You’ll never believe this sports fans but tomorrow night is CMLL’s Homenaje a Dos Leyendas show; you know, only the second biggest CMLL show of the year. If it feels like it just kind of snuck up on you, that’s because it did. Ladies and gentlemen I have lived through some poorly booked Wrestlemania’s, I was one of many bored out of my mind by the buildup to Diamante Azul vs. Bestia del Ring; hell I’ve even seen a grown man satisfy a camel. What that last point has to do with any of this I’m not sure; there larger point is that even with all those other poor builds, I can’t remember a CMLL event that was this DOA going in. The only things CMLL’s 2019 edition of H2L has going for it is the honoring of the legendary Blue Demon and an enticing Trios Titles match in the semi-main event…and even that match was originally better than what it looks like now. All the hopes and all the energy this show would’ve otherwise had have been sapped out by a main event that is colder than the Alps James Bond skied down in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. But hey; it’s still a big show and this is a lucha libre site. There must be a preview, and I must be the one to give it to you. Let’s take a look at what we’ve got and how this all went so horribly dull.



Audaz, Esfinge, Tritón vs. Hijo del Villano III, Pólvora, Vangellys


What to Expect: A brief note for all you new readers out there (all six of you) who are checking out CMLL for the first time and want to know the stories for these undercard matches; there are none. Only one match on this show has any sort of angle behind and it’s the main event, which means the rest of these are thrown together like the screenplay for Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four. That’s just CMLL; you either learn to love it, learn to live with it or run screaming for the hills. I’m still not sure how the latter never happened to me.


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In any event, story or no story, you should watch this opener and you should watch it for Audaz. He’s not the only luchador in this match who I’d categorize as good or interesting (Tritón, Hijo del Villano III and even Pólvora fall into that category) but he’s definitely the most exciting of these six and he’s been on FIYAH recently. Audaz is so good that I’m pretty sure he’ll find a way to make this work, even with the never ending disappointment of Esfinge and M. Bison cosplayer Vangellys involved. It won’t be a great match, but Audaz will break out something to wow people and make shit interesting.


Winners: Another thing for CMLL newbies to know; CMLL always makes the wrong calls on finishes. Thus you can look for Audaz and his team to lose this match in three falls after Vangellys pins him with a PerfectPlex. Riveting stuff I know.


Atomo, El Gallito, Microman vs. Chamuel, Mije, Zacarias


What to Expect: The return of the micros! Actually no, this is the more appropriate response; the return of the micros. See the difference? I probably would’ve been more hyped a year and 30 matches ago and in fairness it’s always great to see Microman and Chamuel work their magic. But to me, and I say this knowing I’m risking Lucha Twitter’s wrath, the novelty has worn off on the micros. They’re still entertaining, but it’s hard to get too excited when you only really have Microman and Chamuel capable of being good, while everyone else just tries not to embarrass themselves. That isn’t a problem during the first few matches; it is when you’ve done it over and over again. So while this will be an okay time and will be a lot of fun for people not familiar with the Micro Stars, I’m keeping my expectations low. It’ll be fine, but it won’t be as good as it was a year or so ago.


Winners: Microman only loses in Arena Coliseo; this show is taking place in Arena Mexico. Thus look for Microman and his boys to take this in three falls.


Diamante Azul, Soberano Jr., Titán vs. Ephesto, Mephisto, Templario


What to Expect: If CMLL had literally put anyone but Diamante Azul in this match I’d be doing Sasuke Specials off the deck. I guess Mistico was too busy posting Instagram photos to be available. I don’t want to completely write off the match yet because everyone else here is passable to really good, with Soberano and Templario in particular having great chemistry together. But Diamante Azul seems to be getting worse by the day and even Soberano and Templario aren’t immune to a few questionable choices in their sequences. It all just makes it hard for me to believe this match will wind up being as good as it could’ve been with someone else involved. Of course now that I’ve said this Titán and Mephisto will recreate their awesome match from last year all over again while Soberano and Templario wow and Azul and Ephesto just chill in the corner most of the time. The good kind of jinx as it was.


Winners: The technicos take it again after Titán pins Mephisto with his cool new leg lock pinning combination, all while Soberano hits a beautiful dive on Templario and Diamante Azul nearly kills Ephesto. Sorry Ephesto.


Cuatrero, Forastero, Sansón vs. Cavernario, Gil Muertes, Negro Casas


What to Expect: Behold; the return of Negro Casas!


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I must admit this match has me a bit nervous sports fans and that’s for one reason and one reason alone; Atlantis. We all saw how he was never the same after he returned from injury last year, even if he has managed to tap into enough remaining ability to get by. Negro Casas was always a bit better a worker than Atlantis but he’s also three years older; you just never know when time is going to catch up to you. Having said all that, this is still Negro Casas, one of the greatest workers ever and someone who was still going strong before he got hurt. I’m not betting against him, and you know the crowd will be white hot for him during this match, provided he is indeed in it and not taking another week before returning. If he can go, then him, Cavernario and the always reliable Dinamitas should be enough to overcome Gil Muertes’ deficiencies (and I’m beginning to believe he may have something if he’s kept away from Diamante Azul) and make this a good match. It likely won’t get the time to compete with the semi-main but it could be the second best match on the show, especially if the main event plays its cards wrong.


