A match that really pumped up the crowd

Story & Photos by Ricardo Nunez

Suburban Fight Living After Midnight

November 9, 2019


Los Angeles, CA

Sonico used his Lucha skills over Bey but Bey has some Lucha techniques of his own and shocked Sonico along with the crowd. First time ever match up and it was one for the ages at the end of the day it was Bey with an upset victory over Sonico after beating him with a Spinebuster through a door.

Matthew Justice over Logan Stunt, Jimmy Lloyd, Royce Isaacs, and Steve Sanders. This match was a match worthwhile. With chaos all throughout the venue Logan Stunt took the most punishment as he was picked on by most of the competitors in this match even being thrown off the stage inside a trash can. Jimmy Loyd went at it with one half of the One Percent Royce Isaacs and did not disappoint these two heavy hitters left the crowd with a good taste. But it was Matthew Justice who was able to take the victory over the 4 other competitors.

Blake Christian over Dom Kubrick. Blake Christian along with Dom Kubrick are fast rising stars there match this night kept the crowd extremely hot and wanting more. The quickness and agility of Kubrick seemed to have fooled Christian but Christian proved to be wiser and came up with the victory.

EFFY over Alex Zayne. Effy was able to take the win over Alex Zayne who gave Effy a fair fight. Hard Hitting all across the bar leading the crowd to believe that Effy was done for. But Effy took the incredible win with the Mandible Claw whichforced Zayne to tap out.

Note: All matches were no-ring, no-rules matches.


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