Tonight’s CMLL Puebla show was so interesting that I believe it’s the shortest recap I’ve ever done. So yeah; it sucked! There was one semi-interesting match, a whole lot of uninteresting matches and somehow it all led to a two hour show. Bummer. If you missed this all freaking out about the La Sombra news, here’s what happened.


Black Tiger & Rey Apocalipsis defeated Millenium & Rey Samuray two falls to one.


Comandante, La Infernal, Reyna Isis defeated Marcela, Mystique, Sanely two falls to one after Reyna Isis pinned Marcela following a Codebreaker. Definitely not the bottom of the barrel in regards to the CMLL luchadoras division, but overall this was yet another forgettable match that failed to hold my attention. There were moments that Mystique looked kind of good, but much like others in the division it’s unclear whether that’s because everyone else was so mediocre or if she’s actually good.


Stigma defeated Kawato San in a Lightning Match after pinning Kawato with a Leg Trap Michinoku Driver. There was a horrendous botch early in the match where Stigma tried to base for a Kawato headscissors and failed miserably, causing me to laugh hysterically. From that point forward though the match was solid and at times even threatened to be good. I know people like to give Kawato a hard time but he has gotten a lot better, and looked really smooth in this match. Stigma recovered strongly from his mishap, and was otherwise serviceable. Nothing to go out of your way to see, but I enjoyed it enough.


Shocker, Templario, Vangellys defeated Audaz, Dulce Gardenia, Flyer two falls to one after Shocker pinned Flyer and Templario pinned Audaz with his awesome Inside Out slam. The technicos and Templario tried to make this fun and there were a few moments where they succeeded. Overall though there was just too much of a poor rudos team and not enough effort to make this worthwhile. Not quite a snoozer, but not worth your time.


Cuatrero, Forastero, Sansón defeated Carístico, Soberano Jr., Titán two falls to one after Sansón pinned Carístico following a mask pull. I expected a challenge after this but we didn’t get it; perhaps next week. The match was fine, with each team getting a few moves and otherwise nothing of note occurring at all. A fittingly dull end to a dull ass show.

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