The time has come sports fans. It’s time for the latest episode of CMLL Super Viernes, a night that will celebrate the otherworldly 40 year career of Negro Casas and deliver what could be one of the best shows of the year. You know Lucha Central wasn’t going to miss this party, which is why we are bringing you yet another Live Review for those who can’t watch or who want to follow along while watching. If you want to watch the show, you can check it out at Marca Claro, Marca Claro’s Facebook page or luchablog’s YouTube page. That’s three places; you know a show is big when there are three options for you to take it all in. Take advantage of that and follow along with us, starting now.



Audaz & Fuego defeated Templario & Virus two falls to one


You can already tell this show will be different than usual because the opener was, Peter Griffin voice, sweet. It probably wasn’t crazy enough to match some of the recent AAA openers but it made up for it in being more sound (as CMLL usually is) while still cutting a great pace and featuring some cool stuff. It felt to me like Templario and Virus carried the first part of the match, basing great for the technicos in the first fall and then providing some serious sizzle in falls two and three to get the match really going. Then as we got towards the end it became the Audaz show, with him wowing as only he can while everyone held on for dear life. Only Fuego stayed away from showing flash, and he made up for it with crafty arm drags and even craftier submissions. Whatever way you slice it it’s hard to find complaints. Easily the best opener CMLL has had in quite some time.


Ángel de Oro, Blue Panther Jr., Niebla Roja defeated Ephesto, Luciferno, Mephisto two falls to one


You’ll never believe this but this wasn’t as good as the opener! Who could’ve possibly foreseen that development? Besides everyone of course.


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That’s probably why I’m not that upset about this match; it always was going to be the least interesting match on the card given the involvement of Los Hijos del Infiernos. There’s only so much Mephisto and Luciferno can do to carry the broken down palace that is Ephesto, and sure enough they were spending a lot of the match mistiming things and getting lost on certain spots, thus leading to the technicos getting lost as well. A shame because Blue Panther Jr. was back on course after his rough Friday last week (he did his backbreakers and landed on his feet on his big dive!) and both Niebla Roja and Ángel de Oro were trying. It just wasn’t going to work with these rudos and thus we got what will probably be the weakest match of the night.




So Christopher Daniels came out, posed for the crowd and got plugged for his appearance on CMLL’s show this Sunday. You needed to know this. Let’s now carry on.


Carístico, El Hijo de LA Park, Mistico defeated Cuatrero, Forastero, Sansón two falls to one


And just like that we’re back on course! The only flaw I found with this match is that CMLL left the replay running too long in between falls and we missed a cool moment with KeMonito and a triple stage dive sequence from the technicos (luckily we saw the latter on replay). Otherwise this was super good and it was mostly so because of a surprising source; Hijo de LA Park! Actually I would give the Dinamitas just as much credit as they were basing like mad men in the third fall and their second fall sequences (which featured a new triple team) were hot fire. But for me Hijo de LA Park stole the show. He’s still probably better off not trying that rana to the floor spot if he’s gonna keep landing on his head/neck, but he still mostly hit that good and everything else from him was great. It was like he was scarred from that terrible match he was involved in last night and had to make up for it times ten tonight. He did, and that was even before the crowd dive at the end that flattened the entire second row. It’s not to say Carístico and Mistico were disappointing, but compared to Hijo de Park they were taking an off night. And that’s quite okay because Park and the Dinamitas more than carried the load. A really strong match.


Atlantis, Blue Panther, Negro Casas defeated El Solar, Fuerza Guerrera, Octagón two falls to one


Let’s start this section with the ceremony for Casas! We got a brief look at tribute videos for the man before they were cut off in favor of showing the dance ceremony for Casas. I know; we actually got to see the dance ceremony. That’s more than enough to soften the blow for those of us wondering if El Hijo del Santo or Chris Jericho would appear in one of the tributes. The dance ceremony was pretty damn good and the ceremony afterwards where Casas’ entire family (minus Felino, who was at the booth, and Heavy Metal who was…who knows?) came down with Sofia Alonso was really nice too. I managed to hold it together but I’m not sure how Casas did; it was a very emotional moment by the looks of it! I was a little surprised there wasn’t more bombast to it but this was Negro’s ceremony, not mine, and overall I thought it was a really cool, really great moment for a legend who deserves.


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Now to the match. It was not quite as good as Atlantis’ legends match, though it wasn’t a disaster either. Solar looked really good at times, though he doesn’t appear to entirely know his limits with some moves. Blue Panther was largely neutralized and didn’t have much to do. Atlantis wasn’t very good and my Grodd his sequences with Atlantis will live long in my nightmares. And to the surprise of no one Octagón and even Fuerza Guerrera weren’t that good. They did try hard, Fuerza had a nice cannonball dive off the apron and Octagón had what had to be his best suicide dive since he was feuding with the first Pentagon. But overall they can’t do that much anymore (actually I think Fuerza can with the right guy, but this wasn’t the case) and this match showed it. Luckily we all knew this wasn’t going to be the best match, it didn’t last long, Casas looked good in it (and went over by pinning Guerrera with La Casita) and most importantly, no big Apuesta match was set up between any of these guys! Stop worrying peeps; whatever the Aniversario headliner is it won’t be Octagón-Fuerza or Atlantis-Fuerza. For that I’m willing to give this match a positive grade. Well that and how nice it treated Casas of course.


