Panther was as terrifying as it was great.


El Malayo & Kráneo defeated El Perverso & Valiente after Kráneo pinned Valiente following a Hip Attack and Malayo submitted Perverso. Another short match that wasn’t as memorable as the last one.


Diamante Azul & Tiger defeated El Malayo & Kráneo to win…Block A of the Torneo a Parejas Increibles? There was no trophy presentation afterwards so a Block B must be happening next week. Who the hell knows with CMLL these days! Match was yet another unspectacular affair. Azul and Tiger did a few cool moves, Mije got involved, Kráneo was Kráneo; pretty much what you’d expect. Hopefully there is another match so there can actually be hope for a great match in this tournament. At least Tiger can say he won something for once though!


Niebla Roja defeated Luciferno two falls to one to retain the CMLL World Light Heavyweight Championship. The finish came when Roja submitted Luciferno with La Campana. A solid match, but nothing you have to go out of your way to see. It was a hurt a bit by the crowd, who seemed to be into Roja at times but was otherwise silent. Even still, despite the effort from both guys, there wasn’t enough excitement and a little too much Tirantes shenanigans that kept this at a level below good. Still the best match on the show though.