In the words of the Giant/Fireman/whatever David Lynch is calling him these days from Twin Peaks, IT IS HAPPENING AGAIN! For the first time since what feels like January, CMLL is running a Super Viernes show on Friday night that doesn’t feature a mask match or a gorram tag tournament. In other words, it’s a normal show. An honest to Grodd normal show!



Not that I don’t enjoy big shows like Homenaje a Dos Leyendas or tag tournament finals mind you; both the Torneo a Parejas Increibles finals and H2L were vastly enjoyable. You know what else is though? A show that doesn’t feature several 4 minute tag team matches that top out at “eh, it’s alright” and instead features some pretty cool trios matches that have some serious potential. That’s this Super Viernes show, a return to the status quo that looks like it’ll be setting up some big matches for the next two weeks while also bringing us some undercard bouts that could steal the show. I’m pretty excited for it, and hopefully you will be too once this preview is done. So with that, let’s get cracking!



Shockercito & Stukita vs. Mercurio & Pequeño Nitro


What to Expect: The same damn thing we get every time these guys fight; a cool Shockercito headscissors, Stukita momentarily making you believe there might be something here and at least five or six utterances of the phrase “if only Mercurio and Nitro gave a damn.” LeBron James leaving Cleveland this summer won’t be as predictable as this opener.


Winners: When in doubt, go with the rudos. They take it in three falls after Mercurio hits Stukita with a Package Piledriver. I’ll bet my collection of Batman comics from the Silver Age that’s one of the only three moves Mercurio does in the whole match.


Magia Blanca, Pegasso, Star Jr. vs. Sagrado, Templario, Virus


What to Expect: You mean besides all three technicos bickering amongst themselves over who gets to work with Templario? I’d like to say that this match will be spitting hot fire regardless of who gets matched up with him, but then I remember Pegasso is here and the fear starts to creep into me. Not that much fear though; at the end of the day the rudo team is pretty exceptional in every regard, Magia Blanca has been full of confidence over the last few months and my Grodd have you seen Star Jr. in the past week? The only time he wasn’t firing on all cylinders was when Universo 2000 Jr. dropped him on his head.  I see no Universo 2000 Jr. in this match, meaning that Star Jr. should be safe to go absolutely nuts and not worry about being the subject of Concussion II: Electric Boogaloo. As long as Pegasso isn’t in there long and is restricted to just his sweet tornillo dive (no 450’s for you Pegasso!) this match should be dynamite.


Winners: Interesting that this match is happening off the heels of Blanca and Templario being announced for that good looking Copa Nuevo Valores tournament starting early next month. I may be looking too into this but I get the feeling the finish will involve them, so let’s say Templario takes this one home for the rudo team by pinning Blanca after a Space Tiger Dive from the ramp. He likes doing that more than I like orange soda. Then again who doesn’t like orange soda; it’s the Templario of soft drinks after all!


Lightning Match

Blue Panther Jr. vs. Drone


What to Expect: This is a weird one, and not just because we’re all going to be thinking about that time Drone partied in Japan and nearly went the way of Eddie Furlong. When I think of interesting Lightning Matches, Drone matching up with Blue Panther Jr. isn’t one that pops up. That does make it a tiny bit interesting, but it also makes it a complete unknown. If I’m CMLL I’m giving Junior the basing responsibilities, allow Drone to carry most of the high flying and maybe, just maybe, allow Junior to get off that brilliant over the rope crossbody of his that he only breaks out during throwaway tag matches or Arena Coliseo shows. Do that and this match has a shot. Sadly I expect this will more or less be seven minutes of us wondering why CMLL decided on this combination. Just remember it could be worse; CMLL could’ve given us Ephesto-Rey Rey Buc II!


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Winner: Junior. Not only is he rated higher by the front office than Drone but he also didn’t go to Japan and party like a rock star when he is, in fact, not a rock star. I sense he finishes Drone a little after seven minutes with Nudo Lagunero.