NWA World Historic Welterweight Championship

Volador Jr. defeated Matt Taven two falls to one


It feels like this match was hours ago now! That’s what happens when you put LA Park, the Lucha Brothers, Rush and the Briscoes together and say “go do shit for thirty minutes and see what happens!” What a shame for these two because this would’ve been the best match of the night if not for that. It may have still been the hottest. The crowd was nuclear in their support for Volador and their disgust of Taven, who was perfect in his last night as a rudo (more on that in a moment!). It helped they had a killer match as well. Taven had a slip up on a rana spot that Volador had to cover up quickly (he did) and beyond that everything else was solid to spectacular. I’ll forever wonder why Taven goes back to the US; he’s so good in this environment and seems to just get better every time he shows up. And while Volador is still doing less than he used to, he’s still so unbelievably good as a performer that he makes it work, especially when he has this strong of a crowd to play off. Even Tirantes being Tirantes in order to get some heat from the sold out crowd worked for me, mostly because it just got Volador even more support and made his win seem even bigger when he pulled it off. You could argue the first match was a little smoother without the botch or Tirantes’ shenanigans, but the work wasn’t far off and the heat was so good that I’d say this was the better of the two matches. And the post match angle worked as well, given that CMLL clearly wanted Taven to go back to the technico side and having him save Volador from Rush would do just that. For a moment I thought that might’ve been hinting towards CMLL switching from LA Park and Rush to Volador and Rush. And then the main event happened.


King Phoenix, LA Park, Penta Zero M defeated Jay Briscoe, Mark Briscoe, Rush two falls to one


The Batman gif is going to have company to start this one off sports fans.


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Wow. WOW!!!!!!! First off, big ups to Fenix for being able to tell everyone he knows he was involved in the best match of the weekend for both AAA and CMLL in a 24 hour span. That’s mind blowing, and I probably won’t even remember it after this paragraph because of everything else that happened here. He was tremendous in this match. So was Pentagon, finally allowed to cut loose a bit in CMLL after a few disappointing matchups due to booking. Interestingly enough he and Fenix were still not at their most explosive, though they didn’t need to be working with a Briscoes Brothers unit that looked like they were born to be stars in Arena Mexico. I wasn’t surprised they were great but I was surprised there wasn’t even a remote sign of growing pains like we’ve seen with other foreigners coming in. Instead the Briscoes hopped in like they had been working CMLL their whole life and were outstanding working with Pentagon and Fenix. If CMLL doesn’t run that match at the Aniversario this September then they’re out of their minds. Of course they may be anyway because as great the Lucha Bros/Briscoes stuff was, it all took a backseat to the never ending livewire that is the LA Park-Rush feud. At this point CMLL could probably put El Santo and Blue Demon in there with them and they’d get overshadowed by Rush and the Chairman.



It was the same old story with these two tonight sports fans. They brawled in the crowd (which CMLL missed quite a bit of unfortunately). They brawled in the ring. They built up tremendous heat. They did awesome stuff like Park’s spear and Rush refusing to pin Park when having him beat because he couldn’t let go of how Park humiliated him back in June. Perhaps the true testament of how much people want to see these two go at it was a moment towards the end, after Pentagon and Fenix had taken the Briscoes out with dives, where the two stared down each other in the ring and Arena Mexico literally rumbled. In a feud built around countless moments of electricity, this may have been the greatest. I would’ve given my Batman bobblehead and a year’s supply of Sunkist to have been in Arena Mexico for that moment. It was magic. And further proof that this should be the match that closes the Aniversario a little more than a month from now.


Now will it? I still believe the answer is yes. CMLL is many things (including stupid) but to have gone this far down the road in building up Park vs. Rush, with no other options in sight (as you can tell, nothing else on this show was set up) and no other option as appealing just seems impossible even for them. The only thing that casts doubt on Park-Rush happening at this point are the low ticket prices CMLL announced for the Aniversario yesterday. My theory on that; that CMLL (who as I pointed out can be a bit stupid) completely undervalued this match because a) they foolishly don’t think it’s a big deal, b) are wary of AAA screwing them over at Triplemania by unmaking Park before this match and c) are planning on Rush losing and thus don’t need huge ticket prices in order to pay him off for his hair (it’s possible the lucha commission is also asking CMLL to hold off on announcing the match due to Triplemania, but that wouldn’t explain the low prices). We’ve all been expecting CMLL to get this wrong, but what if what they got wrong was under pricing a show that fans would’ve paid at least $200 US to see? I think it’s very possible and I think (if this is indeed the case) CMLL has made one of the dumbest business moves in wrestling history. They could’ve set an all time gate record with Park vs. Rush and now, whether they’re doing that match or not, it’s entirely off the table. It’s completely inexplicable from a business standpoint. As a fan though, prices are secondary; all I really want is to see this match, to see LA Park and Rush finally blow off one of the greatest programs I’ve ever seen and to see LA Park become the first man to headline Triplemania and the CMLL Aniversario in the same year. If CMLL wants to make it cheaper for people to see this match while still doing it…as far as I’m concerned, their loss is our gain. I think that will be the case. Whatever way it goes, the LA Park-Rush situation and what CMLL will do with it is without question (at least to me) the biggest story in wrestling, the most captivating story in wrestling, and this match tonight just highlighted that for everyone once again.


And that was tonight’s CMLL. What a ride. I don’t know if it was up and down better than AAA’s show last night, given that the second match tonight and the legends matches were a bit of a drag. But Negro Casas getting his moment was wonderful, the opener was terrific, the third match with Hijo de LA Park and the Dinamitas was strong, Volador-Taven was awesome and the main event was unforgettable. There were more lows than AAA yesterday, but the highs were higher and seeing a sold out Arena Mexico for a non H2L/Aniversario show is something that will stick with me. But now we must move onto the next chapter, which requires me to get some sleep before I tackle it. Rest assured though, I think this LA Park-Rush thing will need to be further discussed tomorrow. TILL THEN!



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