In what may be the feel good moment for lucha libre in 2018, Pro Wrestling Guerilla announced tonight that CMLL star Puma (aka Puma King, aka Puma Casas) will be part of their annual Battle of Los Angeles tournament. He is the 7th participant announced, following Joey Janela, Robbie Eagles, Ilja Dragunov, Jody Fleisch, Brody King and PCO.


An eleven year veteran and third generation luchador, Puma is a member of the legendary Casas family; his grandfather was luchador turned referee Pepe Casas, his uncles are CMLL/lucha libre legend Negro Casas and AAA legend Heavy Metal and his father is long time CMLL star Felino. Despite this Puma has largely been a CMLL midcarder since debuting for the promotion in 2010, his most notable singles match being a classic mask vs. mask match against Rey Cometa in 2012 that many thought would rocket him to superstardom. Even still Puma and his brother Tiger Casas have become known as two of the most talented and reliable members of the CMLL roster, known for their state of the art tag team/trio offense and the ability to make even the most mediocre luchador look great in the ring. His appearance in BOLA will be his most high profile appearance in the US to date, following bookings for Aro Lucha, CHIKARA, Lucha VaVoom, Powerbomb TV and Pro Wrestling Revolution over the past few years.


PWG’s Battle of Los Angeles will take place September 14th through September 16th this fall. Lucha Central will keep you updated on whether any more luchadores will be added to the tournament and offer our congratulations to Puma for the huge opportunity.