Audaz, Fuego, Guerrero Maya Jr. vs. Misterioso Jr., Puma, Tiger


What to Expect: At first I saw Audaz and Guerrero Maya Jr. in this match and I was like…


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Then I saw that Puma and Tiger would be in this match, thus meaning we’d be getting Audaz/Puma and Audaz/Tiger sequences and I was like…


Image result for dear god it's beautiful gif


Then I saw Misterioso Jr. was in this match too and alright, Misterioso Jr. isn’t worthy of his own reaction shot. His participation aside, this match looks hotter than Hansel at the funeral of Derek Zoolander’s roommates. We’re talking about a match that is going to combine the charisma of Fuego, the smoothness of Maya, the excellence of Puma/Tiger and the excitement of Audaz into one epic ball of uber awesomeness. The only way this match doesn’t rule is if Misterioso wrestles the whole match, something I’m terrified of now that I’ve mentioned it. And I don’t even hate Misterioso; he just happens to be the Sex Pistols to Audaz’s The Clash, Fuego’s The Damned, Maya’s The Ramones and Puma and Tiger’s Bad Religion. The point is this match should be super good and there’s some potential magic in the works if Puma and/or Tiger get a few minutes to work with Audaz. I’m feeling like I just drank 40 ounces of Surge just writing about it!


Winners: This is actually a quasi big moment for Audaz, as a victory means he’s potentially going to move beyond the Puma/Tiger level in the CMLL pecking order. I’m not quite sure that’s happening yet (note that it will be next month in the Nuevo Valores tournament) so I’ll say the rudos win, with Puma and Tiger pinning Fuego and Maya after Audaz takes out Misterioso with a dive to protect him from the finish.


Ángel de Oro, Matt Taven, Niebla Roja vs. Cuatrero, Sansón, Volador Jr.


What to Expect: Yet another good looking match where the only scenario lacking interest is, naturally, the one featuring the two main eventers from Homenaje a Dos Leyendas going against each other. I’m sure Ángel de Oro and Cuatrero will do fine in their time together, but I’m way more interested in seeing what’s going to happen with Taven, Roja, Sansón and Volador. You can pretty much come up with an entertaining combination of singles featuring two of those four, and I’m betting we get something set up considering Taven’s CMLL stay is probably concluding a week from this show. So the question becomes whether you put him with Sansón (intriguing), Cuatrero (less intriguing but still good) or Volador (!!!!!!). That wrinkle should be enough to make this match a must watch, while the well paced action takes care of the rest.


Winners: Taven-Volador sounds like a winner to me and I’d bet my Batman bobblehead it’s the match set up from here. Look for Taven to foul Volador in the third fall for the DQ, followed by some challenges to set up that big singles match for the March 30th show, aka the show two days before my birthday. Matt Taven vs. Volador as a birthday present? YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE CMLL!


Diamante Azul, Marco Corleone, Último Guerrero vs. Kráneo, Rush, Terrible


What to Expect: Is this the first time Rush and Terrible will be appearing together as official Los Ingobernables members since Terrible joined in the Torneo a Parejas Increibles finals? BEAUTY! I can’t say I’m too excited for the match as a whole considering how the semi-main looks in comparison, but at least Rush and Terrible palling around will be something. I suppose CMLL might also be looking into setting up a big singles match two weeks from now out of this pairing, with Rush-Marco, Terrible-Marco and UG-Terrible (!!!) all very appealing. Either way, unless you’re living in denial, I’d expect this match to be something built more towards future things and cool little moments as opposed to an honest to Grodd good match.


Winners: On the one hand, Rush and Terrible should win because that’s the hot thing. On the other hand, when has CMLL ever gotten behind the hot thing in the right way? Ah who cares; I’m going with Rush, Terrible and Kráneo. They win in three falls through nefarious means, with something in there that puts a potential big match into motion for the April 6th show. I’m just not quite sure what just yet.


Game…blouses! See you tomorrow for a review of this bad boy sports fans; ain’t it great to have a CMLL show that doesn’t feature a tag team tournament or that takes place on Monday or Tuesday? Till tomorrow, THIS!


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