It’s about that time sports fans. We’re moments away from the 85th edition of the CMLL Aniversario and, despite all the stupidity, missed opportunities and such along the way, I’m finally starting to get excited for this event. Unfortunately it’s too late to order wings at this stage! No matter; there’s always the next show and I can more than make due with some Pizza Pringles and this Live Review I’m bringing you here at Lucha Central. Whether you’re following along while watching the event on iPPV or Honor Club, or can only keep track of the show through here, I welcome you to the madness and hope you have a good time. What else needs to be said? Let’s dive into the biggest CMLL event of the year.



La Jarochita, Marcela, Princesa Sugehit defeated Dalys, Metálica, Reyna Isis two falls to one


You know…you’d think an event like the Aniversario would call from a great effort from everyone on the card. Evidently these six luchadoras didn’t get the memo; THIS WAS THE EXACT SAME MEDIOCRE MATCH THEY ALWAYS HAVE! You’re gorram right I’m angry about it. I wasn’t expecting anything great from this match but I was at least expecting them to try. In the end only Sugehit and Metálica appeared to be trying and what do you know, their super cool spots were the only things they did in this match as most of the action belonged to Dalys going through every single motion imaginable. She was dreadful and everyone else was either exactly the same or not allowed to do anything. What a lifeless drag of an opener sports fans. Just like Britta is the opposite of Batman, this was the complete and total opposite of an AAA opener. CMLL better find some luchadoras that at least want to try or they may as well just throw the division in the scrap heap. It’s an insult to all the women’s wrestlers out there worth a damn that bullshit matches like this are still happening.


Ángel de Oro, Audaz, Niebla Roja defeated Felino, Mephisto, Negro Casas two falls to one


Boy did it not take long for CMLL to course correct!


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This was exactly what you want from an undercard match on the Aniversario; high effort from everyone involved, some cool spots and one break out performance. You’ll never believe it but the break out performance came from none other than Audaz. He was so good you almost felt bad for Ángel de Oro and Niebla Roja, who were both really good in this match and still got overshadowed. That’s because Audaz was finally pulling out some of his big tricks, like an unbelievable Asai Tornillo in the first fall, a death defying Brillo…something in the third fall and a bunch of other high octane moves in between. It helped greatly that he was wrestling with Mephisto most of the way, who gelled with the youngster immediately in a way that I reckon Mr. Niebla (who Mephisto replaced) wouldn’t have. I guess Niebla showing up wasted on a Tuesday show and getting himself kicked off this show worked out for all involved after all. Felino was meanwhile serviceable (if the least active of the six) and Negro Casas, in his 27th consecutive Aniversario appearance, was as sharp and over as ever. If there’s one regret I have about this match it’s that we didn’t get a ton of him and Audaz together; that was the money matchup and CMLL mostly stayed away from it. Perhaps another time! In any event this was a really strong match and CMLL capped it off well by having Audaz go over with the Rolling Armbar. It was indeed his match and hats off to CMLL for finally getting something right and putting the exciting young guy over.


Cuatrero, Forastero, Sansón defeated Atlantis, Mistico, Soberano Jr. two falls to one


Other than a rare Soberano slip up on hurricanrana attempt (which he quickly recovered from) this match went exactly as I expected. Actually it may have gone even better because, for the first time all year, the old Atlantis showed some signs that he’s still there. Not only did he manage to get Sansón up in La Atlantida (though not in full grip), not only did he have some good offense throughout but HE FINALLY DID THE BACKBREAKERS! They weren’t as good as they used to be but they weren’t bad either, and the fact that Atlantis even tried them all but brought a tear to my eye. It goes to show that when the big moment comes (and with the right opponent), we can definitely still count on the legend. A large chunk of the credit should also go to his opponents. Cuatrero, Forastero and Sansón were on their A game tonight, offensively, basing, the whole shebang. Just when you think they had done enough with some of their great double teams, Forastero would come along and top it with an awesome dive, or Sansón would finish the match off with an awesome top rope Blue Thunder Bomb to Mistico. Last year I thought the group was kind of given a raw deal; this year the Dinamitas proved what they were all about on the big stage. So did Soberano and Mistico, with the former doing great besides his slip up and Mistico doing what he usually does in fighting through the boos. Another very strong undercard match!

CMLL World Trios Championship Match

Ciber the Main Man, Scharly Rock Star, The Chris defeated Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Último Guerrero two falls to one


No…no you are not reading that result wrong sports fans. Klan (Kaoz) is your new CMLL World Trios Champions. I repeat; Klan (Kaoz) is your new CMLL World Trios Champions.


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I honestly have no idea what to say right now. How? Why? HOW?! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?! I thought CMLL had lost their minds weeks ago when they went against the obvious CMLL Aniversario main event but this…this is whole other level man. This was CMLL seeing a situation that wasn’t working and doubling down on it and then some. Holy shit. And it’s not like everything leading up to this finish (Ciber pinning UG with the weakest spear of all time) gave you hope for more matches. No this match was more of the same as before. Everyone tried hard, there were a few good moments and we were reminded that all three Guerreros are in fact really, really good. We were also reminded that all three members of Klan (Kaoz), minus maybe Scharly Rock Star, are not good at all, and putting the Trios Championships on them just seems like a recipe for disaster. Or at least a recipe of me not giving a crap about those titles for the immediate future. Who the hells knows. I can’t believe I got this many words out on the subject as I did. This match was below average, the finish was mesmerizingly stupid and holy hell has the energy been sucked out of this show. Save us LA Park?


