A mask and a hair will fall into the most important CMLL show of the year  

The CMLL presented this Wednesday the official card for its 86th Anniversary Show, which will take place this Friday, September 27 at the Arena Mexico, in which a mask & hair will fall, and two titles will be defended.

The main event will be a Cage Match in which seven hairs will be on the line, being Ultimo Guerrero, Ciber the Main Man, Gilbert el Boricua, Volador Jr., Negro Casas, Big Daddy & Barbaro Cavernario the participants.

An interesting fact is that Volador Jr. will dispute the Ring of Honor World Championship against Matt Taven in the Global Wars Espectacular event, in case of winning he would have to face Rush in a Title Match in the PPV Death Before Dishonor.

The other bet match will be between Microman & Chamuel in a Mask Vs. Mask Match.

The NGD will defend the Mexican National Six-Man Tag Team Championship for the twelfth time, taking them on this occasion Caristico, Mistico & El Valiente as rivals.

The CMLL World Women’s Championship is on the line. Dalys will face the winner of the Title Match between Marcela and a Japanese wrestler that will take place this September 15 in Tokyo, Japan at the indy company Ladys Ring.

 CMLL 86th Anniversary Show Card:

Main Event: Ultimo Guerrero Vs. Ciber the Main Man Vs. Gilbert el Boricua Vs. Volador Jr., Negro Casas Vs. Big Daddy Vs. Barbaro Cavernario (Hair Vs. Hair Cage Match)

Semifinal Match: NGD (Sanson, Cuatrero & Forastero) (Champions) Vs. Caristico, Mistico & El Valiente (Challengers) for the Mexican National Six-Man Tag Team Championships (Title Match)

Special Event: Microman Vs. Chamuel (Mask Vs. Mask Match)

Fourth Match: Angel de Oro, Niebla Roja & Mephisto Vs. Gran Guerrero, Euforia & Dragon Lee (Six-Man Tag Team Incredible Match)

Third Match: Marcela or Japanese Wrestler (Champion) Vs. Dalys (Challenger) for the CMLL World Women’s Championship (Title Match)

Second Match: Diamante Azul, Titan & Dulce Gardenia Vs. Hechicero, Rey Bucanero & Hijo del Villano III (Six-Man Tag Team Match)

First Match: Rey Cometa, El Audaz & Stigma Vs. Virus, Misterioso Jr. & Tiger (Six-Man Tag Team Match)

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