Winners: Casas gets the W in his return with a La Casita on Sansón in fall three.


CMLL World Trios Championship Match

Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Último Guerrero (c) vs. Carístico, Dragón Lee, Volador Jr.


What to Expect: This match was originally supposed to feature Penta Zero M and King Phoenix (aka Rey Fenix) teaming with Volador to challenge Los Guerreros for the CMLL Trios Championships. That sounds swell doesn’t it?! So why is the match not happening? To quote my favorite Queens of the Stone Age song, no one knows. Just another day in the CMLL sports fans!


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Let me be clear here; Pentagon and Fenix being off this show is the only disappointing thing about this match. That’s because CMLL replaced them with Carístico and Dragón Lee. You can’t ever replace Pentagon and Fenix, but if you’re going to try, you’re not going to do much better than a revitalized Carístico and a Dragón Lee who is as good as ever since returning from that reality TV show he was on. They may not bring the same uniqueness the Lucha Brothers surely would’ve had but they, along with Volador, will bring the excitement. And they have the perfect team to do it with in a Guerreros unit that knows all three really well and is arguably the most complete trios team CMLL has. Even if this is just the groups dishing out the greatest hits I expect it to still be a great watch and would be stunned if this didn’t turn out to be the best match on the show. A miracle from the main event or a catastrophe in this bout is the only way that doesn’t happen.


Winners: The Guerreros keep the gold with the UG putting Carístico away with the Guerrero Special in fall three.


Hair vs. Hair Tag Team Match

Ángel de Oro & Niebla Roja vs. Bestia del Ring & Terrible


What to Expect: We have now reached the reason no one is excited for this show. Here’s how it all began sports fans; about a month ago Niebla Roja and Terrible both had Cinderella runs in the CMLL Universal Championship, leading to them squaring off in the finals. They had a good, albeit unintentionally funny due to Terrible pulling Roja’s tights down a bit too far, match that Terrible won via shenanigans, leading to Roja challenging him to a hair match at this show. That would’ve been welcome news and match I and likely others would’ve wanted to see. Naturally CMLL decided to give us all the finger and instead inserted Roja’s brother, Ángel de Oro, and Terrible’s Los Ingobernables stable mate, Bestia del Ring, into the match as well (they were having a mini feud at the time themselves). And that sports fans is how we went from having a good Homenaje a Dos Leyendas main event to one featuring one of the worst luchadores in the world, Bestia del Ring, for the second time in three years.


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I’ll give CMLL this much sports fans; at least they found a way to do something even dumber than not going with LA Park vs. Rush at the Aniversario last year. The only reason, and I mean only reason, this match is happening the way it is is because Rush is Bestia’s son, Rush is busy with ROH this weekend and Rush has more power in CMLL than the President of Mexico has over Mexico. That’s it. And that’s nowhere near a good enough reason to have Bestia and Oro (a legitimately good worker) inserted into a match that was just fine without them. They’re inclusion has hurt the match and the build for this show greatly; everyone I know could care less about the show and judging from ticket sales, CMLL’s base audience agrees. It’s a bad situation and one that’s likely to produce a disappointing main event as a result. There’s only one hope for this match surprising everyone and it’s Bestia and Oro (who again, I cannot stress enough, is really good and deserves better than this) getting eliminated early, allowing Terrible and Roja to have a terrific, back and forth final fall. Hell even Oro and Terrible doing that would suffice. If that scenario occurs then there’s a chance this match may surprise us and turn out to be a strong main event. But beyond that, this match looks like a dud. It’s a shame because Oro, Roja and Terrible are generally terrific performers who could’ve had a great match with each other or with Rush being here instead. Alas we got Bestia and it’s time for us all to embrace the horror. Leave yourself some room to be surprised sports fans, but keep your expectations low. And even if it does turn out well, it doesn’t change that this match was a mistake and another huge blunder by CMLL in a half a year stretch loaded with them.


Winners: A Niebla Roja vs. Terrible or Ángel de Oro vs. Terrible match would’ve been a tossup; Bestia’s involvement makes it very clear that the technicos are going over. Thus look for Roja to win the match for him and Oro with a top rope Double Underhook Chickenwing on Terrible in fall three, giving them the hair of Bestia and Terrible. Good night and please drive home safe.


There you have it sports fans. I’ll see you all tomorrow night for live coverage of this show. There’ll also be a preview of AAA’s much better looking Rey de Reyes show earlier in the day. TILL THEN!


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