Diamante Azul, King Phoenix, Penta El Zero M defeated Carístico, Hijo de LA Park, LA Park two falls to one


Is there anyone better at shooting themselves in the foot and somehow walking it off immediately after than CMLL? I was certain this show was doomed to a degree after that last match (and it’s result), only for lucha libre’s Fantastic Four to come along and deliver the goods. My Grodd what a match!


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Let’s get the negatives out of the way; Fenix and Pentagon slipped on one move, which they quickly recovered on to nail the move. Oh and Diamante Azul was here and no matter what he does people will see red. Other than those two things this match was the stuff that dreams are made of. LA Park, not satisfied with the great year he’s had, set out to make Diamante Azul look like a million bucks and my eyes pretty much did. Azul didn’t look out of place brawling with Park and was able to do things like effortlessly hit the legend with a backbreaker. He may have tried too hard to start a feud (like he did with Okada and Naito) but overall I thought Azul acquainted himself well, and Park was as usual magnificent from open to close. Carístico was kind of the odd man out in this match, but even he got in a few nice Tornado DDT’s along the way and didn’t screw anything up. Most importantly he got out of the way of the three stars, Fenix, Pentagon and Hijo de LA Park. The latter was as good as ever (no matter what Champ Julius tells you), hit some great moves, was involved with a dozen or so of the best sequences in this match and hit an awe inspiring dive into the crowd that may go down as the spot of the night. And what can you say about Fenix and Pentagon that hasn’t already been said about…well Fenix and Pentagon? They were dead set on having a special match and they did, with all sorts of unbelievable spots and double teams, and it was all without them really doing any huge dives (that was Hijo de LA Park’s job!). I don’t know what else to say; it was high energy, fun loving brilliance with one of the most fun endings you’ll see all year. We’ll see how the main event does but considering the hole this show was in prior to this match and how good everything turned out here, this will be hard to beat as the best match of the night.


Hair vs. Hair Tag Team Match

Cavernario & Rush defeated Matt Taven & Volador Jr. two falls to one


There was one thing that really bugged me about this match, so much so that I’m going to lead off with it. What in Grodd’s name was that finish?! For those who missed it, Cavernario eliminated Taven with La Cavernaria, followed by Volador eliminating Cav with a Canadian Destroyer to bring it down, rightfully so, to him and Rush. They brawled for a few seconds until Taven got back in the ring…and inexplicably kicked Volador in the head, allowing Rush to hit the Rush Driver and give him and Cav the victory. WHY ON EARTH DID TAVEN DO THIS?! The official explanation is that Taven hurt his arm by accidentally colliding with Volador on a dive (this did indeed happen) and, quite frankly, that’s not good enough for me. This is a match where your damn hair is on the line! Can’t you get over a mistake long enough for your hair to be saved? It didn’t make a ton of sense for Taven to do that and he came off as a doofus when he realized afterwards “shit, I messed up.” The nicest thing I can say about the finish is that it wasn’t as dumb as the Guerreros-Klan (Kaoz) one. Besides that it was flatter than a two week old Sunkist left out in the sun. And as Sonic would say…


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Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get to the rest of the match, which I thought was wonderful. It starts with the crowd. As it turns out we were all wrong; there was an audience for this match after all and they were with this match all the way till the end (though the finish did seem to take the wind out of their sails a bit). They were rewarded with an outstanding effort from all four luchadores. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Matt Taven better; he rose to the occasion big time in what will probably go down as one of the biggest moments of his career. Volador was tremendous and left everything all on the table, even bringing back the springboard dive into the crowd to try and one up Hijo de LA Park (it’s a testament to Park’s dive that I’m not sure he did). Rush was off the charts. Only in his battles with LA Park has he displayed more energy and effort than he did here, highlighted by one spectacular moment where he hit a Shotgun Dropkick on Volador to break up a pin, all while leaping over referee Edgar Noriega (who should be commended as well for his great work in this bout). But that star, as it should’ve been, was Cavernario. He was the most over with the crowd, he did not one but two splashes to the floor (including one from off the stage in the first five minutes of the match); it felt like he was becoming a superstar right before our eyes. That’s kind of absurd considering he’s already very much a major player to most of us, but if there were any doubters coming into tonight I can’t imagine they still feel the same, especially with Volador doing the ultra classy move of putting Cav over in the post match by having the rudo shave half his head. Overall, with the exception of the finish, I can’t see how this match could’ve worked out any better than it did. The crowd loved it, all four guys worked their asses off and this turned out to be yet another excellent Aniversario main event. Leave to CMLL to get it all wrong and yet get it oh so right.


And that was CMLL’s 85th Aniversario sports fans. It wasn’t a flawless show but it was far better than I expected. The only real problems I had with it were the opener (which sucked), the fourth match (the streak mark of this show) and the finish to the main event. Otherwise it was a really fun card, with the second and third match delivering, the semi-main tearing down the house and the main following closely behind. I would put Park, Park and Carístico vs. Penta, Fenix and Azul ahead of the main in terms of Match of the Night ratings, mostly because the action was absolutely out of this world in that match (especially in fall three) and because the ending of the main event sticks in my craw that much. But that’s just me; in the end both matches were great and most of this show was very well done. I wouldn’t say it was better than Triplemania or even Negro Casas’ Aniversario, but this was a strong comeback for CMLL after several down weeks and questionable decisions, and should go down as one of the best shows they do this year. I’ll see you soon sports fans!


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