The work is never done with CMLL. One day after the end of their Copa Nuevos Valores tournament, the promotion held a press conference today to announce yet another tournament for the month of May. Starting May 4th, CMLL will be running their annual Gran Alternativa tournament, a tag team invitational that pits sixteen teams of veteran luchadores teaming with younger/lower card luchadores. The finals will be held on Friday May 18th; thus far only Block A teams have been announced, consisting of Ángel de Oro and Robin, Atlantis and Copa Nuevos Valores winner Magia Blanca, Ephesto and Maquiavelo, Hechicero and Espanto Jr., Mephisto and Yago, Mistico and Eléctrico, Terrible and Hijo del Signo and likely favorites Volador Jr. and Flyer.


That’s not all CMLL has on deck though. The main event of the 62nd Aniversario of Arena Mexico, to be held on Friday April 27th, was announced today as well, with Princesa Sugehit taking on La Seductora in a hair vs. hair match. This will be the second major Apuesta match for the CMLL luchadoras in less than a year, following Sugehit’s defeat to Zeuxis in a mask vs. mask match at the 84th Aniversario in September. And CMLL’s not done after that. The April 28th, 29th and 30th shows in Arena Coliseo, Arena Mexico and Arena Puebla will be held in honor the Kids Day holiday, meaning we’re likely to see an appearance from the popular micro stars (including Microman). And if that wasn’t enough, CMLL will keep the momentum to kick off May, with Magia Blanca taking on Soberano Jr. for the Mexican National Welterweight Championship on the first Tuesday show of the month, Blanca’s award for winning the Copa Nuevos Valores tournament.


Finally, the biggest news was arguably the announcement of CMLL’s 85th Aniversario, their biggest show of the year. Instead of waiting a few months, CMLL dropped the news that the Aniversario will take place on September 14th of this year to everyone’s shock. There’s no news for what the main event could be as of yet, but the contenders in the clubhouse look to be the newly turned Kraneo facing Rush in a mask vs. hair match and the enticing Caristico vs. Mistico rematch, which would either be for either man’s mask or for the rights to the Mistico name.